AnimeTop 15 ENFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

Top 15 ENFJ Anime Characters Of All Time

ENFJ, or Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging, is a personality type from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment.

They are known for their warm, empathetic nature and their ability to bring out the best in others. In anime, there are many characters who embody the ENFJ personality type, each with their own unique quirks and characteristics.

We did some digging and have listed the top 15 ENFJ characters in anime.

Surprisingly Naruto and One Piece happened to possess the most ENFJ anime characters. Read on!

15 Best ENFJ Characters In Anime

15. Nefertari Vivi

nefertari vivi

Vivi is the princess of the Arabasta Kingdom. She was working with Baroque Works and using the codename Miss Wednesday. This is when she met with Luffy and the Strawhat pirates.

Even though at first she seemed cunning, in reality, she was trying to get to Crocodile who was trying to cause civil unrest in her kingdom. Later she spoke the truth and Luffy and the crew decided to help her.

She is kind-hearted, loves her people, and is ready to sacrifice her life to save her kingdom. Although royalty, she loves to mingle with the common folks so she can get to know their problems better. Vivi is a true leader and one of the most beautiful ENFJ anime characters.

14. Marco Bott

marco bott
  • Anime – Attack On Titan
  • Height – 178cm
  • Weight – 70kg
  • Japanese Voice – Ryota Osaka
  • English Voice – Austin Tindle

Marco was given the command of the Trost District when Titans attacked it. He is a born leader and values others’ interests over his own. 

He is an idealist and keeps his calm during adverse situations. While others had joined the Military for its perks and privileges, Marco was in it out of loyalty to his king. 

He keeps his trainees in check and maintains his calm during fights. Marco was a leader who was respected by his peers.

13. Shisui Uchiha

shisui uchiha

Naruto fans are always gaga about Itachi, but Shisui seldom gets the credit he deserves. Although without much screen time, Shisui somewhat shaped the complete Shippuden storyline.

He was the one who convinced Itachi to kill him for the safety of the village. So that unity is maintained between the Uchihas and the Hidden Leaf Village. In a way, Shisui mentored Itachi about how to look at the greater good.

Shisui sacrificed himself so that Itachi can gain the trust of Hidden Leaf Village elders and peace can be restored between the two sects. I think he is the most selfless of all ENFJ anime characters.

12. Jonathan Joestar

jonathan joestar
  • Anime – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Age – 20
  • Height – 195 cm (6 ft 5 in)
  • Weight – 105 kg (231 lb)
  • Japanese Voice – Kazuyuki Okitsu
  • English Voice – Johnny Yong Bosch

Growing up Jonathan was kind and polite yet mischievous. After losing his mother at a young age, he used to feel lonely. But he grew up to be a true gentleman. He believes in treating everyone with kindness unless they have evil brewing in them.

He has a fierce inner strength that surfaces when he’s faced with adversities and has to save his loved ones. He possesses great fighting skills but never misuses them.

Jonathan is a righteous character and sets an example as the first JoJo of the series.

11. Hiruzen Sarutobi

hiruzen sarutobi

Hiruzen was the Third Hokage and was loved and respected by all. He loved to maintain peace in the village and always deviated from a path of violence. When Orochimaru attacked the Chunin exam he fought toe to toe with the resurrected Hokages.

Hiruzen strongly believed in the Will of Fire, and thought of the villagers as a close-knit family. He was one of the Hidden Leaf officials who condoned violence to uproot the Uchiha clan.

After Itachi massacred everyone in his own clan, it was Hiruzen who gave him amnesty and allowed him to escape. He even took care of Naruto after his parents died and took care of Sasuke when Itachi left to infiltrate the Akatsuki. Hiruzen was a role model for all Shinobi and was respected by the 5 Kages.

10. Hashirama Senju

hashirama senju

Hashirama was the founder of Konohagakure. He framed the Senju clan and set an example for other villages. He was a true leader, respected by many for his wisdom and chivalry.

He was righteous and prioritized others’ well-being over his own. He was a powerful ninja and could make wood clones. Madara Uchiha was his biggest rival, but he won over him by surrendering and agreeing to give up his life to save the life of others.

Hashimara possessed immense chakra reserve and his Wood release technique could tame and withstand tailed beast bombs. His cells were used by Orochimaru, Danzo, Madara, and even Naruto to replicate their lost limbs.

9. Rock Lee

rock lee

Rock Lee is Naruto’s peer and was trained by Might Guy. He might not be great at strategizing but he is persistent and never gives up on his friends. Rock Lee doesn’t use ninjutsu or genjutsu and relies completely on taijutsu.

When he was about to fight Gaara during the chunin exam everybody thought it was a one-sided match and Gaara would be a clear winner. But in that fight, Rock Lee demonstrated his true speed and opened the chakra gates, and was able to hurt Gaara despite his so-called impenetrable armor.

Even though Gaara defeated him and crushed his left arm and leg, Rock Lee forgave him, and later became good friends. He even helped Naruto with his drunken fist technique while fighting Kimimaro. He is a true underdog amongst all ENFJ anime characters.

8. Tooru Oikawa

tooru oikawa
  • Anime – Haikyuu
  • Age – 17
  • Height – 184.3cm (6′ 0.6″)
  • Weight – 72.2kg (159.2 lbs)
  • Japanse Voice – Daisuke Namikawa
  • English Voice – Chris Patton

Oikawa was a student of Aoba Johsai High and a gifted volleyball player. He is cunning and leverages his opponents’ weaknesses to his advantage.

He has a one-track mind and holds grudges. However, he is friendly with his teammates and supports them to better their overall gameplay.

Oikawa works vigorously on his solo game and keenly observes his opponents’ to create flawless strategies.

7. Whitebeard

whitebeard one piece
  • Anime – One Piece
  • Age – 72
  • Height – 666 cm (21’10¼”)
  • Weight – 1048 kg (2307 lbs)
  • Japanese Voice – Kinryu Arimoto
  • English Voice – R Bruce Elliott

Whitebeard is the world’s strongest man and was the only pirate who could match ranks with Gol D Rogers. He had many pirate factions working under him. 

Whitebeard was a true mentor and treated all his crew members as his own children. All pirates referred to him as “Pops”. He was the only pirate after Gol D Rogers who was closest to One Piece. He tried his best to keep his crew united and fought for the oppressed. When Ace was being executed Whitebeard and his crew tried to save him from the marines.

He gave up his life so that he could revive the pirate era, and stop the Marines. He had devil fruit powers and could use Haki. Despite his brute strength, he was kind-hearted and loved his crew members dearly.

6. Kyojuro Rengoku

kyojuro rengoku
  • Anime – Demon Slayer
  • Age – 20
  • Height – 177 cm (5’10”)
  • Weight – 72 kg (159 lb)
  • Japanese Voice – Satoshi Hino
  • English Voice – Mark Whitten

Kyojuro is the former fire Hashira. He is loud, and enthusiastic to the point that many may find him eccentric. But deep down he is kind-hearted and respected for his principles.

He believed that hard work can make up for skill. Kyojuro always spoke of following one’s dreams and never deviating from their true path.

He was an excellent swordsman and a brilliant strategist.

5. Shanks

shanks one piece

Shanks is the captain of the Red Hair Pirates and is one of the four emperors who rule over the New World. He is a laid-back person who loves to drink and laugh with his crew as they sail around the globe.

Beneath his cool demeanor, he is a staunch diplomat and one of the strongest pirates around. He is one of the few pirates who can conjure the Conqueror’s Haki. He is respected by Pirate captains and feared by Marine Admirals all around the globe.

When Luffy was young, he ate the Gum-Gum fruit which Shank was carrying and that’s how he got his powers. He even gave up one of his arms to save Luffy. Shanks is a pacifist who denounces violence but never backs from a fight if someone tries to hurt his friends.

4. All Might

all might my hero academia
  • Anime – My Hero Academia
  • Height – 220cm (7’3″)
  • Weight – 255 kg (562 lbs) 
  • Japanse Voice – Kenta Miyake
  • English Voice – Christopher Sabat

Toshinori Yagi a.k.a All Might was the former No.1 superhero. He is an optimistic individual who believes in pushing his own limit to become better.

He is jovial, just, and righteous and fights for the people. He gave up his embers to defeat All for One.

His dislike for criminals and supervillains is often clouded by optimism. After retiring as a superhero, he teaches Foundational Hero Studies at U.A.

3. Minato Namikaze

minato namikaze

Minato is the father of Naruto and the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. He can use teleportation jutsu, that’s why many refer to him as the Yellow Flash. 

He was respected by his peers and villagers and feared by his foes. He never engaged in a conflict unless it was absolutely necessary. When Obito tried to steal the nine-tailed beast and put Kushina’s life in danger, Minato sealed a part of the nine-tail chakra in an infant Naruto.

He sacrificed his life so that Naruto could have a future. During the fourth great Ninja war, when he was resurrected everyone was able to witness the true power of Minato.

2. Vinsmoke Sanji

vinsmoke sanji
  • Anime – One Piece
  • Age – 21
  • Height – 180 cm (5’11”)
  • Weight – 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • Japanse Voice – Hiroaki Hirata
  • English Voice – Eric Vale

Sanji is the senior officer and cook of the Strawhat Pirates. He wants to find All Blue and open his own restaurant. He is flamboyant and loses his composure when he is around beautiful women.

He is sympathetic toward people who are poor and in desperate need of help. When Sanji met a starving enemy pirate he let him have his food, as he could relate to starvation. 

He doesn’t function well under authority, that’s why he frequently quarrels with Zorro. Despite his differences, he loves every member of the Strawhat crew and is ready to put his life on the line to save one of his own.

1. Tanjiro Kamado

tanjiro kamado
  • Anime – Demon Slayer
  • Age – 16
  • Height – 165 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight – 61kg
  • Japanse Voice – Natsuki Hanae
  • English Voice – Zach Aguilar

According to me, Tanjiro relates the most to this character trait of all ENFJ anime characters. He was a coal burner and after Muzan slaughtered his family and turned his sister Nezuko into a demon he vowed to kill demons and defeat Muzan.

That’s why he joined the Demon Slayer Corp. Even though his hatred toward demons persists, he is sympathetic toward those demons who regret their demonic acts.

Tanjiro is kind at heart but determined towards his cause. He loathes cowardice and is ready to risk his life to save his loved ones.

What sets him apart is his extent of empathy. He sympathizes with demons who retrospect their actions. This stems from his virtue to protect the weak and helpless.

When he transforms into a demon he appears mindless and slashes anyone on his path. But after tasting Nezuko’s blood he refused to harm her. This showed his restraint and intense desire to fight the transmutation. He is one of the best ENFJ-T anime characters.

Do you agree with our list of ENFJ anime characters? Did your favorite anime characters make it?

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