Disney15 Most Beloved Disney Princes That Rule Over Our Hearts

15 Most Beloved Disney Princes That Rule Over Our Hearts

From melodious gentlemen such as Aladdin to brave and daring heroes like Li Shang and dashingly confident princes like Prince Charming, Disney princes come in all shapes and sizes to capture our hearts.

Disney princes stand out as well-rounded characters who represent class, courage, and a sense of optimism. With their devoted loyalty and acts of kindness, the princes always have us rooting for them until the very end. 

I grew up watching these amazing Disney princes and dreaming of having one. The way they care for their princess and always save her from evil, these courageous Disney princes have managed to steal our hearts.

15 Most Handsome Disney Princes

15. Aladdin

  • Age- 18 years
  • Height- 172 cm
  • Princess- Jasmine
  • Voice Actor- Scott Weinger

Aladdin, a.k.a Prince Ali, is the most loved character in Disney’s 1992 musical comedy romance film, which is based on The Arabian Nights folk tale. 

He is the street-rat protagonist of the movie, who falls in love with Sultan Hamed Bobolonius II’s daughter – Princess Jasmine of Agrabah. 

Even though he initially wants to impress her by pretending to be a prince, Aladdin continues to be a brave and noble rogue throughout their journey together. He saves Jasmine and the castle many times from evil, proving his love for Jasmine and eventually winning her heart.

14. Prince Eric 

prince eric little mermaid

Eric, the prince from The Little Mermaid, is another example of a hero. 

After rescuing Ariel from the sea, he continued his heroic journey by embarrassing Ursula in front of everyone and confronting her with courage. His willingness to lay down his life for the woman he loves revealed his true loyalty and selflessness at great personal risk.

By doing this, Eric defeats Ursula once and for all, thus saving the kingdom and living happily ever after!

13. Prince Philip 

prince phillip sleeping beauty
  • Age- 20 years
  • Height- 177.8 cm
  • Princess- Aurora
  • Voice Actor- Bill Shirley

Coming in at number 13 is Prince Philip of Sleeping Beauty, one of the hottest blonde Disney princes. An impressive swordsman and excellent dancer, Philip is a brave, courageous, and honorable prince. His love for Princess Aurora is nearly matched by his courage to face any danger that may stand in his way. 

He faces off against Maleficent’s dragon with confidence, bravery, and the help of a magical sword forged by the three good fairies.

12. The Beast

the beast from beauty and the beast
  • Age- 21 years
  • Height- 188 cm
  • Princess- Belle
  • Voice Actor- Robby Benson

The iconic Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is one of Disney’s most beloved princes. Although he begins the story as a selfish prince cursed to look like a monstrous beast, through love and dedication he eventually discovers his true inner beauty. 

When Belle breaks the spell with her passionate kiss, he is finally liberated from his beastly form, after which we can see how handsome this blonde Disney prince is.

11. Li Shang

li shang mulan
  • Age- 19 years
  • Height- 176.7 cm
  • Princess- Mulan
  • Voice Actor- BD Wong

Li Shang is the heroic Chinese soldier from Disney’s ‘Mulan’. At first, he is shown as a fierce and savvy military officer, but as the movie progresses, his softer side begins to show. When Mulan reveals her secret, he decides to stand up for her in the face of societal pressure and risk his rank in doing so. 

Ultimately, Li Shang’s bravery helps save China from destruction by defeating the Huns. And so, Li Shang wins Mulan’s heart.

10. John Smith

john smith pocahontas disney
  • Age- 20 years
  • Height- 182.8 cm
  • Princess- Pocahontas
  • Voice Actor- Donal Gibson

John Smith is the brave explorer in Disney’s Pocahontas. He immerses himself in the culture of the Native Americans, ultimately sharing a strong bond with their leader, Chief Powhatan. 

Despite being captured by them, he escapes death and falls in love with Pocahontas, creating a triangle between him, Pocahontas, and Ratcliffe. 

He comes up with cunning plans to defeat Ratcliffe’s attempts to exploit the Native Americans’ land and resources and eventually restore peace to both sides.

9. Prince Charming

prince charming cinderella

Prince Charming has often been considered a classic representation of the perfect prince. He is brave, loyal, and an excellent leader with a heart of gold who never backs away from danger. 

Cinderella’s prince embodies masculine strength that he uses to rescue the princess in dire need, but also has a soft side, which is why his true heroism shines so brightly. He was not afraid to take Cinderella as her princess, even though she was just an ordinary girl.

Despite all the politics done by Cinderella’s stepmom, the prince finds her and expresses his love.

8. Prince Naveen

prince naveen disney
  • Age- 21 years
  • Height- 187.96 cm
  • Princess- Tiana
  • Voice Actor- Bruno Campos

One of the underappreciated princes is Naveen from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. Despite being transformed into a frog, he still demonstrates his love and loyalty to Tiana- the one he loves. He never gave up on her or their relationship, showing his immense strength when attempting to reunite with her.

It was because of his courage that they were able to defeat the Shadow Man by taking advantage of its defenses and outsmarting it through clever tactics!

7. Flynn Ryder

flynn rider
  • Age- 26 years
  • Height- 182.88 cm
  • Princess- Rapunzel
  • Voice Actor- Zachary Levi

Flynn Ryder, also known as Eugene Fitzherbert, is a fan favorite in the Disney Princess Universe. He made his debut in Disney’s Tangled as a thief who falls for Princess Rapunzel. 

Flynn quickly became a hit among fans, thanks to his charming good looks, dashing wit, and athleticism. And after he takes Rapunzel out, makes her wish come true of seeing flying lanterns, and reunites her with her family, girls were head-over-heels for Flynn Ryder.

6. Kristoff 

kristoff frozen
  • Age- 21 years
  • Height- 155.4 cm
  • Princess- Anna
  • Voice Actor- Jonathan Groff

Kristoff is the ever-loyal friend to Princess Anna in Frozen. Raised by reindeer and ice harvesters, he falls deeply in love with Princess Anna and is determined to do whatever it takes to help her save Arendelle. 

With his trusty reindeer, Sven, and magical snowman, Olaf, in tow, Kristoff battles against the wicked witch while sporting his distinctive blonde braids. He patiently waits for Anna even when she falls for someone else. 

Although not royalty, Kristoff is the prince of Anna’s heart and is always there for Anna and her sister.

5. Tarzan from Tarzan 

  • Age- 18 years
  • Height- 195.58 cm
  • Princess- Jane
  • Voice Actor- Tony Goldwyn

Tarzan is the wild and brave hero of Disney’s 1999 classic. Although his hair isn’t primarily blonde, it does lighten at the tips creating a signature of platinum-blonde hair. And this made him stand out from other Disney princes. 

Another thing that makes him stand out is the fact that he was raised by gorillas.

With his trusty sidekick Terk, he bravely protects his family from attackers and learns how to live among humans.

4. Simba

simba lion king

Simba is the beloved hero of Disney’s animation classic The Lion King and the son of Mufasa, who he ultimately succeeds as king. 

With his fluffy mane of golden blonde hair and roars to rival his dad’s, Simba quickly earned a place in people’s hearts. After being banished from the Pride Lands by Scar, Simba joins forces with Timon and Pumbaa to embark on a journey of self-discovery. 

He understands that his father, Mufasa, didn’t die because of him. Along the way, he learns to accept responsibility and ultimately takes his rightful place as king.

3. Hercules

hercules 1997
  • Age- 18 years
  • Height- 188 cm
  • Princess- Megara
  • Voice Actor- Tate Donovan

Even though he is not as famous as other Disney Princes, Hercules has a strong fan base among Disney lovers.

Son of King Zeus and Queen Hera, Hercules possesses all qualities of a Prince. He is strong, courageous, and kind- and also he is in love with Megara.

When Hercules was a baby, Hades abducted him and turned him into a mortal. This is the reason for his awkward build-up. When he starts training with Phil, he gains his full potential. 

Fans love him, and he’s just a remake away from becoming an official Disney Prince.

2. Milo Thatch

milo thatch atlantis

Milo Thatch is the main character of the animated movie Atlantis- The Lost Empire. After losing his parents in a train accident, Milo’s grandfather raised him. He became a Linguist and a Cartography expert and is now on a mission to find the lost island of Atlantis.

Why? Well, because his love interest is the Princess of Atlantis, Kida.

Milo is not some hero who fights with all their might, but he sure has one amazing personality- partly because Milo is a descendant of Blackbeard, the pirate. But, instead of becoming a pirate, he chose to become an explorer. 

1. Taran

taran black cauldron
  • Age- 14 years
  • Height- N/A
  • Princess- Eilonwy
  • Voice Actor- Grant Bardsley

Taran is considered an unofficial Disney prince after his appearance in The Black Cauldron. 

He is a 14-year-old with a small stature but wants to defeat the evil Horned King. A dream that becomes a reality after Taran meets his princess Eilonwy and the bard Fflewddur Fflam. They both help him to defeat the Horned King. 

Taran is a good-hearted, adventurous, full of courage, and headstrong boy, who is very keen to become a hero. 

With his brown hair and hazel brown eyes, he is sure to steal many hearts.


All Disney princes are dreamy and the star of their stories. They depict courage and kindness and are full of love. But above all, they have won over their princesses and shown them what true love is.

Which one is your favorite from all the above-listed Disney Princes?

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