Disney14 Top Disney Infinity Characters You Can Start Playing With Today

14 Top Disney Infinity Characters You Can Start Playing With Today

Disney Infinity characters are from the popular game Disney Infinity. You can go on exciting adventures with your favorite characters in this game universe.

It’s a unique open-ended game where players have unmatched levels of freedom and creativity. You can battle enemies, solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and complete quests with almost free will.

The playable characters are partially what made this game so famous.

People get tired of cookie-clutter games where the story is decided for you. Disney Infinity comes as a breath of fresh air. 

It is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Apple TV, and Android.

Here’s how it works!

You place real-world collectible Disney Infinity figures on the Disney Infinity Base. This activates the game world interface on your output devices, where you can play with the same characters. As you continue to play and advance, you unlock new characters, gadgets, and upgrades. Every character has unique combat abilities.

Here’s a list of the 14 Disney infinity characters you can play with. I’m pretty sure you’ll find your favorite character here!

14 Top Disney Infinity Characters To Play Right Now

14. Elsa – Frozen

elsa disney infinity
  • Voiced by: Idina Menzel
  • Combat: Ranged
  • Special Ability: Marksman

Elsa, also known as Queen Elsa, and the Snow Queen, is one of the protagonists in the movie Frozen. On Disney Infinity, she’s one of the top female Disney Infinity characters, and you can play her on various adventures.

If you love playing ranged characters who can use magic to pick off your enemies from afar, you’ll love playing Elsa.

She can throw Freeze Balls at foes and summon a strong icy wind. Her unique ability is ‘Marksman.’

13. Agent P – Phineas and Ferb

agent p disney infinity
  • Voiced by: –
  • Combat: Ranged
  • Special ability: Marksman, Heightened Senses, Tech Specialist, and Super Jumper

Agent P, also called Perry the Platypus, is from the Phineas and Ferb series. He’s an infiltrator who can get in and out of hard-to-enter places, complete covert missions, and get out without getting caught.

You’ll love playing this cool platypus if you enjoy hit-and-run tactics. With his furious melee combos, his enemies will be running for cover.

He’s the only silent character in the game and one of the shortest.

12. Hector Barbossa – Pirates Of The Caribbean

disney infinity hector barbossa
  • Voiced by: Brian George
  • Combat: Ranged
  • Special ability: Marksman, Heightened Senses (Pirate Code)

You’ll know him from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. On Disney Infinity, he was officially launched on 18th August 2014.

Interestingly, Barbossa has the same Ranged Skills as Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow and Basic Abilities and Common Skills as other players.

If it’s the pirate life for you, you’ll love playing Barbossa with a sword in one hand and flintlock in the other! Barbossa is one of the most popular of all Disney Infinity characters.

11. Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story

disney infinity buzz lightyear

Buzz Lightyear is one of the top characters from Toy Story. Through Disney Infinity, you can play him on the Space Play Set.

This expansion character was first introduced in the game on 22nd October 2014, while a secondary Infinity Crystal Series was introduced on 3rd November 2014. You can also get a glow-in-the-dark computer-only figure.

Like many characters on Disney Infinity, Buzz needs to buy his jetpack as an accessory, unlike his rival Syndrome, who comes with his Zero Point Energy Gauntlet.

10. Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean

disney infinity jack sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow doesn’t need an introduction. He’s easily the one who keeps the movies going in Pirates of the Caribbean! 

You can play like him and explore various exciting adventures on the Disney Infinity play set.

Jack Sparrow has the same Basic Abilities and Common Skills as other playable characters. He relies mainly on ranged fighting style with his Flintlock pistol. He’s easily one of the most popular of all Disney Infinity characters!

9. Davy Jones – Pirates Of The Caribbean

disney infinity davy jones

Davy Jones is Jack Sparrow’s eternal arch-enemy. He was released on August 18th, 2014, as the final evil boss in the Pirates of the Caribbean set.

Besides having the same Common Skills and Basic Abilities as other characters, he has unique Special Abilities like ‘Villain,’ ‘Marksman,’ and ‘Extraordinary Strength’ to squash others.

Apart from using Davy Jones with characters from the movie, you can watch him fight against characters from other playsets too.

8. Anna – Frozen

disney infinity anna

Princess Anna, or Anna, is one of the protagonists from the movie Frozen, also with her elder sister Elsa. You can now play her character through myriad adventures thanks to Disney Infinity Toy Box.

Historically, her in-game character was introduced on 26th November 2014 after the movie’s release. If you have Elsa, having Anna is a must-have.

If you have bought her collectible figure, just put it on the Infinity Base to access Anna’s Chilling Challenges, a series of thrilling and memorable adventures in a virtual environment.

7. Dash – The Incredibles

disney infinity dash
  • Voiced by: Raymond Ochoa
  • Combat: Brawler
  • Special ability: Heightened Senses

You have seen Dash in The Incredibles movies. Now you can play as him through the fantastic Disney Infinity game!

Most of the characters you have read about in this list till now are Ranger fighters, which means they are skilled in fighting from a distance. Dash, however, is a Bawler, a class of warriors in the game who prefer melee combat without weapons.

If you enjoy up-close combat characters, you’ll enjoy fighting as Dash. Not to mention he’s an awesome figure to have.

6. Francesco Bernoulli – Cars 2

disney infinity francesco bernoulli

If you love the Cars movie series, remember this great car! With an in-your-face attitude, the overconfident megalomaniacal Francesco Bernoulli is one of the most memorable characters from the film.

In the Disney Infinity playing environment, you can use him with several excellent abilities. As you upgrade his skill tree, you get more ammo, better load-outs, and use tricks and abilities faster.

Battle it out with characters from Cars 2 on various environments, including race tracks!

5. Holley Shiftwell – Cars 2

disney infinity holley shiftwell

Holley Shiftwell is one of the characters from Cars 2 movie, and she’s the only female playable character on the Cars Playset. 

Historically, she was introduced to Disney Infinity on 18th August 2014. You can experience her adventures with ‘Holley’s C.H.R.O.M.E. Course’ on Infinity 1.0.

As with all Cars in this game, she can tow other players, cars, and vehicles. As you continue to spend more Skill Points, you can boost Holley Shiftwell’s abilities.

4. Jack Skellington – The Nightmare Before Christmas

disney infinity jack skellington

Jack Skellington (not skeleton, an easy mistake to make!) is one of the notable characters from Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. Today, you can play as the villain in Infinity 1.0 and Infinity 2.0,

When you place this figure on Infinity Base, you can access a unique set of adventures called Jack’s Nightmare. It is available on Disney 1.0.

Jack has the same scare power as all Monster University characters but an additional Extraordinary Power called the Halloween Town Jack-O-Lanterns.

3. Jessie – Toy Story 2

disney infinity jessie

Jessie is one of the more memorable characters from Toy Story 2. On Disney’s Infinity, unlike in the movie, she can battle it out toe-to-toe with anyone, making her one of the top female Disney Infinity characters in the game.

You can play as Jessie by placing her figure on the Infinity Base, after which you can access her “Jessie’s Critter Corral” adventure series.

Jessy can bash enemies with her shoulders and throw a small Pixel Ball!

2. Lightning McQueen – Cars

disney infinity lightning mcqueen

Lightning McQueen, also called Rookie and Stickers, is a character from Cars movie and a playable character in the Disney Infinity Cars Playset.

Like all other cars, he can tow people, vehicles, and objects. Upgrade his skills by spending skill points on the Skill Tree to charge his turbo meter quicker or gain more jumps and do better air tricks..

To play McQueen’s adventures called “Lightning’s Collector Course,” you only need to place its figure on the Infinity Base.

1. Mater – Cars

disney infinity mater

Unlike the other race cars, Mater is a goofy pickup truck that tows away cars damaged in races.

However, like all other Cars characters here, Mater plays a more proactive and aggressive role in this game. Completely different from his personality in the movies!

Use Mater to battle it out with other characters, even those not from the movie! The more you upgrade his skills, the stronger he’ll get. He’ll even turn into a monster truck!

How Many Disney Infinity Characters Are There?

how many disney infinity characters are there

As many as 346 items in Disney Infinity are used as playable characters. Here’s a cool website where you can view the updated price of all characters that you can use in the game universe.

You can also use this site to find the most expensive and cheapest piece and view all characters in an alphabetical list.

What Is the Rarest Disney Infinity Character?

what is the rarest disney infinity character

Peter Pan is the rarest character you can hope to own and play within Disney Infinity and there’s a reason behind that.

The figures of this character were scheduled to be released on time, but after Disney Infinity closed down, these figures were also discontinued. A few Peter Pan figures you may see today are part of an unofficial release before the studio closed.

Peter Pan pieces are precious, ranging from $200 to more than $1000. Some fans feel that this price is too high, considering that the figure can’t even function in the game without a PC mod! However, these figures remain a rare collector’s item from the 1953 animated cartoon movie. 

Why Was Disney Infinity Shut Down?

why did disney infinity shut down

Disney Infinity was unfortunately shut down in 2016 since it wasn’t making enough.

While the game was popular, the revenue wasn’t enough to keep it afloat.

Avalanche Software also shut down along with it until Warner Bros. brought and revived the game studio for other games. However, Warner Bros. keeps the old Infinity Legacy games available for players.

But don’t worry; you can still play the game. Only the online mode is not available. The story mode is still intact, with a running Disney Infinity Base.

How Much are Disney Infinity Characters Worth?

how much are disney infinity characters worth

This depends on how rare or tough the character is to collect. For instance, you can get Nemo for $6.99 while Peter Pan, the rarest of all pieces, is worth more than $1000 max!

We hope you’ve found your favorite character in this list. (I sure have: Captain Jack Sparrow!) Some are Disney Infinity 2.0 characters, while others are Disney Infinity 3.0 characters. Others, like Peter Pan, are among the rare Disney Infinity characters.

The best thing about this game universe is that you can fight with other characters from different movies, cartoons, and animated series. For instance, you can have Obi-Wan fight Buzz Lightyear or Peter Pan battle Captain Barbossa. The possibilities are endless!

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