Cartoons10 Cutest Cartoon Characters You Will Want to Adopt

10 Cutest Cartoon Characters You Will Want to Adopt

In every animation film or series, artists always insert that one irresistibly cute character that everyone just agrees is the most adorable thing they laid their eyes on.

While these cute characters may not be your favorite thing in the show, they effortlessly steal your eyes whenever they are on screen. Sometimes people even wish these cartoon characters were real so they could adopt them.

I’m one of those people, and this is my list of the cutest cartoon characters I want to take home.

Top 10 Cute Cartoon Characters

10. Stitch – Lilo & Stitch


Stitch may have been created to be an agent of destruction meant to strike fear in the universe, but Jumba may have messed up his design. He ended up looking absolutely adorable! 

The only one who disregards Stitch’s cuteness is Nani, Lilo’s older sister. She spotted the little terror the moment she saw him.

Before he became part of Lilo’s “ohana,” his primary purpose was to cause utter chaos across the entire galaxy by destroying everything. And he can do it, thanks to how Jumba designed him to be virtually indestructible and strong for his size.

But the beast within him was tamed (somewhat), thanks to Lilo, who mistakenly adopted the alien thinking he was a dog.

9. Toothless – How to Train Your Dragon

toothless dragon
  • Age: 15-30 (Same age as Hiccup)
  • Height: 7.92 meters (length)
  • Voice Actor: Randy Thom

When fans first heard of the Night Furies, people assumed that the dragons were fearsome and grotesque creatures. I mean, what would you think when you’re told that they are “unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.”

Admittedly, their powers and capabilities are something to be feared, but if you get Toothless to trust you, he becomes one of the cutest creatures from Dreamworks.

Did you notice some of Toothless’s cutest moments make him look a bit like Stitch? That’s because the team behind Stitch’s design are the same ones who created Toothless. So this dragon was just designed to be cute!

It’s good that they decided on this design for Hiccup’s partner instead of Toothless’ book counterpart. 

Initially, Hiccup’s partner was supposed to be Terrible Terror. Sure, that would have been cute too, but you can’t beat the cat and dog-like appeal Toothless brings to the movies and series.

8. Abby Park – Turning Red

abby park
  • Age: 13
  • Height: 137.2 cm
  • Voice Actor: Hyein Park

Abby park is probably one the cutest cartoon girl characters of this day and age. Everything about her makes you want to squeeze her cheeks.

She’s a Korean-Canadian, with expressive brown eyes and a round face. Her chubbiness also adds to her appeal. Let’s not forget about her height! Among Mei’s group of friends, she’s the midget of the bunch, standing only 4’6 feet. She has a chance to grow, but not by much.

But what makes her totally lovable is how overly expressive she is in everything.

This chaotic ball of cuteness is here to show the world that she isn’t here just to be fawned over. If you try to pinch her cheeks, she’ll most definitely bite you. So, beware.

7. Fluttershy – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Age: 20s (never specified)
  • Height:
  • Voice Actor: Andrea Libman

All the ponies in Lauren Faust’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic have the cutest designs in MLP history. But my absolute favorite pony is the holder of the Element of Kindness, a pegasus named Fluttershy.

She’s as shy as her name suggests and even has a past with bullies, yet she’s always the first one to show kindness. Even Discord can’t help but fall for Fluttershy’s attractive personality. He does everything to maintain their friendship.

She’s one of the nicest characters in Equestria, and she doesn’t even use violence to fight. Her stare and kind words are enough to stop evildoers of any kind. It was enough to bring a full-sized dragon to tears.

Okay, so maybe she doesn’t need protecting, and with Discord at her beck and call, Fluttershy is one pony you do not want to mess with.

6. Mabel Pines – Gravity Falls

mabel pines

Mabel is one of the cutest female cartoon characters in Gravity Falls. Her bright energy and personality are just what Gravity Falls needed.

She’s the older twin, but she’s less mature than her brother Dipper. But she isn’t useless. On the contrary, throughout the show, she has proven to be a pretty unique mystery solver herself.

Mabel also keeps Dipper out of trouble if she isn’t the one causing the problems.

Her apparel varies in each episode. She’s even responsible for knitting her colorful sweaters. Yes, including the awesome one with LED lights.

Mabel’s cuteness also stems from her weirdness. It even appears like she voluntarily gets caught in numerous dangerous situations just to satisfy her curiosity. But regardless, Mabel somehow manages to pull through and get out of dire situations with her trusty grappling hook.

5. Puss in Boots – Shrek 2

puss in boots

Dreamworks finally did it! They made an absolutely adorable cat character in the Shrek franchise, Puss in Boots. When Puss makes those sad kitty cat eyes, he easily becomes one of the top 10 cutest cartoon characters in history!

According to the Shrek Wikia, the technique is called “Cute Nature” and is used to soften his enemies’ hearts. It gets the job done almost instantly. During a fight scene in Shrek 2, he used this technique, and it stopped several attacking guards just for them to admire his cuteness.

In his own movie, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, he meets someone who challenges his title as the most lovable feline character, Kitty. But for fans, Puss remains the unbeatable best and cutest feline character in the franchise.

4. Mary Gibbs / Boo – Monsters Inc.

mary gibbs
  • Age: 2
  • Height: Approximately 61 cm
  • Voice Actor: Mary Gibbs

A lot of people don’t know this, but Boo’s name is actually Mary Gibbs, a name she shares with her own voice actor. How cool is that? Her voice actress was also 2 at the time of recording, and the staff had to follow her around the studio with a microphone because she couldn’t keep still.

Boo is easily the cutest cartoon girl in Monsters Inc. 

It seems like the only monster that actually scares her is Randall, but she sees Sulley as an oddly colored huge cat.

She stole fans’ hearts through the film with her relationship with Sulley and Mike.

As much as fans want her back for a sequel, it’s really hard for the creators to top the ending they gave Boo in the first film. But who knows, maybe someday the creators will work on bringing Boo back as an older girl.

3. Agnes Gru – Despicable Me

agnes gru

Other than Boo, Agnes Gru is also a contender for being the cutest cartoon girl.

She’s the unicorn-obsessed adopted daughter of Gru and Lucy and is the youngest among her sisters. Gru eventually gives in to her demand, thanks to her curtness.

He just doesn’t want to see her upset. Even Lucy felt her heart melt for the girl when Agnes welcomed her to the family during the wedding.

Despite being the youngest, she seems to know exactly what to say to warm people’s hearts. Other times she causes problems and asks some of the most annoying questions. That never stopped her from being the curious 5-year-old that everyone loves.

Her obsession with unicorns is adorable, and she vows to find one right after she meets another person who claims to have met one.

2. Vanellope Von Schweetz

vanellope von schweetz

It is revealed that they decided on Vanellope with the popular anime art style called chibi, so it’s no wonder why this sweet little racer is cute. She’s also a hoodie girl! And what girl isn’t cute in a hoodie?

But, because she is a glitch in the game Sugar Rush, she is treated as an outcast, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to be a true racer. 

She looks as sweet as candy, but this racer has a very sharp tongue. It’s mainly a defense mechanism she developed for long years of being an outcast. But she does her best to be a good friend, especially to Ralph.

Did you know she’s a princess? She even was given a scene with Disney Princesses in the second movie. Disney should really make her part of the Disney Princess line. She fits right in!

1. BMO – Adventure Time

  • Age: 1006
  • Height:
  • Voice Actor: Niki Yang

I liked the design of Adventure Time, but the character I find deserving to be in the top 10 cutest cartoon characters list is actually BMO.

The bot is a lot of things. He is a living prototype video game console, a handy electrical outlet, a computer, music play, VCR, a video player that can also edit videos, a camera, and other useful things that are too long to list.

Unlike most bots that are smart, BMO displays a lot of childlike naivety.

Despite that, BMO shows he has a good understanding of emotional maturity. He usually acts as the peacemaker between Jake and Finn.

An additional cool thing about BMO is that his name is an abbreviated form of the phrase “Be MOre,” which makes sense when you look at his character.

But the most important thing is that he is a friend and protector of Finn and Jake.


There are so many cute characters that it’s hard to fit them all on this list. And when you explore other forms of animation, like Japanese anime, there is an infinite number that could turn this list into a book.

This list only includes my top 10, but there are many other characters I think deserve to be counted as cute.

How about you? Who are your top 10 cutest cartoon characters? 

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