Disney25 Cute Disney Characters That Make You Want to Adopt Them

25 Cute Disney Characters That Make You Want to Adopt Them

Cartoons are already cute, but Disney always had a unique way of creating some of the most adorable characters to ever walk in animation.

Take note; it’s not always their looks that make them cute; it also has a lot to do with how they act, their personality, their voice, and how they really are to create the ultimate package of cuteness.

So, who are these cute Disney characters? Well, you’re about to find out! Just keep reading below!

Cute Characters in Disney that Melt Fans’ Hearts

25. Heihei – Moana


Sometimes it’s the dumbest characters who become the cutest characters in animated films, like Heihei. He’s a rooster from Moana’s childhood who is miraculously still alive despite not being the smartest around.

It’s a running gag in the movie that people talk about eating him, but the chicken remains alive and uneaten. I guess people found his dumb traits to be cute and kept him as an important member of their tribe.

Even Maui hasn’t eaten the chicken despite calling it a boat snack.

24. Nemo – Finding Nemo


There seem to be a lot of cute Disney characters and animals who are central characters in their show or franchise, and one of them is the charming Nemo!

He may look sweet but he is brave and courageous enough to be called Shark Bait because of the number of times he threw himself in the face of danger.

In the 2nd movie, Nemo even plays the “straight man” in their journey to find Dory’s parents.

23. Judy Hoppes – Zootopia

judy hopps

To Judy, being called cute by anyone other than her fellow rabbits can be considered an insult, but she’s undeniably endearing. The young female bunny is making her way to the big city and is ready to succeed in becoming the first rabbit enforcer.

However, despite graduating top of her class, she’s about to find out that Zootopia is going to be an even harder obstacle. She also has to worry about a troublesome sly fox.

Can she prove prey are just as capable as any other animal?

22. Koda – Brother Bear


In the animated film Brother Bear, Koda stole everyone’s heart with his bubbling personality, which may have come off as annoying to Kenai. But even Kenai couldn’t resist and decided to remain a bear to take care of Koda.

He can get away with almost anything, and animals of all kinds come to help him.

Even Rutt and Tuke are proud of Koda’s cuteness and brag to the moosettes that they have such a good-looking friend.

21. Tuk Tuk – Raya and the Last Dragon

The first time viewers got to see Tuk Tuk, he was just a small pill bug armadillo hybrid. During the time skip, he grew 10x bigger, but this didn’t diminish his overall loveliness.

He serves as Raya’s primary mode of transportation till she finds herself a boat.

It’s too bad Tuk Tuk wasn’t featured enough in Raya and the Last Dragon; I would have loved a movie special that would star him.

20. Mickey Mouse – Walt Disney Original

mickey mouse

Walt Disney did not make a mistake in choosing a mouse to be the mascot of his channel. Sure, mice aren’t the sweetest animals to put on television, but Disney had a brilliant idea and made Mickey a charming and cute cartoon character to represent the brand.

Now, Mickey is a global sensation, and everyone wears his iconic ears in Disneyland.

A game on the channel is also to find his iconic silhouette, called “Find the Hidden Mickey.”

19. Baymax – Big Hero 6

baymax from big hero 6
  • Age: Newly Created
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Voice Actor: Scott Adsit

Baymax reminds me of a big marshmallow, so how can’t he be cute? Tadashi knew that Baymax had to look friendly enough to treat patients because he was designed to be a healthcare assistant.

He wasn’t exactly created to become a hero, but look at him now!

You wouldn’t think this huggable robot could become an ass-kicking villain-fighting hero and the main mascot of the team, Big Hero 6.

18. Ariel – The Little Mermaid


What makes Ariel one of the cute girl Disney characters is her childlike curiosity and innocence.

Even when she was younger, she’s always been interested in exploring, much to Sebastian and her father’s horror.

Collectors can relate to Ariel’s hobby of gathering human items to complete her collection. If Prince Eric found out his wife had such a hobby while she was a mermaid, I’m sure he’d find her cute.

17. Baby Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy

baby groot
  • Age: a baby/sapling
  • Height: 10.5 cm
  • Voice Actor: Vin Diesel

Some people may think that Baby Groot is a different version of the original Groot. He’s not; he is actually the son of Adult Groot.

People fell in love with the sapling thanks to the little dance he does in the movies. We need to thank Rocket for thinking of raising him.

However, when he reaches his teen years, he isn’t as cute anymore. It’s okay, though; at least we can always replay this scene to remind us how adorable he can be.

16. SOX – Lightyear

  • Age: 14+
  • Height: 38.10 cm
  • Voice Actor: Peter Sohn

SOX is a new character in the Disney lineup! He’s a robotic cat assigned to care for Buzz’s mental state, and he does much more than that.

Aside from making sure Buzz’s mental health is in top shape, he can also hack into computers and be even responsible for creating the formula to enter hyperspeed.

SOX also displays common cat-like behavior, which only adds to his charm.

15. Dug – UP


You don’t need to be a small dog or a puppy to be cute. Sometimes it’s in the personality! Being fluffy is also a bonus!

Dug is the “best boy” you’ll ever meet in Pixar’s UP. Thanks to a special collar, he can communicate with humans, and his speech is just as how you’d imagine a dog would speak to you.

He even has several puppies at the end of the film. How adorable is that?

14. Pascal – Tangled


Leave it to Disney to design one of the cutest amphibians to ever crawl on fans’ television screens. Pascal is Rapunzel’s trusty chameleon, who even acts brave enough to be her protector.

He was originally hostile towards Fylnn Rider but later accepted him to his circle because Rapunzel eventually fell in love with Eugene (Flynn’s real name).

Ironically, Pascal has been mistaken as a frog by his owner and Eugene.

13. Rapunzel – Tangled

  • Age: 18-20
  • Height: 154.94 cm
  • Voice Actor: Mandy Moore

If anyone is cuter than Pascal, it’s his owner, Rapunzel. She’s one cute Disney girl character and many adore her for her endearing actions that make people love her in and out of the movie.

She quickly made friends with tough men when she talked about her dream. Her ability to treat everyone with a kind heart makes her an easy character to love and get along with.

Even Eugene was shocked to find himself falling for the lost princess.

12. Rolly – 101 Dalmatians


It’s hard to tell the Dalmatian puppies apart, but you can never go wrong with spotting Rolly in the group.

He doesn’t have any particularly unique markings on his body, but he is one hefty puppy and the only one who is that heavy.

The obese puppy comes from the original litter and is often seen begging his parents for food. He also becomes one of the main protagonists in the series.

11. Lady – Lady and the Tramp


The film is old, but it has one of the loveliest Disney dogs featured in it, Lady! The Cocker Spaniel first appeared as a small puppy in a Christmas present for Darling and was the most charming thing the couple has ever seen! 

Her owners were in love with her, even letting her sleep on their bed and eat human food.

Despite two cats ruining her perfect life, she met Tramp, who eventually became her mate.

10. Dopey – Snow White and the 7 Dwarves

dopey dwarf

While the dwarves may be small, they aren’t exactly counted as cute to most people except Dopey! He’s definitely the one who would be considered cute.

He’s not as dim-witted as he looks; he’s just clueless since he is the youngest of all the dwarves and doesn’t speak as much as the other 7. However, Happy and Doc seem to understand him perfectly.

Happy even tells Snow White that Dopey simply never tried to talk.

9. Vanellope Von Schweetz – Wreck-It Ralph

vanellope von schweetz

This cute little racer didn’t know it, but she’s actually the princess of the Candy Rush racing game. Originally, she was treated as a glitch and wasn’t welcomed by the other racers.

However, after befriending Ralph, she learned to use her glitch as a superpower allowing her to perform better in races.

In the second film, Vanellope decides to remain in a different game, but she and Ralph remain close friends and visit each other often.

8. Tinker Bell – Peter Pan

  • Age:
  • Height: 6 inches
  • Voice Actor: Mae Whitman (Fairies Film Series)

I actually wasn’t a huge fan of Tinker Bell when I was a kid. She was too mean and sassy towards Wendy, which reminded me of school bullies.

However, thanks to the film series Disney Fairies, I got to discover a kinder Tinker Bell, which made me adore her character.

Did you ever wonder how she got her name? Well, it’s revealed in Disney Fairies.

7. Russell – Up

russell from up

All Disney kids are cute, but Russell holds a special place in fans’ hearts for his appearance in Up. He ended up assisting Carl in more ways than one when he joined Carl’s adventure by accident.

This kid desperately wants to earn his badge because even with all the frightening things going on, he still wishes to assist Carl.

He eventually develops a friendship with the old man and becomes a constant visitor to his house.

6. Boo – Monsters, Inc.


Boo’s squeals and laughs still resonate in my mind to this day. It reminds me of how infectious a child’s laughter can be, and in the film, the monsters discover it can be a source of power.

Boo is a kid Randall has constantly been frightened to get higher points. However, an incident caused her to get lost in the Monster world.

Oddly enough, she seems to have fun with the other monsters, especially Sulley. It was heartbreaking to see them part in the ending.

5. Sulley – Monsters, Inc.


Speaking of Sulley, this blue monster is anything but scary in my eyes; it makes me wonder why he got the top spot for best scarer. Boo seems to agree with me.

Despite his reputation, he is one of the most good-natured monsters you’ll meet in Monsters Inc.; He was even kind to a human child when everyone else was too afraid of her.

When he was a student, it was revealed that Sulley was a bit of a troublemaker, preferring pranks over classes at Monster University.

4. Bruni – Frozen 2

  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Voice Actor: –

Does Bruni fit in the cute Disney characters’ animals list? Because I think he does. He’s still a salamander, in a sense.

Bruni is an elemental spirit of fire who attached himself to Elsa upon meeting her. He may be small, but he can be hard to handle due to his ability to set the entire forest ablaze.

A cute little note about this creature is that he seems to like Elsa’s snow to cool down. 

3. Moana (Baby-Kid) – Moana

baby moana
  • Age: 1-2 years
  • Height:
  • Voice Actor: Louise Bush (Baby Moana)

Moana was absolutely adorable when she was a child. It was her baby form that made me know that this movie is worth the watch.

As a baby, she was a curious little thing who found beauty in the ocean. Even at her tender age, she already wanted to explore the waters beyond the cove.

The scene with her playing with the ocean is mesmerizing enough to captivate any movie watcher.

2. Stitch – Stitch


Stitch is supposed to be the epitome of evil and destruction, but to every fan, he’s the cutest blue alien ever. Earthlings even mistake him for a dog when he hides his antennas and extra legs.

But did you know he was actually designed to look more like a koala and rabbit hybrid over a dog?

Stitch’s design was also used to inspire the final look of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Either way, one of the cutest Disney characters ever in my eyes.

1. Baby Yoda/Grogu – The Mandalorian 

baby yoda

Baby Yoda won everyone’s heart in The Mandalorian; even non-Star Wars fans flocked to the series once the little alien was introduced. Sure, he may be a kid, but he’s actually 53 years old and a seriously trained Jedi.

Din Djarin couldn’t help but feel attached to Grogu and adopted him as his own son, officially naming him Din Grogu.

Wait, so does this mean Grogu will be wearing Mandalorian armor? Wouldn’t that be cute? We’ll have to see if there’ll be a next season.

These cute Disney characters aren’t just cute. They play important roles in their respective movies and shows. For example, Stitch is the main character of his show, and Pascal is a dear friend of Rapunzel. 

As you can see, part of being cute is only a surface level of their personality; many of these characters act as guides, heroes, and even friends that you can count on. Of course, their charm is a bonus and helps them get away with things.

These are a few of my favorite cute Disney characters. Let me know yours down below!

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