Anime30 Funniest Comedy Anime That Will Crack You Up in 2023

30 Funniest Comedy Anime That Will Crack You Up in 2023

Watching a comedy anime series is a great way to relieve stress or brighten your mood, as even the silliest MCs and most outlandish plots are bound to make you laugh!

So, I have compiled a list of the top 30 most high-rated comedy anime series and movies, all of which have popular tags as their secondary genres!

30 Best Comedy Anime Series In Fan-Favorite Genres!

  • Best Slice of Life Comedy Anime Series
  • Best Romantic Comedy Anime Series
  • Best Action Comedy Anime Series
  • Best High School Comedy Anime Series
  • Best New Comedy Anime Series
  • Must-Watch Comedy Anime Movies

5 Best Slice of Life Comedy Anime Series

5. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

the disastrous life of saiki k
  • Seasons: 03
  • Episodes: 120 
  • Watch: Netflix

Saiki Kusuo is a lifeless teenager who has one dream only; to spend quiet and smooth school days without any nuisance. 

However, gifted with supernatural psychic abilities, Saiki is always surrounded by very odd characters and spends every single day in a rush. And with each day, he realizes that his powers are nothing more than a burden in disguise! 

Now sick with his powers, will Saiki ever find the day that he dreams of? Or will season 2 turn the story upside down? Check it out on Netflix or Crunchyroll

4. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

haven’t you heard i’m sakamoto

Sakamoto is a young high schooler and a man of class who does everything in a peculiar style!

Even though it is just his first day at school, several have fallen in love with him and several have become his nemesis. Sometimes they pull pranks or try to bully him on the chance.

But it appears that no one can stop Sakamoto, as any attempt to thwart him is easily thwarted!

3. Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless

tanaka-kun is always listless

Tanaka, a high school student, has made laziness his norm. He is incredibly exhausted and careless and hopes to always keep his low-energy lifestyle. 

Oota, one of his best friends, is like a carriage for Tanaka, carrying him from one place to another all the time. Yeah, Oota is a legend himself! And their life goes with so much fun without Tanaka lifting his finger ever! 

But will Miyano, the little cheerful girl who regards Tanaka as her master and admires his listlessness, change Tanaka’s personality?

2. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

konosuba god's blessing on this wonderful world

Kazuma Satou dies a ridiculously embarrassing death while returning from a video game store, and finds himself in the presence of Aqua, a gorgeous but empty-head goddess. 

When Kazuma decides to travel and become a hero, he chooses Aqua, a water goddess, to be his companion on the journey. But Kazuma has made a terrible mistake; Aqua serves no purpose whatsoever.

Further, saving Megumin, a short-tempered fire sorcerer gives no good to Kazuma as she fends out when using little to no magic!

1. Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro

don't toy with me miss nagatoro

Naoto Hachiouji runs into a first-year Hayase Nagatoro, who starts calling him “Senpai,” and keeps teasing him in any way she likes.

In their daily life, Nagatoro’s endless pranks are the most ridiculous part that makes  Naoto ashamed and gives in to her demands. Now enjoying the pranks himself, Naoto’s life will never be back to normal again.

Yet, in season 2, the never-ending pranks may turn from a source of amusement to love. Watch the anime and find out!

5 Best Romantic Comedy Anime Series

5. Toradora!

toradora anime

High school student Ryuuji Takasu is calm and gentle yet due to his frightening looks, he is known as a delinquent throughout the school. 

On the other hand, Taiga Aisaka is a short hot-headed schoolgirl known as “Palmtop Tiger” among her classmates, who never loses a fistfight!

The two students eventually cross paths and accidentally learn the names of the crushes they are unable to date. To help each other,  this crazy duo will start working on a goal to face their crushes, forging an unlikely relationship in the process.

4. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

kaguya-sama love is war

Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane are two high-born students at their prestigious high school. They hold the positions of president and vice president, respectively.

As a lot of their friends think they make a cute couple, Kaguya and Miyuki think so too. However, they both refuse to admit their emotions for one another, and every episode is about their love war! 

But, the upcoming summer break will separate the love birds soon, and the MCs will see each other off. Who will confess first? Check it out. 

3. My Little Monster

my little monster

Only concerned with her academic performance, Shizuku Mizutani is listless in the lives of her classmates. But after meeting Haru Yoshida, a hothead boy in her class, her icy outlook on life begins to soften. 

The two are remarkably similar; like Shizuku, Haru knows little about people and is socially isolated. However, surprisingly to Shizuku, he declares that she will be his first friend and soon expresses her romantic emotions toward her.

Will the hothead Haru win the isolated heart of Shizuku? Or will their friendship never see another day?

My Little Monster also tops our chart for Best High School Anime Series.

2. Golden Time

golden time

After a terrible accident, Banri Tada, 19 years old law student loses his memory and can no longer recall his past or where he came from! 

However, after becoming friends with Mitsuo Yanagisawa, he chooses to start over and enroll in a law school in Tokyo. 

After experiencing a taste of college life, Banri realizes that he has entered a new world, one in which he can start again, meet new friends, fall in love, fail, and ultimately mature! 

1. Masamune Kun’s Revenge

masamune kun no revenge comedy

Masamune Makabe was scornfully rejected by rich and beautiful Aki Adagaki in his early days who also used to call him “piggy “ due to being overweight.

Now, Masamune is a handsome but heartless high school student who intends to get even with Aki by making her fall in love with him before rejecting her!

However, Masamune’s attempts to build a relationship with the “Brutal Princess,” fails spectacularly when he receives a letter from an unknown sender that refers to him by his old nickname, making his revenge arc doomed before the beginning!

5 Best Action Comedy Anime Series

5. Gintama


When aliens rule Japan, there is a samurai named Gintoki Sakata who carries a wooden sword and has an insatiable sweet tooth. 

His two partners, Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura, help him run a freelancing jack-of-all-trades business, Yoruzuya Gin-chan, where they offer a variety of services from tracking out missing kitties to averting global catastrophe. 

Sadly, they live hard days as there is no task that they complete without making a blunder!

4. Blood Blockade Battlefront

blood blockade battlefront

Three years ago, a portal between the human world and the Beyond was opened, trapping the people of New York City and the creatures from different realms in an impassable space known as Hellsalem’s Lot.

Leonardo Watch is a regular guy who enjoys photography as a pastime until he acquires the “All-seeing Eyes of the Gods” and travels to Hellsalem’s Lot. 

Following the unique and hot head characters, the anime features Leo’s life as he gets into all sorts of trouble in the craziest place on the planet.

3. Blood Lad

blood lad

Staz Charlie Blood, or “Staz,” is rumored to be a vicious and merciless vampire of the demon realm, but the truth is, he is merely an otaku fascinated with Japanese culture with no desire for human blood. 

Spending his days lounging around, and letting his minions handle all the work, Staz lives a loafer life. 

However, meeting with Fuyumi Yanagi, a Japanese girl who died young, Staz promises to resurrect her by traveling to the human world that he always dreamed of! 

2. Black Clover

black clover

Asta and Yuno are brothers raised in an orphanage by a church father among many others. Once they learned about the title “Wizard King,” bestowed upon the most powerful mage in the realm, they vowed to vie with one another in a future competition. 

While Yuno was given a grimoire, Asta was given an anti-magic sword, highlighting the extreme contrast between the two. 

But as they embark on their different journeys, the brothers become the greatest duo in history!

1. One Punch Man

one punch man

In the One Punch Man universe, monsters and heroes are nothing special. So, the protagonist, Saitama, becomes a hero for fun. But because he can kill anyone with a single punch, his life is still humdrum.

Therefore, the anime is not actually about how powerful Saitama is; it focuses on his dumbest moments and his struggle to rank up among others. 

But, as you’d expect from a man who can kill anything with a single punch, Saitama ends up saving the day every time a monster goes on a rampage!

5 Best High School Comedy Anime Series

5. High School DxD

high school dxd

Issei Hyoudou, a junior in high school, is a typical pervert who wastes his hours for girls and fantasizes about a harem for himself. And when a stunning woman asks Issei on a date, he thinks his luck has finally turned around. 

Unfortunately, she is a fallen angel determined to kill him! 

However, resurrected again by a first-rate devil, Rias Gremory, Issei is now her loyal servant and lives his life as a low-ranking devil. 

4. Ouran High School Host Club

ouran high school host club
  • Seasons: 01
  • Episodes: 26
  • Watch: Netflix

A bright student named Haruhi Fujioka breaks a priceless vase in the Host Club, a popular hangout where the school’s most handsome male students entertain the female student body.

When it became clear that Haruhi would have a hard time paying back the money, the Host Club members came up with the idea of having her join the club and using her to attract other beautiful girls from the school. 

Coming up with such a sinister plan, will the Host Club succeed in getting more members into the club? Or Haruhi will escape from the boy’s gang?

3. Nichijou – My Ordinary Life

nichijou my ordinary life

The main characters in Nichijou are childhood friends Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aioi, and Mai Minakami. Their high school lives intertwine with Hakase Shinonome, her robot guardian Nano, and their talking cat Sakamoto. 

Every new day is filled with the insanity of these six and those around them. The anime also features how these innocent yet insane kids keep moving in their life.

A few examples include the daily events of school, a bite from a talking crow, and watching an old age principal suplex a deer (the most insane scene I have ever watched in the anime!).

2. Daily Lives of High School Boys

daily lives of high school boys

Three schoolmates, Hidenori (boss with a fantasy mind), Yoshitake (the high-spirited one), and Tadakuni (the sober and wise one), are seen in the halls of the all-male Sanada North High School. 

In their fascinating unbound imagination, the trio lives in a world filled with giant robots, real love stories, and breathtaking life events. 

However, they’re just three regular good-for-nothing guys killing time like no one can ever dream of.

1. Komi Can’t Communicate

komi can't communicate
  • Seasons: 02
  • Episodes: 24
  • Watch: Netflix

Hitohito Tadano is just a regular student who is determined to keep a low profile and blend in his school life as much as possible. Unfortunately, he chooses the ill-fated life himself by sitting next to the school’s icon, Shouko Komi. 

While Komi is gorgeous and lovely, she suffers from severe social anxiety and is unable to communicate with anyone in the school. 

But when Komi is left alone in the classroom, she ends up making Tadano her first-ever friend and her life starts to bloom like never before!

5 New Comedy Anime Series

5. Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

campfire cooking in another world with my absurd skill

Mukouda Tsuyoshi is one of the four heroes from Japan who were summoned into the fantasy world, only by mistake! Yeah, that’s a laughing stock.

What’s more hilarious is that Tsuyoshi has only one skill, “Food Menu,” allowing him to get free food products from modern Japanese supermarkets. 

When thrown out of the palace without any farewell, Tsuyoshi must learn to settle in his new environment on his own. Nonetheless, his culinary skills quickly pay off, as he even manages to entice the renowned wolf Fenrir with his out-of-the-world cuisines.

4. Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister!

onimai i'm now your sister

Mahiro Oyama, a self-described “home security guard,” has not been seen in public for years due to his obsession with erotic visual novels. And Mihari is concerned for his brother because of his hedonistic interests. 

Coming up with a plan to prepare a drug that converts her brother’s masculine body into a feminine one, Mihari succeeds in her plan and makes her brother drink that magic-type potion. 

Mahiro is now stuck in a situation where he must continue to pass as a cute girl until the effects wear off- if they ever do!

3. Romantic Killer

romantic killer
  • Seasons: 01
  • Episodes: 12
  • Watch: Netflix

Anzu Hoshino, unlike other classmates, does not care about relationships and is content with her life consisting of video games, chocolate, and her cat. 

However, when playing a 3D otome game, a wizard named Riri jumps out from the screen and labels Anzu as Subject 01.

Since that day, Riri sets in motion a chain of misfortunes and love cliches that ultimately brings Anzu into contact with Tsukasa Kazuki, one of the most appealing male students at her school. 

2. When Will Ayumu Make His Move?

when will ayumu make his move

Ayumu Tanaka, a middle school kendo champion, does not follow the herd and joins the unofficial Shogi Club instead of joining the Kendo club. 

For what? Only for his instant and undying love for the club’s president and lone member, Urushi Yaotome, who also fell in love with our MC! But Ayumu pledges not to confess to Urushi until he defeats her in a shogi battle. 

When the love war starts, it turns out that Urushi is a far more experienced shogi player who sees through every scheme of Ayumu and doesn’t give him a chance to win!

1. Buddy Daddies

buddy daddies

Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa are two professional assassins living together to escape their bleak pasts and the emotional ties they wish to avoid. 

However, when a little Miri Unasaka steps foot in their lives, the assassins end up becoming buddy daddies. 

Though Miri creates room in their heart, raising a hyperactive child like her is more challenging than any task Kazuki and Rei have ever undertaken!

5 Must-Watch Comedy Anime Movies

5. Laidbackers


Moving to Kyoto recently, Kumi Honamanuma meets Harami Mino, K Kusanagi, Mai Haisaka, and a dog that lives in her grandmother’s store, which was supposed to be deserted. 

Being soft-hearted, Kumi ended up sharing the house with these three nut heads who claim to be heroes reborn to hunt down the demon king of the time.

What’s funnier is the joining of Ran, a former demon king himself who now seems to be a little girl due to failed reincarnation in the new age.

4. Zoku Owarimonogatari

zoku owarimonogatari
  • Runtime: 158 minutes
  • Watch: 9anime

It’s hard to imagine that one can be trapped within a mirror and transported to a world where everything is reversed and inverted. 

For Koyomi Araragi, however, it occurred very unexpectedly when he became imprisoned in the mirror of his bathroom and witnessed a surreal universe in which everything was tumbling in its mirror image.

Now stuck in another world, the story focuses on Araragi’s efforts to adapt to his new environment and become a home-grown member of society.

3. Pompo: The Cinephile

pompo the cinephile
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Watch: Gkids

Pompo is a first-rate film producer who inherited her grandfather’s connections and a keen eye for filmmaking. Although she has a bright future ahead, she is stuck making crappy B movies. 

Now Gene Fini, Pompo’s assistant, is dead set on making a movie success assigned by her producer to get his first directing credit. Therefore, Gene devotes every ounce of his energy to it. 

But with a mountain of work and a tight deadline looming, will he be able to complete it?

2. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!: Take On Me

love chunibyo & other delusions take on me

Rikka Takanashi is in her third year of high school, but she still suffers from chuunibyou, the “sickness” that causes people to have unrealistic fantasies about their lives and the world around them. 

Her six-month-long romance with Yuuta Togashi hasn’t altered either, and the impending college entrance tests have only strengthened their resolve to go to the same college. 

What bizarre and laughing scenarios are waiting to happen in college? Check out the movie! 

1. Summer Wars

summer wars anime movie

OZ, an online virtual world, has exploded in popularity as a place for people all over the world to interact with one another through the avatars they have designed. Therefore, many people now rely heavily on this virtual world. 

Kenji Koiso, a part-time OZ moderator, is invited on a summer vacation by Natsuki Shinohara, the girl he has a crush on! 

While dreaming of many good things, Kenji is unaware that this journey calls for him to play the role of her fiancé, something he is totally unprepared for.

In Conclusion

Anime has always been a popular medium for storytelling, and comedy anime is no exception. With so many hilarious and entertaining titles to choose from, fans of the genre are sure to find something that will make them laugh out loud.

From classics like “Gintama” and “One Punch Man” to romantic comedies like “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” and “My Little Monster”, there’s no shortage of comedic talent in the anime world.

As we look forward to 2023, we can expect even more exciting and side-splitting releases to keep us entertained for years to come. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your way through the best comedy anime of 2023!

To explore more, check out our anime section and expand your anime watchlist with new series from exciting and popular genres.

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