Anime25 Chinese Anime That You Can Not Miss

25 Chinese Anime That You Can Not Miss

Donghua refers to anime content in Chinese irrespective of its origin. There are some great titles in Chinese anime that are lesser known in the animeverse.

Chinese Donghua anime began in 1935 with “The Camel’s Dance”. Since then a ton of movies and series have been aired by different Chinese studios.

This post will give you a brief overview of some of the best Chinese animes. This list features Donghua created completely with CG, 2D, and a mix of both.

25 Donghua Anime That Every Anime Lover Should Watch

Most of these Chinese anime share ties with Chinese culture and heritage. A few of these have been adapted from Manhua.

Typically airtime of each episode ranges from 9 minutes up to 25 minutes. The titles in our list are mostly movies or Original Net Animations (ONA).

Let’s get started.

25. Zhanguo FAN: The Seven

zhanguo fan the seven

Set in Imperial China this Chinese Animation series narrates the lives of 7 separate individuals who are capable of mixing technology with magic.

These individuals use this prowess to help their own nations in war. They try their best so that they can outsmart their enemies in war.

Will they succeed? If you are a sucker for action and fantasy this is just the anime for you.

24. Dongguo Xiaojie: Karma

dongguo xiaojie karma

Dongguo’s mother contracted the Grave Illness when he was just 16 years old. To save his mother, he, his older brother, and a mysterious being search for a cure.

They face many adversaries along the path. So much so that it feels more like a conspiracy than a plain old coincidence.

Watch it if you are into supernatural anime and love an ending with a twist.

23. Aoki Kagayaki: Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary

xuan yuan sword luminary

This Donghua anime is about two sisters Yin and Ning who are trying to save their friend Zhao who is enslaved by the evil Emperor Taibai.

Out of luck, Yin gets her hands on a legendary sword that grants her special combat powers and possesses the ability to summon a mechanical fox!

Now Ning, Yin, and Zhao have to give their best to save themselves and their homeland. The series is based on Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary: The Millennial Destiny a Taiwanese RPG game.

22. Jie Mo Ren: The Devil Ring

jie mo ren the devil ring

Zhou Xiaoan finds a ring that on wearing releases King Zhou of Shang, a Blood Devil. These devils are zombies who like eating the hearts of human beings.

Zhou finds out about a group of Taoist priests who can fight them. To tame the devil Zhou seeks some Taoist priest who can fight these demons.

It is a slow-burn Chinese action anime, but you will definitely like the narrative and character development.

21. The Silver Guardian

the silver guardian

Suigin Riku is a gamer and a student at Shinryou Private Academy. Due to a lack of money, he is struggling with his life.

While trying to save a kitten he meets Rei Riku, the daughter of a game director. One thing leads to another and Rei gets sucked into a video game.

To repay his debts Suigin enters the game and tries to rescue her. Will he get to her in time in this strange world?

20. Nuwa Chengzhang Riji: Nuwa Growth Diary

nuwa chengzhang riji nuwa growth diary

Xiao Xiao Feng is an orphan and is the reincarnation of the Goddess of Creation-Nuwa. When Li Chang finds out he requests her to train lost souls and repopulate heaven.

Initially, she is reluctant and doesn’t want to embrace this change. Somehow Li Chang convinces her and trains her to become a goddess

Gradually she practices and becomes a goddess. A light-hearted feel-good anime.

19. Di Wang Gong Lue: The Emperor’s Strategy

di wang gong lue

Based on a novel and manhua, this anime from China shows the struggle of Chu Yuan as he succeeds the Chinese Imperial Court. Duan Baiyue, who was once his opposition, becomes his assistant.

It is one of those Chinese animated shows that portray medieval China and corruption brewing within the court walls of that era. However, according to fans, the anime didn’t fare well against the original manhua.

It is worth a watch if you are into House of Card-styled diplomacy, a bit of drama, and martial arts.

18. Kitsune No Koe: Voice Of Fox

kitsune no koe anime

Based on the Chinese manhua Huli Zhi Sheng, this has got to be one of the best music-based Chinese anime. It’s the story of Hu Li, a 16-year-old music enthusiast who wants to make it big in the music industry.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the money or the looks. So he uses a Fox avatar and posts his music videos online. 

The anime has a great story buildup and every episode presents a cliffhanger moment that’ll get you hooked. 

17. Duan Nao: Die Now

duan nao die now

This Donghua anime is set in a high-tech society where a few gaming community members are put in a tough spot. The story revolves around colliding universes, galactic wars, and other chaotic premises.

Follow the characters as they witness galactic conspiracies, human malice, and betrayal on a grand scale. It has the right amount of futuristic animation which mingles perfectly with the mystery surrounding the narrative.

Watch it for its sci-fi animation, action-packed storyline, and a plot filled with twists.

16. Wo De Tian Jie Nuyou: My Cultivator Girlfriend

wo de tian jie nuyou

This anime is set in a world where stronger cultivators hunt weak ones. The story follows the journey of Ma and Lu. Ma accidentally steals Lu’s power and gets into a contract with her.

Later on, both of them are hunted by evil sages who want to possess both Ma’s and Lu’s powers. Would the duo be able to ward off the antagonist?

One of the best well-developed Chinese romance anime with a pinch of ecchi.

15. Shi Xiong: Zombie Brother

shi xiong zombie brother

The water of City H gets contaminated with a virus that changes humans into zombies. Our guy Bai Xiaofei has to make sure he doesn’t consume the poisonous water and try to save his girlfriend who’s also in the city.

If you think a zombie apocalypse is a cliche, then think again. The narrative properly depicts human emotions and empathy when faced with a calamity.

This Donghua anime has some of the most memorable Chinese anime characters. Watch it if you are into zombie apocalypse and the likes

14. Xiyouji Zhi Dasheng Guilai: Monkey King [Movie]

xiyou ji zhi dasheng guilai monkey king hero is back

The Monkey King is a powerful being who can dwell in all the realms. However, his reckless behavior angered the Gods and they imprisoned him in an icy cage.

Now monsters roam freely in China. When China is overrun by chaos, a child accidentally helps the Monkey King to break free from his prison. 

The story narrates how Monkey King after breaking from his prison overthrows all evil from China.

13. Ze Tian Ji: Way Of Choices

ze tian ji way of choices anime

A meteor crashes on the Eastern Continent. Villagers rush from far and wide to look at this mysterious artifact from outer space.

When they notice the meteor fragment they can see a mysterious totem inscribed on it. This is how the Way and Tradition were established. Years later a young orphan embarks on a journey that will change the way people think of their Tradition.

This Donghua has some of the most unique characters. It takes its own sweet time to develop the story and properly depict the core plot and the world in which it is set in.

12. Yaoguai Mingdan: Monster List

yaoguai mingdan anime

Su Jiuer is a monster wolf girl who falls in love with Feng Xi. As Feng holds the key to maintaining peace in the world, Su has to defend his boyfriend from other vicious monsters.

To help Su, Guo Shang is sent to protect Feng. Feng on the other hand is caught in a love triangle and must balance his relationship to withhold world peace.

This is a Chinese romance anime and has decent action and harem with a pinch of comedy.

11. Feng Yu Zhou: The Wind Guardians [Movie]

feng yu zhou the wind guardians

Screened at the Pingyao Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon International Film Festival in 2018, this is the story of a man who searches for a beast that has kidnapped his mother.

While searching for his mother he comes face to face with gods, other beasts, and legendary characters. Can he dodge the hurdle coming his way and rescue his mother from Rakshasha?

If you are into 3D Chinese Anime, you are in for a treat.

10. Ling Qi: Spiritpact

ling qi spiritpact

This anime has one of the best character development. This Chinese anime is about a person who enters the spirit realm after his death. 

There he meets an exorcist who can help him get him back to the human world. But first, he needs to become his spirit shadow and keep him safe at all times.

As the story progresses the role of master and servant switches. Watch it for the storytelling and impeccable character development.

9. The Daily Life Of The Immortal King

the daily life of the immortal king anime

This is one of the best Chinese anime with OP MC. Wang Ling is amazing at cultivation and wins realms every two years. But he keeps his powers under wraps.

But now that he is about to join High School, would he be able to keep a lid on things?

The anime shows how well a powerful MC can put a veil over their powers and still remain humble when faced with adversities and bullies.

8. Shuangsheng Lingtan: Twin Spirit Detectives

shuangsheng lingtan

This psychological donghua narrates the story of twin brothers Sun Xiaohu and Sun Xiaotu. They are paranormal investigators and deal with supernatural occurrences and other mystical activities.

But things go for a toss when they encounter a ghost and discover new secrets. This sets them on a difficult path filled with mystery and action.

This anime has a cult fan following among viewers who like paranormal phenomena.

7. Meng Qi Shi Shen: Adorable Food Goddess

meng qi shi shen adorable food goddess

Ye Jiayao belongs to a different timeline but somehow gets trapped in the body of Ye Jinxuan. Ye always had a dream of opening her new restaurant. But will she succeed?

The story shows the struggle of a young girl who wants to become a chef and open a restaurant of her own. However, some people can’t stand her to prosper and start planting controversies around her.

Good storytelling and character development. Beware, this anime can lead to serious munchies.

6. Mi Yu Xing Zhe: Uncharted Walker

mi yu xing zhe uncharted walker

A bunch of misfits find themselves stranded on an island. They are surrounded by wild creatures, tribals, and weird viruses. Will they be able to make their way home?

During their stay, they face a lot of hurdles. But the season finale has a cliffhanger that will catch you off-guard.

This anime is quite popular among anime lovers especially due to its character developments and sudden twists in narratives.

5. Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan: Beryl And Sapphire

xiao lu he xiao lan beryl and sapphire

This show is about a shy Sapphire, a kind-hearted Beryl and their relationship in different worlds. 

In this anime, each episode is set in a different world and shows how Sapphire and Beryl meet each other. This is somewhat based on the multiverse theory. It is a one-of-a-kind anime and shows the breadth and depth of the relationship between these two characters from different worlds.

As the story progresses you will enjoy how diverse their relationship gets as we jump from one world to the other.

4. Da Yu Hai Tang Or Big Fish & Begonia [Movie]

da yu hai tang or big fish & begonia

This Donghua anime focuses on reincarnation. It tells the story of a girl named Chun who has to live in the human world to earn a rite of passage.

However, one thing leads to another and she ends up drowning. A young boy saves her but dies in the process. Now Chun has to negotiate with soul keepers to revive the boy. What price will she have to pay? 

The movie has earned a lot of accolades and is a must-watch for all anime lovers.

3. Tong Ling Fei: Psychic Princess

tong ling fei psychic princess

Ye Youming’s marriage is set with Qian Yunshang by the emperor. But Ye doesn’t want to marry Qian because of the prevalent tension between the two families.

She doesn’t agree and backs off from the arrangement. Now, Qian Aotian persuades her daughter Qian Yun Xi to marry Qian Yunshang. But the biggest catch is Qian Yun Xi possesses hidden powers.

Will the marriage last, and what adventures lie ahead? Watch it if you are looking for good storytelling and comedic relief.

2. Zhen Hun Jie: Rakshasa Street [Movie]

zhen hun jie rakshasa street

Based on the manhua Requiem Street, this anime narrates the story of Xia Ling who becomes a rare soul user after crossing paths with his own guardian spirit.

Was it just a coincidence? As the story unfolds you will find out why Xia was the chosen one. Being the chosen one he can walk into Requiem street which is crawling with humans and spirits.

The anime has CG embedded with 2D animation. It is quite popular among the donghua community.

1. Mo Dao Zu Shi: Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation

mo dao zu shi grandmaster of demonic cultivation

All cultivators want to achieve Xian which is a state of immortality. However, there is a trade-off. To achieve Xian, you have to cross paths with Mo Dao. This is something that all cultivators try to avoid.

Wei Wuxia is a cultivator who accidentally walks on the demonic path of Mo Dao while performing one of his experiments. This introduces a lot of destruction and chaos which ends up killing him.

Later he gets reincarnated and takes on a supernatural journey where he has to overcome a lot of hurdles and solve mysteries along the way. This is one of the most popular Donghua anime to date and one of the best as well.

Do you think we have done justice to our list of Chinese anime? Let us know if you want any specific Donghua anime to be featured here. Till then check out some of the best anime on Crunchyroll.

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