CartoonsTop 35 Cartoon Villain Characters Of All Time

Top 35 Cartoon Villain Characters Of All Time

Some cartoon villains are famously memorable for their personalities, powers, and abilities. You may love the heroes in the story, but you can’t ignore that the villains drive the story.

After all, without adversaries and enemies, even the greatest heroes would not discover their powers, skills, and abilities.

It takes the greatest villains to make the greatest heroes. Here are the top 35 cartoon villain characters of all time.

Top 35 Cartoon Villain Characters

35. Storm Shadow – GI Joe

storm shadow g.i. joe
  • Age: –
  • Height: 5’10” feet
  • Voice actor: Tom Wayland

Storm Shadow is one of the many villains from the GI Joe cartoon series, but he’s one of the greatest enemies of the Joes.

This archer is a sworn enemy of Snake Eyes, a Joe, whom he hates from their young days due to intense jealousy. Unlike Snake Eyes, he uses traditional ninja weapons like katana, caltrops, and throwing stars.

Storm Shadow is a master of subversion and covert activities, skills for which Cobra happily employs him.

34. Starscream – Transformers

starscream transformers

Starscream may seem like a clumsy jester from the Transformers cartoons, but he’s more than that!

He works under Megatron’s hierarchy, but he has designs and grand plans of his own. He isn’t there yet, so until then, Starscream is content with buttering up to Megatron.

Ultimately, he does achieve his dream to become the leader of the Decepticons, but only for a short while before a livid Megatron kills him. 

33. Serpentor- GI Joe

serpentor gi joe

In the GI Joe universe, the Joes often defeated the Cobra, a vast terrorist organization bent on taking over the world. Their constant defeats often led Cobra’s top leadership to create the perfect soldier.

Serpentor was that creation. Through genetic means, Dr. Mindbender gave him the genes of some of the greatest warriors and geniuses on the planet, to make him an unbeatable leader for their faction.

He has a high intellect, daring, charisma, and great fighting skills fitting for the ultimate soldier.

32. Cobra Commander – GI Joe

cobra commander

Back in the 90s, the GI Joe cartoon series was a huge hit! Humanity is caught in a war between the GI Joes (the super-cool good guys) and Cobra (the formidable bad guys).

Cobra Commander is the one who leads the Cobra, which is a terrorist group that desires what pretty much every villainous faction desires: global domination! 

The Cobra Commander is formidable and a tactical planner, but the Joes mostly squash his plans leading to comic reactions from him. 

31. Megatron – Transformers

megatron transformers
  • Age: 12 million
  • Height: 22′ 11 feet
  • Voice actor: Frank Welker

Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons, a faction from a race of robots from the planet Cybertron. After destroying their world in a war with the Autobots, both factions made Earth their home.

While the Decepticons under Megatron desire to destroy the Earth and rebuild their home planet in its place, the Autobots understand human civilization and thwart all their evil plans.

He’s easily among the strongest Decepticons and is remembered for ruthlessness and overwhelming prowess.

30. Skeletor – He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe


Skeletor is one of the most iconic and memorable 80s cartoon villains. He’s easily recognizable by his purple hood and cape, pale yellow face, hollow eye sockets, and blue skin.

He is the main antagonist to He-Man. Skeletor is known for his cackling evil laugh, powers rivaling the greatest Masters of the Universe, a sense of humor, and a never-say-die attitude. 

Skeletor never gives up, regardless of how often He-Man defeats him.

29. Catra – She-Ra: Princess of Power

catra she ra

Catra is an evil character from She-Ra: Princess of Power. The original and iconic cartoon aired in the 1980s, while the series was shown on Netflix in 2018 with a more modern look with great success.

The story is about Adora and Catra. They grew up together but then separated due to their unique circumstances.

This was also the start of their rivalry. Catra is one of the most unique villains in this list due to her backstory.

28. Bill Cipher – Gravity Falls

bill cipher

Bill Cipher may be a lesser-known villain, especially if you count the heavyweights on this list, but he is a unique evil entity in his own right.

This evil entity is the main villain from the cartoon Gravity Falls. The Dream Demon has a grudge against the Pines family, especially Stanford Pines, his old rival.

One of the things that makes him so unique is that he sports the easily-recognized Illuminati crest. This signifies mystery, manipulative tendencies, and evil intentions.

27. Jafar – Aladdin

jafar aladdin

Jafar is that evil, villainous rogue of a vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah. In case you’re wondering how he’s managed to remain the vizier for so long, it is by sweet-talking and manipulating the Sultan.

He is a powerful magician and has unbridled ambitions. Jafar plans to dethrone Adgabah Sultan by marrying Princess Jasmine.

When Jafar learns about the magic lamp with a genie locked in that can grant him any wish, he jumps at the opportunity. 

26. Mr. Burns – The Simpsons

mr. burns
  • Age: Between 80 to 100
  • Height: 5’10’’
  • Voice actor: Harry Shearer

Finding someone more realistic in a list where most villains have superpowers, magic powers, and more unique characteristics can be tough. Mr. Burns is one of the more true-to-life villains since you can associate him with real-life people.

Mr. Burns is your quintessential ruthless and greedy capitalist guy whose sole aim is to earn as much money as possible. 

But that’s not all! This billionaire is often ruthless in dealing with others.

25. Shere Khan – The Jungle Book

shere khan

Some of the greatest and scariest villains aren’t humans. Sometimes they are dangerous, massive Mowgli-hating man-eaters of the jungle.

Shere Khan in Hindi translates to ‘King of the Jungle.’

He has the deep wisdom that comes from being the villainous king of the forest, and he deeply desires to kill Mowgli to avenge all the wrongs humans have wrought upon the forest, which he rules over. The scheming and deadly Shere Khan is one of the greatest villains ever.

24. Scar – The Lion King

scar lion king

Scar is the ultimate villain in Disney’s 1994 cartoon movie “The Lion King.” He is a devious, patient, cunning, unforgiving, and power-hungry lion. He secretly hates Mufasa, the lion that rules over the land.

Scar betrays Mufasa and kills him to crown himself king of the land, and he rules with an iron fist with help from his hyena foot soldiers. 

Mufasa’s son, Simba, escapes to safety only to avenge his father when he grows up.

23. Joker – Batman: The Animated Series

joker batman animated series

The Joker is many things, which makes him so dangerous! He is one of the funniest cartoon villains and the greatest of 90s cartoon villains.

He can smile sweetly one second and, in the next second, flash a devilish smirk and hold a gun to your head.

Joker’s backstory itself is captivating. He’s so demented that even Arkham Asylum fell short of unpeeling his myriad, intricate psychological layers.

22. Harley Quinn – Batman: The Animated Series

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, the Queen of Harlem, is Joker’s love interest and partner in crime. 

If there’s anyone crazier than the Clown Prince of Crime, it is the playful and wantonly violent Harley Queen, making her one of the most remarkable female cartoon villains ever to grace the screen.

As a psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum, she treated the Joker as a patient, but she not only fell in love with him but also became wrapped around by his insanity.

21. Poison Ivy – Batman: The Animated Series

poison ivy

Isn’t it amazing how many shades of villains there are? In Batman: The Animated Series, there are fun yet dangerous villains like Harley Quinn, along with the unpredictable, seductive, and evil Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy’s character is unique in many ways. She is particularly eco-conscious and grows a wild variety of poisonous wild plants, making her one of the greatest 90s cartoon villains.

She’s also a complex and dangerous villain who comes close to killing Batman himself. 

20. Two-Face – Batman: The Animated Series

two face batman the animated series

Two-Face is one of those unique villains you can’t forget. Maybe having two faces and a brooding personality has something to do with it, making him one of the most famous cartoon villains ever.

Two-Face is Harvey Dent, Batman’s friend, and Gotham’s former District Attorney.

One-half of his face got mangled due to an unfortunate accident, which also gave rise to an entirely new dangerous personality.

19. Penguin – Batman: The Animated Series

penguin batman
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 4’10’’ 
  • Voice actor: Tom Kenny

If there’s one word to describe this character, it is this: bizarre! 

He loves and lives with penguins and still manages to be one of the most famous cartoon villains.

Penguin is a short, pot-bellied man who is as cunning as he’s ambitious for money and power to prove that appearance does not accurately indicate one’s personality. He was bullied for his looks in his youth, and now he has internalized that anger for reaching his goals.

18. Scarecrow – Batman: The Animated Series


The Scarecrow is easily one of the scariest antagonists and arch-villains in Batman: The Animated Series. 

He’s the quintessential boogeyman of the Batman universe, making him one of the most dangerous male cartoon villains.

The Scarecrow isn’t a brainless monster. He’s a brainy, evil guy who uses his extant knowledge of potions, toxins, and chemicals to make concoctions like ‘fear gas’ to spread fear and insanity across Gotham.

17. Bane – Batman: The Animated Series

bane batman
  • Age: 62
  • Height: 5’9’’ 
  • Voice actor: Henry Silva

Bane is one of those villains who doesn’t waste time with complicated plans and poisons to beat Batman. He is all about brute strength and aggression that even the Dark Knight has trouble controlling. 

Bane’s deep voice and exceptionally muscled body separate him from the rest. 

But he’s no mere brute, for he has the focus and determination to threaten Batman many times, making him the strongest cartoon villain against the bat.

16. Lucifer – Cinderella

lucifer cinderella
  • Age: – 
  • Height: – 
  • Voice actor: June Foray

Cats can be pretty evil. Lucifer, the cat from ‘Cinderella,’ proves it!

He’s one of the most sinister, brooding, and sadistic cats you’ll ever meet. He’s Lady Tremain’s pet, and like his owner, he takes great pleasure in being ruthless to Cinderella. 

This chubby black cat often gets into trouble with Cinderella’s dog Bruno and her other animal pals, Gus and Jaq. Lucifer lives up to his name throughout the cartoon, being a pampered and cunning cat.

15. Lady Tremaine – Cinderella

lady tremaine cinderella

Sometimes, villains can live right next to you. Just ask Cinderella about her stepmother; she may tell you she’s one of the top cartoon villains ever!

Lady Tremaine is the main antagonist in Disney’s 1950 animated cartoon Cinderella. She rules over Cinderella with cruelty, manipulation, and intimidation. 

Lady Tremaine is a high-society woman with two daughters, who she seeks to marry off to some blue-blooded nobleman.

14. Captain Hook – Peter Pan 

captain hook

Captain Hook is a ruthless pirate who contends with Peter Pan. If you’ve read the book or have seen the 1953 animated movie “Peter Pan,” you can remember Hook’s comical charm and murderous actions.

Try as he might, Captain Hook is plagued by his constant inability to catch Peter Pan. 

But that doesn’t stop him, and he takes great pleasure in trying to turn Peter’s friends against him.

13. Claude Frollo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

claude frollo
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 6’4’’
  • Voice actor: Tony Jay

Claude Frollo is the main villain in the 1996 animated cartoon, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” 

Villains are of many types, and Claude Frollo is the type that desires to cause harm unfairly to people like Esmerelda. His despicability makes a typical character like Judge Claude Frollo, a true villain.

He’s undoubtedly a bad guy, and his traits make him a memorable villain.

12. Sinister – X-Men: The Animated Series

sinister x-men

Mr. Sinister is one of the most powerful villains in “X-Men: The Animated Series, which ran from 1992 to 1997. He is dangerous to the good guys in the series because he’s so diabolically strong.

This villain is known for his shape-shifting power as well as for his superhuman strength. This enabled him to pose quite a threat to the good mutants fans love.

His singular voice and diabolical outfit set him apart, making him one of the strongest cartoon villains.

11. Magneto – X-Men: The Animated Series


Magneto is one of the foremost villains in the X-Men universe. 

With his unique powers and set goal, he poses a significant threat to Professor X and the X-Men.

Magneto is easily one of the top mutants in the X-Men series,  he has a never-say-die attitude, can manipulate metals and magnetism, and desires to create a world where mutants would rule. Naturally, this worldview puts him at odds with the good guys.

10. Shan Yu – Mulan

shan yu

Today, we have an excellent new live-action movie called Mulan, based on a 90s cartoon movie.

Shan Fu is the main antagonist in the 1998 animated cartoon “Mulan.” He is known to be incredibly scheming and for his commanding presence.

Shan Fu is easily recognizable by his garb and characteristics. He’s cruel and unrelenting and is the unbeatable chief of the great Hun Army, a force he uses to drive forth his evil ambitions.

9. Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove

yzma the emperor's new groove
  • Age: 80 to several centuries
  • Height: – 
  • Voice actor: Eartha Kitt

Yzma is the top villain in the animated cartoon film “The Emperor’s New Groove” from 2000. She’s one of the most well-known villains on this list, and many remember her from the movie due to her unbridled ambitions.

Ambition drives Yzma, but she also has quite a screen presence that makes her unforgettable. 

For instance, she is funny and still inspires online cartoon villain memes and jokes, and she is one of the most popular villains ever.

8. Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty

maleficent sleeping beauty

Maleficent is one of the most intimidating and evil cartoon characters to ever grace an animated cartoon show. This wicked witch’s primary goal is the destruction of the kingdom and the death of Sleeping Beauty herself!

Maleficent comes close to killing Sleeping Beauty. She has a range of powers, including transforming herself into a fire-breathing dragon.

She is remembered as the one who always broods and plans for the demise of Sleeping Beauty and her kingdom.

7. Iago – Aladdin

iago aladdin

In the “Aladdin” animated cartoon film from 1992, Iago is Jafar’s spy and minion. He may be even more famous than Jafar, thanks to his loud-taking, scheming, and boisterous behavior, making him one of the funniest cartoon villains.

But that’s not all. This talking parrot is known to be short-tempered and enjoys mimicking others. He’s not without talent; he is multilingual, understands magic, and can fly!

Iago produces some of the movie’s most comic and memorable moments.

6. Aku –  Samurai Jack

aku samurai jack

Aku is the greatest villain in the Samurai Jack universe. He is responsible for sending Jack on many journeys that started the samurai’s adventures.

Jack trains hard all his life in martial arts and sword-fighting to defeat Aku. 

Unfortunately, just at the last moment, when he was about to slay Aku, the demon summoned a magical portal that transported Jack into the future. This gave Aku enough time to conquer and consolidate.

5. Lotor – Voltron: Legendary Defender

lotor voltron

Sometimes, there comes a complex villain we can’t help but like. Lotor from Voltron: Legendary Defender is one of them.

Fans started loving his character when the scheming and manipulative Prince Lotor was introduced. Here’s why!

He wants to take over the galaxy out of a desire to do good through secrecy, deception,  and manipulating events. Only at the end of the series is he discovered for what he is.

4. The Beast – Over The Garden Wall

the beast over the garden wall

Here’s another supervillain whose manipulation alone is enough to trouble an entire team of heroes. Enter the Beast from Over The Garden Wall. 

The Beast uses manipulation yet appears limitedly on the show. His manipulations traumatize the heroes but provide the series with considerable interest and excitement for viewers. 

For instance, he convinces his victims that they’ll lose their loved ones if they can’t keep their lanterns lit.

3. Emperor Belos – The Owl House

emperor belos the owl house

Some villains stand out because they are so human. Emperor Belos doesn’t have to be your typical villain because he has an entire kingdom to worship him.

He knows that he has the people on his side and thinks there’s no one to oppose him. Belos rules through lies, deceit, and manipulation, making the heroes’ journey hard.

He’s so secretive that even by the end of the series, no one knows his designs. 

2. Amon – Legend of Korra

  • Age: 40
  • Height: 5’7’’
  • Voice actor: Steve Blum

Amon is one of those villains who hit you like a brick wall. They are nearly unstoppable and uber-powerful, making them one of the best cartoon villains.

In Legends of Korra, Amon rules through fear and intimidation. However, that’s just a means to an end since he desires to create a world where no one can use the powers of bending elements to their will.

Amon easily intimidates the teenage Korra and threatens to take away her powers.

1. Azula – Avatar: The Last Airbender


Azula is the top antagonist in Avatar: The Last Airbender. She’s one of the more fearsome villains you’ll ever meet, and here’s why! 

Imagine a ruthless villain who’ll do anything to track you down, enjoys wreaking havoc all over the land, and likes undermining others to achieve her ends. That’s Azula, the daughter of the Firelord Ozai himself from the industrial yet oppressive Fire Nation.

Azula is known to be overconfident, but she rivals the Avatar too!


Who is The Strongest Cartoon Villain Character?


Azula is one of the strongest villains you’ll come across in cartoons, making her one of the best. She’s the daughter of the Firelord Ozai from the Fire Nation, but her pedigree is not what makes her fearsome.
She’s one of the most powerful fire benders in the series and develops unheard-of powers like the blue fire. Beyond that, Azula manages to take over Ba Sing Se, something no one has done before. 

She can shoot lightning from her hands and would have harmed the Avatar if it wasn’t for Katara, and she had led armies to battle at 14. Azula is stronger than her brother Zuko, making her the perfect Fire Nation warrior.

Who Is The Most Famous Cartoon Villain?

joker batman animated series

The most famous villain would be the one who is the most memorable, and who can beat the Joker in that! He’s one of the most famous villains ever, with a unique backstory and a personality you can’t ignore.
Joker is a maniacal supervillain who seeks to cause misery, chaos, and destruction in Gotham City, sometimes just for wanton fun! Initially, he was part of a mob, but he became a true supervillain after being jailed by Batman.
Throughout the series, you’ll find the Joker doing everything he can to bring down Batman through ingenious plans and traps, even if it means allying with other villains of the day. 

Over to you

So there you have it! You have seen some of the most popular cartoon villain characters ever. Some of these characters may be more famous or memorable than the heroes because of their unique garb, behavior, or quirks. Others have movies to their name! 

Beyond that, villains are the ones who drive the story forward by providing challenges for heroes to overcome. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and found your favorite cartoon villain!

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