Disney20 Black Disney Characters We Need to Celebrate!

20 Black Disney Characters We Need to Celebrate!

Disney has created some classic black characters over the years. Though often not the main role, these characters made an impact. They paved the way for more diversity in Disney cartoons, shows, and movies.

More work is still needed to make black characters fully rounded. But we can’t forget those early pioneers. They represent treasured childhood memories for many people.

This list looks at 20 top black Disney characters through the decades. Some broke new ground. Others stood out in culture. All became loved figures. From energetic to principled, they left a mark.

Let’s celebrate these trailblazers. And continue to push for more inclusion in kids’ media. More lead roles. More complex stories. More representation matters.

20 Best Black Disney Characters

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You can also check out the entire article, especially if you want to learn more about the different characters of color on Disney. There are a ton of them, each with their own unique personality that makes them memorable, relatable, and fan favorites.

Best Male Black Disney Characters Yet

7. Wasabi – Big Hero 6

Wasabi is the gentle giant in the superhero team Big Hero 6. Despite his towering form, he is the softest and the most organized character in the group.

Big Hero 6 was an ambitious project for Disney to take on as they tried to represent a variety of ethnicities, which explains Wasabi’s origin changed to one of the African American black Disney characters instead of a Japanese one.

Wasabi joins Hiro when looking for Tadashi’s true killer and the missing microbots.

6. Wade – Kim Possible

Can you believe this computer Guru completed college in 8 months? Wade is Kim’s tech guy and the one who provides Kim with all her nifty gadgets.

For the most part, you see him behind the computer screen, but later seasons have him venture out of his room to take Ron’s place.

At one point, fans even got to see a future version of Wade, who apparently had a huge growth spurt!

5. Cory Baxter – That’s So Raven

cory baxter that's so raven
  • Age: 9 (That’s So Raven, 14 (Cory In The House)
  • Height:
  • Actor: Kyle Massey

Cory may have started out in his sister’s show, but he eventually grew popular enough to have his own show called Cory In The House.

He and Raven are shown to have a typical sibling relationship, with Cory occasionally pulling pranks on his older sister. However, the two are also shown to love each other immensely, as they always have each other’s back.

Cory is one of the African American black Disney characters to be shown as a live-action character over a cartoon.

4. Frozone/Lucius Best – The Incredibles

the incredible frozone

Superhero or not, Lucius Best is the type of guy everyone needs as their friend. He is seen multiple times coming to aid the Parr family in whatever matters they must attend to.

As you can tell by his alias “Frozone,” this hero has the ability to freeze moisture and manipulate it. This allows him to surf on the ice he creates.

Frozone displays many heroic traits and a suburban fatherly personality literally making him one cool black Disney character if not the coolest!

3. Prince Naveen – The Princess and the Frog

prince naveen disney

Joining Disney’s first African-American princess is Prince Naveen as another prince of color, Naveen. Other than Flynn Rider, this is another Disney prince who prides himself on being charming and having good looks.

Unfortunately, when he pays a visit to New Orleans, he gets turned into a frog, and his only chance of turning human again is if he kisses a princess.

He kisses Tiana, only to turn her into a frog as well. Looks like these two are in for an adventure.

2. Joe Gardner – Soul

joe gardner soul

If you love Jazz, then you’ll love watching Joe Gardner in the film Soul. This guy doesn’t just represent the black community, but anyone who has the heart set on becoming a musician can relate to his journey.

However, his love for music occasionally blinds him from what’s important, like being a good guide to Soul #22.

Don’t worry, he eventually did teach the lost soul, and 22 got her “spark.”

1. Cobra Bubbles – Lilo & Stitch

cobra bubbles

He may seem evil thanks to his strict nature and wanting to take Lilo away from Nani, but Cobra Bubbles was only doing his job as a social worker.

He actually took care of Lilo quite tenderly when he escorted her out of the house. Cobra also understood that the girl needed to be with her “ohana” more by the end of the film.

You also get to see Cobra in a few episodes of the series.

Best Female Black Disney Characters Who Stand Tall and Proud

7. Taylor McKessie  – High School Musical

taylor mckessie

Who remembers Taylor from High School Musical? She’s one girl with big dreams; she hopes to be president one day!

In the movie series, she is the captain of the East High Scholastic Decathlon Team and the best friend of Gabriella.

Everyone remembers her for always looking out for Gabriella, as any best friend should. You’re sure to have a friend for life if you meet Taylor.

6. Dottie Doc McStuffins – Doc McTuffins

dottie doc mcstuffins

It’s natural for children to want to grow up like their parents; Dottie isn’t immune to this as she grew up watching her mother treat her patients.

Dottie tries her own hand at the craft but only on toys and dolls, and she has quite the talent for it! The show is great for kids because it has some magical elements to it.

Her patients can talk and speak about what’s ailing them so she can practice being a real doctor in the future.

5. Raven Baxter – That’s So Raven

raven baxter

Raven is one of my favorite African-American black Disney characters to be featured on the network. Her show provided my family and me with numerous laughs and good memories.

She’s a girl with psychic powers who tries to have a normal school life and be recognized for her fashion sense.

In her show, you’ll get to watch her struggle with normal teenage stuff while dealing with her abilities giving a fun twist to the show.

4. Tiana – The Princess and the Frog

tiana from the princess and the frog

Tiana is one of the few black Disney movie characters who star in their own film. She’s an actual Disney princess!

At the start of the movie, she’s an ordinary girl who dreams of owning her own restaurant. It’s thanks to her movie I learned about beignets being a New Orleans specialty.

She gets turned into a frog and must travel with a spoiled prince to gain her humanity back.

3. Penny Proud – The Proud Family

penny proud
  • Age: 14 – 16
  • Height: 164.59
  • Voice Actor: Kyla Pratt

Penny is a young girl with many talents, especially singing; she even becomes a solo singer for a short time until she misses her old life.

Just like any teenager, Penny is often found giving in to peer pressure, and her friends even have the habit of ditching her. Despite this misfortune, Penny makes the best of her life.

Penny learns that family is everything and they are her best support system. Good values for children to follow up.

2. Monique – Kim Possible


Monique is one of the few black Disney female characters featured in the show Kim Possible. She may not be there to help Kim and Ron during missions, but she’s a dear friend to them both.

She even makes them face the music regarding their flaws and shortcomings, which is what friends should do.

Often she is put into a situation where she can actively help Kim, especially in matters dealing with her regular teenage life.

1. Izzy Hawthorne – Lightyear

izzy hawthorne

It was tough to pick between Izzy and her grandmother to put on this list. Izzy is Alisha’s granddaughter, whom Buzz meets while trying to go through Lightspeed. She grew up looking up to space rangers.

She eventually formed her own group of volunteer Space Rangers who aided Buzz’s fight against Zurg.

Ironically, despite wanting to be a Space Ranger, she fears Space.

Best Black Disney Characters Animals Who Also Wear the Color

Aside from our African-American characters, did you know there are also black animals that wear their black coats or feathers with pride? Here are some of the black Disney characters animals you get to see on Disney!

6. Lucifer – Cinderella

lucifer cinderella

Lucifer is the evil tubby cat of Lady Tremaine, who has a wicked and sly personality. The cat seems only to like his master and despises everyone else in the movie series.

Luckily, Lucifer is only one cat, and Cinderella has over a dozen different animals helping her out. Together they can outsmart the cruel Lucifer.

Lucifer is one of the black Disney movie characters who is featured in numerous shows and films.

5. Dandy Crow – Dumbo

dandy crow

Dandy Crow and his flock originally teased Dumbo for wanting to fly, believing there cannot be a flying elephant.

However, after Dumbo starts to fly, he immediately gets impressed and, together with the other crows, decides to teach the big-eared elephant how to fly properly.

It is hinted that Dandy Crow is well-traveled and even a master in the field of psychology!

4. Scar – The Lion King


Scar is Mufasa’s jealous, power-hungry younger brother who hates his position in the kingdom due to the birth of his nephew Simba.

He leads hyenas and promises them a good life if he takes the throne from Mufasa. The lion was even successful for some time until Simba decided to come back for the crown.

He is often called the evilest Disney villain for killing an actual character.

3. Bagheera – The Jungle Book


My favorite cat from my childhood is the honorable leopard Bagheera. In some way, he even raised Mowgli.

During the movie, you’ll notice Bagheera’s personality often clashes with the laid-back bear named Baloo. However, the two will always come to an agreement if it’s for Mowgli.

The black leopard even looks after Baloo after their adventures in The Jungle Book.

2. Kovu – The Lion King

kovu lion king
  • Age: 18/19 (human equivalent)
  • Height:
  • Voice Actor: Jason Marsden

Kovu, like his father Scar, has black fur on parts of his body. You’d think he’d inherit his evil traits too, but he’s one of the good guys.

That’s mainly thanks to how he fell in love with Simba’s daughter, Kiara. He actually went into the Pride Lands with the intent to kill Simba.

Good thing he didn’t because now he’s the prince’s consort.

1. Kuzco (Llama Ver.) – The Emperor’s New Groove

kuzco disney

Leading the pack for black Disney animal characters is Kuzco. He’s come a long way on his journey back to his castle. But he grew a lot in his time as a talking Llama.

Originally a spoiled ruler who only thinks about his own fun, Kuzco transformed into someone who genuinely cares about people.

His llama form is black with reddish-brown fur, a bit similar to his hair and choice of clothes in his human form.

With all the characters in this list, you may wonder how many black Disney characters are there. Well, for characters of African American descent, there are 451 characters as of writing this blog.

That number includes characters from Marvel and Pixar as well since they are under the Disney umbrella.

Are you interested in more anime, cartoons, and Disney characters? Then do checkout our blog.

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