Anime40+ Black Anime PFPs: Black Anime Character PFPs!

40+ Black Anime PFPs: Black Anime Character PFPs!

If you’re looking for black anime PFPs as far as the background and the overall ambiance are concerned, we’ve added them below. But we’ll start off with black anime character PFPs first.

We already had an idea of who to add here from our own list of the best black anime characters, plus some additions.

Black Anime Character PFPs

Killer B (Naruto)

A rapper, shinobi, and jinchuriki – Killer B is everything Snoopy can’t be. Easily one of the best black anime characters yet in the animeverse, Killer Bee inspired a generation.

black anime characters with dreads
killer bee hd wallpaper

Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai)

The Original black anime character, a black dude set in future Japan where matters are again settled by katans, Afro Samurai sets out for revenge.

5 Episodes or arguably the most influential anime ever created, Afro Samurai has a cult following and deservedly so.

afro samurai art twitter
afro samurai pfp
number 1 headband afro samurai
drawing afro samurai smoking

Zapp Renfro (Kekkai Sensen)

Zapp is everything that you expect from a non-OP MC, flirty, hot-headed, boyish, just that he’s black.

kekkai sensen zapp pfp
kekkai sensen zapp renfro
kekkai sensen zapp renfro gif

Michiko Malandro (Michiko to Hatchin)

Maybe the hottest female black anime character created, yet, Michiko is exotic and then some. She’s wild, loud, and wants things her way. She can do the dirty work, beating up a couple of baddies every now and then.

icon michiko malandro
michiko malandro hair
mexican anime girl characters

Dutch (Black Lagoon)

Dutch is badass. Ex-Marine who fought in ‘Nam and then gone AWOL now working as a hired gun, Dutch is as bad as it gets.

black lagoon black guy
dutch from black lagoon
black retro anime characters
dutch from black lagoon pfp

Coffee (Cowboy Beebop)

Back in ‘98 Coffee defined what a black anime character should be, a gun-wielding beauty, smoking hot. There’s even a track from Cowboy Beebop, Black Coffee.

And even though she didn’t really have much time on-screen, she remained a pop character.

coffee from cowboy bebop
anime coffee cowboy bebop

Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)

Yoruichi really showed how female black characters can be sexier. She has the brains too and she’s a Shinigami, transforming into a black cat. Yoruichi for Catwoman?

bleach yoruichi shihouin yoruichi
yoruichi bleach pfp
yoruichi shihouin

Darui (Naruto Shippuden)

Not much time on screen but Darui has a fan following mostly comprising drooling women.

darui naruto
darui naruto fanart

Atsuko Jackson (Michiko to Hatchin)

The one black anime character you wouldn’t wanna mess around with, Atsuko Jackson’s a cop and she knows how to show the badge.

afro hair anime girl
michiko and hatchin atsuko

Miyuki Ayukawa (Basquash)

Now here’s a teenager who’s got a lot of unwarranted attention for obvious reasons. She’s just a kid or is she?

anime black skin tone
black anime characters gif

More Black Anime PFPs

Ogun Montgomery (Fire Force)

black guy ogun fire force
fire force black characters
fire force ogun fanart

Kaz Kann (Neo Yokio)

kaz kaan neo yokio
neo yokio
neo yokio kan

Biscuit Oliva (Baki)

oliva baki icon
che guevara vs biscuit oliva

Yasuke (Yasuke)

yasuke samurai
yasuke black samurai anime

Black Anime PFPs

Just a couple of PFPs that you may find worth a shot. These are not black anime characters but they are black anime PFPs nonetheless.

black anime girl pfp
ayanokoji wallpaper iphone
mr villains day off
dazai bungou stray dogs icon
black reaper pfp
sad boy anime
itachi amaterasu art
black haired anime boy
grunge dark anime aesthetic

We’ll keep adding the best black anime PFPs we come across. Watch this space!

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