Disney30 Best Disney Characters Of All Time (Male & Female)

30 Best Disney Characters Of All Time (Male & Female)

With Princesses, Princes, evil witches, and a long line of cute sidekicks, Disney has one of the biggest and most versatile character lineups. 

Kids love the happily ever after of a beautiful Princess with her Prince Charming, while grownups enjoy the slightly more mature sidekicks and villains.

While all of the Disney characters are loveable, some have achieved celebrity status thanks to the abundant love from fans worldwide. These are the characters that transcend races, ages, and generations. 

Let’s start with the guys, and then we’ll get to the ladies.

15 Best Male Disney Characters

15. Carl Fredricksen

carl fredricksen
  • Show/Movie: Up
  • Voice Actor(s): Ed Asner, Jeremy Leary

The protagonist of Disney & Pixar’s Up will forever be a memorable character for a whole generation. His journey of loving, losing, and then coming back to life is one of the most endearing Disney stories ever.

On top of the near-perfect voice acting, Carl is unique and leaves a memory imprint quite easily. The story revolves around him and he evolves with it.

He does lose the love of his life. The lively Carl turns into a grumpy old man. But, through adventure, he rediscovers himself.

14. Baymax

baymax big hero 6
  • Show/Movie: Big Hero 6
  • Voice Actor(s): Scott Adist

The most wholesome and huggable robot in American animation deserves a spot on every Disney characters list ever.

Tadashi created Baymax as a healthcare robot that was full of empathy. The white and fluffy design was the perfect fit, and Scott Adsit’s soothing voice did the rest. Even in ass-kicking mode, Baymax was sweet as sugar.

As soon as Big Hero 6 hit the screens, Baymax conquered fans’ hearts around the world. And it came as no surprise that he got his very own animated TV mini-series.

13. Arlo

arlo the good dinosaur
  • Show/Movie: The Good Dinosaur
  • Voice Actor(s): Raymond Ochoa

While Universal did its best to tell us “Dinosaur BAD,” Disney had other ideas.

Disney and Pixar released The Good Dinosaur in 2015, considered one of Pixar’s saddest movies of all time, featuring the sweetest and kindest Apatosaurus ever. 

Named Arlo, this green Apatosaurus gets separated from his family soon after his father’s death. Thereon, Arlo’s coming-of-age arc starts.

He befriends a human boy, Spot, and both of them go on a dangerous and epic journey to find Arlo’s home.

12. Bing Bong

bing bong
  • Show/Movie: Inside Out
  • Voice Actor(s): Richard Kind

One of the wackiest characters from Inside Out, but ultimately one of the most important, was Bing Bong. 

Bing Bong was Riley’s imaginary friend who was part cat, part dolphin, and part elephant. Made of cotton candy, Bing Bong lived inside Riley’s memories only and vanished because Riley forgot about him. 

Bing Bong sacrificing himself to make sure Joy and Sadness save Riley was one of the saddest scenes in recent Disney movies.

11. Mr. Incredible

mr incredible
  • Show/Movie: The Incredibles
  • Voice Actor(s): Craig T. Nelson

Mr. Incredible will always be one of the best original superheroes from Disney. I’m not counting anyone from the MCU because that’s just not Disney, is it?

But what makes Mr. Incredible so incredible is not his superpowers but his more human nature. He is a complex and relatable character trying his best to maintain his dual life and failing at it.

What makes him one of the best Disney superheroes of all time is his struggle to keep going as he continuously tries to protect his family while fighting evil. And help customers get their insurance claims.

10. Hercules

  • Show/Movie: Hercules
  • Voice Actor(s): Tate Donovan

Hercules should definitely be an official Disney Prince. He is the Son of Zeus, King of all Gods, which technically makes him royalty. And, technically, it makes Megara a Princess as well.

That said, what really makes this dreamy dumbo a great character is his evolution from a clumsy boy to a true Greek hero. 

Hercules had no control over his super strength and did more harm than good. But,  he becomes a true Greek soldier by the end of the movie, willing to kill and die to protect his loved ones.

9. Peter Pan

peter pan
  • Show/Movie: Peter Pan
  • Voice Actor(s): Bobby Driscoll 

The titular character of Disney’s 1952 Peter Pan will forever remain iconic, regardless of how many poor reboots and TV runs they make. 

Peter Pan’s rebellious and carefree attitude was never quite animated the way Disney did it in 1952.

Although the Lost Boys and Tinker Bell had their fair share in the success of the movie, Peter Pan’s battles with Captain Hook and his adventures in Neverland made him one of the most popular Disney characters of all time.

8. Aladdin

  • Show/Movie: Aladdin
  • Voice Actor(s): Scott Weinger

While Robin Williams’ Genie stole the show, Aladdin is the more likable character in the Aladdin franchise. He’s an empathetic, funny, and fearless character- a street rat with a golden heart.

Aside from his inferiority complex, Aladdin has plenty of loveable personality traits, but his best one is his loyalty. No one in their right mind would set the Genie free. But Aladdin did because he promised.

He’s also quite charming and handsome, which is always a plus!

7. Flynn Rider

flynn rider
  • Show/Movie: Tangled
  • Voice Actor(s): Zachary Levi

Flynn Rider is the 10th official Disney Prince, and memorable for more than just his looks and the weird face he makes at Rapunzel.

His real name is Eugene Fitzherbert, and he’s introduced as an egotistical thief, but Flynn has a change of heart after meeting Rapunzel. In return for saving him, Rapuzel blackmails Flynn into taking her to the Corona Kingdom so she could celebrate her birthday and watch the floating lanterns.

Letting go of his greed for treasure and embracing his love for Rapunzel, Flynn takes her on a journey back to her parents.

6. Kristoff Bjorgman

kristoff bjorgman
  • Show/Movie: Frozen/Frozen 2
  • Voice Actor(s): Tyree Brown (Child), Jonathan Groff (Adult)

It doesn’t matter whether he’s an official Disney Prince or not. Post Frozen 2, Kristof Bjorgman became the best Disney prince ever. Period.

From singing out his feelings for Anna to actually helping her out during battles instead of kicking into savior mode, Kristoff let go of the toxic masculinity and revolutionized the male Disney leads as we know them.

To be honest, he showed the same traits in Frozen as well. But at that time, we were too busy with Elsa and Anna’s love.

5. Simba

simba the lion king
  • Show/Movie: The Lion King
  • Voice Actor(s): Matthew Broderick (Adult), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Cub)

I choose the son over the father.

While Mufasa is an iconic character in his own right, Simba is my favorite Lion King character of all time- not the live-action one.

He goes from a spoiled prince to a jungle dweller, losing his identity completely. 

But then, he is strong enough to accept his mistakes, face his past, and take his rightful place as King of Pride Rock. 

Not to mention he faces off (and defeats) one of the best Disney villains.

4. Donald Duck

donald duck
  • Show/Movie: The Wise Little Hen
  • Voice Actor(s): Clarence Nash (1934–1985), Daniel Ross, Tony Anselmo (1985–present)

Only Mickey Mouse (next on the list) can rival Donald Duck’s popularity and star power within the Disney characters’ lineup.

Famous for his short temper, Donald Duck has appeared in over 150 films, shorts, and TV shows, making him the most featured Looney Tunes character. This earned him a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Aside from his anger, Donald Duck is also famous for his unique, almost incomprehensible speech. He will forever be an iconic angry cartoon character.

3. Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse
  • Show/Movie: Mickey Mouse Shorts
  • Voice Actor(s): Walt Disney, Bret Iwan/Chris Diamantopoulos (2009–present)

The second Disney cartoon character ever created became the most popular one.

Mickey Mouse replaced Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (the first-ever character created by Walt Disney), and what a replacement Mickey has been. Since his first appearance in 1928, Mickey went on to appear in over 130 shorts and feature films. 

Various of those films were nominated for an Oscar in the Best Animated Short Film, and Lend a Paw finally brought it home in 1941.

But, Oscar or no Oscar, Mickey, a mouse cartoon character, will forever be the best Disney cartoon character ever.

2. Woody

  • Show/Movie: Toy Story
  • Voice Actor(s): Tom Hanks

We all have a friend in Woody.

He is the center of it all for the Toy Story series franchise, and Woody is one of the most popular cartoon characters ever, loved by fans across the ages.

Woody is Andy’s favorite toy for his voice and costume. But fans love him for his leadership and never-give-up attitude. He’s the kind of guy who never leaves his friends behind, no matter what they do. Never.

1. Genie

genie aladdin
  • Show/Movie: Aladdin
  • Voice Actor(s): Robin Williams

There’s only one Genie for me, and that’s Robin Williams’ Genie from the original animated Aladdin. He takes the top spot on my list, and it doesn’t really need much explaining why.

Aside from being one of the best animation jobs, Genie was extremely well-voiced. Robin Williams absolutely went to town with him. His constant improvisation made Genie one of the most entertaining characters ever seen in animated movies.  

No matter how many times you watch the movie, Genie stays as entertaining as ever.

15 Best Female Disney Characters

15. Megara

  • Show/Movie: Hercules
  • Voice Actor(s): Susan Egan

She’s a damsel, she’s in distress, but boy can she handle it herself.

Megara was once lost in love and traded her soul with Hades to bring back his boyfriend from the dead. That “boyfriend” left him, and Megara became a slave to Hades. 

She quickly became a con artist, willing to do anything to escape Hades’ trap. 

Megara is among the more underrated female Disney characters, mostly overlooked because she’s not an official Disney Princess.

14. Minnie Mouse

minnie mouse
  • Show/Movie: Mickey Mouse Short
  • Voice Actor(s): Walt Disney (1928–1929), Russi Taylor (1986–2019), Kaitlyn Robrock (2019–present)

There’s no way I was leaving out Mickey’s sweetheart.

Minnie is a classy and well-mannered mouse who might not be as popular as Mickey, but there’s a whole generation of girls who grew up watching and following this sassy mouse.

Her red bow tie and polka dot dress paired with a golden pair of shoes will forever be iconic. Minnie has also grown as a character over the years, going from a damsel in distress to the voice of reason among Mickey and Donald.

13. Nala

nala lion king
  • Show/Movie: The Lion King
  • Voice Actor(s): Moira Kelly (Adult) Niketa Calame (Cub) Sally Dworsky/Laura Williams (Singing)

The only notable female character in The Lion King, Nala played a crucial role in keeping Pride Rock well-fed after Scar became king and Simba ran away. 

On top of that, Nala was the catalyst of Simba finally facing his past and coming back to save Pride Rock.

Thank god the creators didn’t pursue the early idea of making her Scar’s love interest. Can you imagine Nala and Scar? Ew!

12. Moana

  • Show/Movie: Moana
  • Voice Actor(s): Auli’I Cravalho

Moana was introduced as a perplexed character torn between her duties to the tribe as the Chief’s daughter and her love for adventure. She wanted to go beyond the reef and explore the vast oceans, but her tribe wanted her to save their dying land.

As it turned out, Moana killed two birds with one stone and saved her island after sailing across the oceans.

If she hadn’t employed Maui, Moana would have been the shining star of her film. Maui did steal a bit of her thunder.

11. Raya

  • Show/Movie: Raya and the Last Dragon
  • Voice Actor(s): Kelly Marie Tran

Meet the latest Disney Princess to be inducted into the Official Disney Princess lineup.

Raya became the 13th Official Disney Princess and almost instantly became the top 5 best Disney Princesses of all time.

This headstrong and resilient princess carved out an identity for herself other than the daughter of the Heart Chief. Through her resilience and wisdom, Raya manages to save her entire kingdom from the darkest evils.

10. Belle

belle princess
  • Show/Movie: Beauty and the Beast
  • Voice Actor(s): Paige O’Hara

Talking of cute Disney characters, does anyone else think Belle is the cutest Disney Princess ever, or is it just me?

This bookworm melted the Beast’s heart. She must have been a little cute, no? And remember how Gatson was always trying to woo her? Yeah, it’s well-established that Belle is a cutie.

But that’s not her only identity. Belle was a strong-willed girl who volunteered to stay in the Beast’s castle to make sure of his father’s freedom and safety.

9. Vanellope von Schweetz

vanellope von schweetz
  • Show/Movie: Wreck-It Ralph!
  • Voice Actor(s): Sarah Silverman

Continuing this streak of cute Disney characters is Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph!

Vanellope wanted to become a race car driver but a glitch got her banished. However, that didn’t stop this optimistic and adventurous girl. She teams up with Wreck-It Ralph, another misfit to try and fulfill her dream.

She will always be an inspiration to young girls, inspiring and willing them to chase their dreams.

8. Yzma

  • Show/Movie: The Emperor’s New Groove
  • Voice Actor(s): Eartha Kitt

Bringing our cute streak to an abrupt halt is one of the evilest and ugly Disney characters, Yzma.

Yzma is widely regarded as the best female Disney villain, and it’s easy to see why. She’s got the style, she’s got the evil bug, and she’s smart enough to get the job done. Well, almost! But what sets her apart from other villains is her compassion and how good she is to Kronk.

It’s hard to find a villain who treats their minions like Yzma does.

7. Pocahontas

  • Show/Movie: Pocahontas 
  • Voice Actor(s): Irene Bedard

Pocahontas will always be remembered as the trailblazer and mold-breaker of your typical Disney Princess.

This Native American Disney Princess did something no other Disney Princess has ever done- let the love of her life go!

Pocahontas chose her people over her love after stopping a war. She decided to let John go and stayed behind with her tribe because she knew that her people needed her more than she needed John Smith.

6. Joy

  • Show/Movie: Inside Out
  • Voice Actor(s): Amy Poehler

Joy is the “happiness” controller in Riley’s headquarters, trying her best to keep Riley safe and happy. Leading Anger, Sadness, Disgust, and Fear, Joy takes her job very seriously.

She continuously micromanages everyone because she believes only she alone can keep Riley happy. And because she was the first one to appear, she is in charge.

Joy always gives her best and is willing to do anything to make Riley happy, even when things aren’t looking good and this is what makes her one of the Happiest cartoon characters we have ever seen.

5. Anna

  • Show/Movie: Frozen/Frozen 2
  • Voice Actor(s): Kristen Bell

Anna is one of the most gullible Disney Princess characters. She nearly married a man she just met. That was kind of annoying, but it also showed Anna’s longing for love ever since she lost her parents.

But she is no damsel in distress. Anna is a persistent Disney princess who ultimately always wants to get things done. With a good heart.

Even after Elsa, her only sister and best friend shut her out at a very young age, Anna’s love for her didn’t fade. As we saw in Frozen, Anna went to great lengths to get Elsa back and save Arendelle.

4. Elsa

  • Show/Movie: Frozen/Frozen 2
  • Voice Actor(s): Idina Menzel

For Let It Go alone, Elsa will forever be the most iconic Disney Princess. But there’s more to this Snow Queen when you look past that.

The best thing about Elsa is her willingness to do whatever it takes to keep her family and her Kingdom safe, even if means leaving them alone. After she hurt Anna by accident when they were both children, she completely isolates herself. 

However, once she learned to control her powers and everyone accepted her, we met the real Elsa- a beautiful snow queen who’s hard to put down.

3. Rapunzel

  • Show/Movie: Tangled
  • Voice Actor(s): Mandy Moore

Speaking of hair, Rapunzel’s here.

Rapunzel is the only one that could challenge Anna’s naivety. That’s mainly because she has spent all her life trapped in her tower.

But because Rapunzel is a bit more defensive, she won’t marry the very first prince she meets.

That said, Rapunzel is quite similar to Anna. She’s playful, clever, and always ready for an adventure. And when the time comes, she’s willing to do anything to save the ones she loves. 

2. Tiana

  • Show/Movie: The Princess and the Frog
  • Voice Actor(s): Anika Noni Rose

Being the first black Disney Princess ever is certainly impressive, but Tiana captured fans’ hearts because of her strong will and determination.

Tiana works as a waitress in a New Orleans restaurant. But her dream is to open her own restaurant one day. However, it all comes to a halt when she turns into a frog.

Tiana kisses a frog who is a Prince cursed by an evil witch. Instead of the Prince transforming back into a human, Tiana becomes a frog. That’s not how it’s supposed to go, but the good thing is that it all worked out in the end.

Tiana also got her very own restaurant.

1. Mulan

fa mulan
  • Show/Movie: Mulan
  • Voice Actor(s): Ming-Na Wen

This young girl disguises herself as a man, enrolls in the army, and quickly becomes one of the most skilled warriors in all of China just to make sure his old and weak father doesn’t have to go to war.

But, along with saving his father from certain death, Mulan ends up saving all of China from the dangerous Huns army.

Widely regarded as the best Disney character ever written, Mulan tops my list of the best female Disney characters. And why not?

We’re done!

Those are the 30 best Disney characters in my books.

All of them have entertained and inspired us for years and I hope Disney keeps introducing us to more such characters every year.

Do let me know who your favorite Disney character is and why?

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