Anime35 Best Anime On Crunchyroll Ranked From Good To Great!

35 Best Anime On Crunchyroll Ranked From Good To Great!

Crunchyroll was already one of the best anime streaming platforms. But after the Funimation x Crunchyroll merger, it’s all set to be the biggest anime library online.

All Funimation titles will soon be available to stream on Crunchyroll.

And that has sparked a new question- what is the best anime on Crunchyroll right now? With tons of new incoming titles, which anime should you be adding to your watch list?

Tough questions considering Crunchyroll has a library of over 1000 anime shows.

But not every anime is worth it. And Crunchyroll has a fair share of scrappy shows.

So, we’re here to help you hunt for your next favorite anime.

We’ve found the 35 best anime on Crunchyroll that are unmissable. No matter your favorite genre, our Crunchyroll anime recommendations have something for everyone.

35 Best Anime on Crunchyroll in 2023

We’ve tried to keep the list as fresh as possible.

The list ranks the latest and the best anime to watch on Crunchyroll right now. That’s why you won’t see the likes of Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and other old-timers on this list.

Gintama and Death Note are the oldest shows on this list, that too because of their recent increase in popularity.

35. Haikyu!!

haikyu anime

Let’s kick things off with one of the best anime on Crunchyroll in the sports genre.

Haikyu!! follows the story of a young boy who wants to become a pro volleyball player. Despite his short height, his determination gets him into the school volleyball team- and the journey begins.

For sports anime fans, this is a must-watch for the crazy volleyball matches alone.

34. Dr. Stone

dr. stone anime

If you’re into post-apocalyptic/sci-fi anime, Dr. Stone is a unique take on this somewhat overused genre.

As all of humanity turns into stone due to a mysterious flash, a 15-year-old boy, Senku, gets miraculously revived. With some research, he finds a cure and starts reviving others to start a new age of human civilizations.

Senku plans to build a “scientific civilization,” but a famous martial artist revived by Senku wants a new world order where “power” is everything.

33. Fire Force

fire force anime

When it comes to shonen, action, and comedy hybrids, Fire Force is right now the best anime on Crunchyroll.

Set in a dystopian Tokyo, Fire Force is a war between humans and Infernals (also known as Demons). Infernals are humans turned into fiery monsters because of Spontaneous Human Combustion. They lose all control over themselves in their Infernal state and try to attack anything and everything.

And a metahuman Fire Force is the only hope.

32. Shadows House

shadows house anime

Shadows House is a fantasy/horror/supernatural anime about dolls, shadows, and a huge mansion.

A family of Dolls looks after a family of Shadows living in the Shadow House. A cheerful Doll, Emilico, starts working for her new Shadow mistress, Kate. And as the two develop a relationship, they start uncovering the darkest secrets of the mountain-top Mansion and its Shadows.

Shadows House beautifully exploits the fear of the unknown and sometimes feels more of a mystery than horror.

31. My Dress-Up Darling

my dress-up darling

Labeled as romance and slice-of-life, My Dress-Up Darling is one of the hottest anime of 2022.

The show is about two high schoolers- Wakana, who has the hots for Marin. Wakana crafts Hina Dolls, and Marin loves cosplay. When Marin asks him to design and sew cosplays for her, Wakana agrees.

As they spend time together, Marin also develops feelings for the geek.

30. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

that time i got reincarnated as a slime anime
  • Author: Fuse & Mitz Vah
  • Studio: Eight Bit
  • Release Date: March 22, 2019
  • Episodes: 48
  • Seasons: 2
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

This isekai anime goes full over the top by turning the MC into a ball of slime.

Satoru lives a monotonous, lonely corporate life in Tokyo, but it comes to an abrupt halt when someone stabs him. However, he gets a second go at life when he reincarnates as a slime in a magical and mythical realm.

Now, he can morph into anything he devours and imitates its skills, powers, and appearance.

Befriending a dragon and inhabiting the Great Forest of Jura, the slime ends up a leader of the Nation of Tempest.

29. Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World

re zero starting life in another world

Subaru Natsuki gets transported into an unknown realm and attacked instantly. A girl saves him, and the two decide to team up and figure out what’s happening. Both of them are attacked again and killed.

But Subaru wakes up again at the exact moment he was first transported to this realm. Soon he realizes that his death turns back time, but the memories stay.

Now, with all the memories intact, he succeeds in saving the girl and decides to help the girl become the queen of this new world.

28. Steins; Gate

steins gate anime

Steins; Gate is hands down the best anime on Crunchyroll on time travel.

When Rintaro and his friends discover that the cellphone-operated microwave oven they invented can send messages to the past, they start to experiment. And after collaborating with Kurisu Makise, a neuroscientist, they succeed in sending memories to the past as well.

This results in dire changes to the current timeline, and an evil organization starts hunting for the microwave.

Now, Rintaro must protect everything.

27. The Promised Neverland

the promised neverland anime

How about something cute and terrifying?

The Promised Neverland is about 3 children who discover the notorious plans of the orphanage’s caretaker. After the terrifying discovery, they decide to escape and rescue the other orphans as well.

But leaving the haven proves dangerous as the outside world is full of hungry demons. If you like dark anime with mind-boggling twists, this is it!

26. Sword Art Online

sword art online anime

Some regard it as one of the best anime on Crunchyroll (2612 5-star reviews), while others think it’s overrated.

The story is about a virtual reality MMORPG video game where everyone enters the medieval realm of Aincrad. However, when the game’s creators remove the log-out option, all the players are stuck inside the video game.

And the only way out is by defeating all 100 Levels of Aincrad.

The twist; in-game death means real-life death.

25. Classroom Of The Elite

classroom of the elite anime
  • Author: Shōgo Kinugasa, Shunsaku Tomose
  • Studio: Lerche
  • Release Date: July 12, 2017
  • Episodes: 25
  • Seasons: 2
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

Only the best anime on Crunchyroll gets dubbed into 2 or more languages, and Classroom Of The Elite has been dubbed in 6 different languages.

The anime is about a young boy who joins a government school in Tokyo. Although he is extremely intelligent, he lacks social skills. He is placed in Class-D, along with the other misfits, and his plans for a normal school life change.

This highly exclusive school wants to develop the next-gen leaders of the country, but Class-D doesn’t comply.

24. Kill La Kill

kill la kill

If you love over-the-top anime, Kill La Kill is the best anime on Crunchyroll that’s free.

Think of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures, but a little less robust.

Kill la Kill follows the journey of Ryuko Matoi as she transfers to the Honnouji Academy to find her father’s murderer. But she soon discovers that the Honnouji Academy is not what it seems.

Students with Life Fibers rule over the school with their extraordinary abilities. As Ryuko finds her own Life Fiber, her plans to avenge her father start taking shape.

23. Gintama

gintama anime

Rated 8.7 on IMDb, Gintama is one of the best action/comedy anime of the past decade.

Aliens reign supreme over Tokyo, and they’ve banned swords. But, Gintoki Sakata, a freelance samurai carries the torch with a wooden sword. As other quirky characters join him, his life becomes a bizarre adventure.

The constant 4th wall breaks and meta humor of every character make it a great watch.

22. No Game, No Life

no game no life anime

No Game, No Life is one of the best isekai animes if you can overlook the incestuous ecchi aspects.

It’s the story of two step-siblings who dominate the online gaming world on Earth. They get transported to Disboard, an alien planet where different species compete for survival by playing various games.

But, they develop bigger ambitions.

The siblings decide to rule over Disboard by defeating every other species on the planet, including Tet, the one true god and current ruler of Disboard.

21. Lycoris Recoil

lycoris recoil

A show with the potential to become the best anime on Crunchyroll in 2022.

An organization, Direct Attack, takes in orphaned girls and turns them into master assassins. When a prodigy, Takina makes a mistake and gets transferred out of DA, she meets a free-spirited girl who shows her a different way of life.

Fans are also excited for an unannounced season 2, mostly to see where the Yuri subtexts lead.

20. Demon King Daimao

demon king daimao
  • Author: Shotaro Mizuki, Souichi Ito
  • Studio: Artland
  • Release Date: April 2, 2010
  • Episodes: 12
  • Seasons: 1
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

The 1st season of Demon King Daimao had a terrible ending. And because there’s no word on a 2nd season, you might end up frustrated.

It’s the story of Akuto Sai, a boy who joins the Constant Magical Academy in hopes of becoming the greatest wizard. However, an aptitude test predicts him to be the Future Demon King. He faces resentment from most and love from some.

And so begins his difficult journey of changing his fate.

19. Hunter X Hunter

hunter x hunter

Many rate Hunter x Hunter as the greatest shonen anime of all time, but we feel it just lacks the final punch, hence the lower ranking.

The story is about a young boy who leaves his village to become a Hunter like his deceased father. But, when he learns that his father is alive, he doubles his effort in hopes of meeting his father.

But first, he’ll have to pass the Hunter Examination.

18. Black Clover

black clover

Black Clover is all about the magical adventures of two aspiring wizards, Asta and Yuno. Both were abandoned at the same church, vowed to become the next Wizard King, and started their training simultaneously.

But Asta has no magic.

So, as Yuno polishes his magic skills, Asta becomes a brute force. The friendly rivalry brings about a lot of adventure.

17. The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

the devil is a part-timer anime

A fantasy/comedy anime series with an isekai twist.

Satan gets transported to Earth after tasting defeat in a battle at Ente Isla. Without his powers, he’s just a normal human being who now has to work. So, the Devil starts working at a fast-food restaurant to make ends meet.

It all takes a funnier turn when he meets Emilia, the warrior who defeated him on Ente Isla. 

Turns out, many from Ente Isla are now on Earth, and the once fierce warriors now are commoners trying to get by.

16. Tokyo Revengers

tokyo revengers

Tokyo Revengers captured a massive audience with its first season and perfectly set up the next seasons.

It is set in modern-day Japan, where Takemichi Hanagaki learns of his ex-girlfriend’s death. When he finds out about his time-leaping abilities, Takemichi decides to change the past and save the love of his life.

For once it seems the two have succeeded, but they only delayed the inevitable. It seems no one can change destiny, but the two decide to keep trying.

15. Dragon Ball Super

dragon ball super

This one is for the Dragon Ball Z fans.

It’s time to meet Goku and the gang once again to see what’s happening in their lives after defeating Majin Buu. As a peaceful era begins, Lord Beerus awakens from his slumber and threatens to destroy the Earth.

One thing leads to another, and we see the best fighters of the universe facing off in a tournament held by Beerus.

14. Spy X Family

spy x family

If you’d like to watch a light-hearted action series that doesn’t take itself too seriously, watch Spy x Family.

A spy, code-named Twilight, adopts an orphan girl and marries a woman just to pose as a family man and carry out a secret mission. But he doesn’t know that his adopted daughter is psychic and his make-do wife is an assassin.

Things get even more eccentric when the family adopts a dog with precognitive abilities.

13. Tower of God

tower of god anime

Tower of God is Crunchyroll’s best anime production out of all its originals. No wonder fans are aching for season 2.

Tower of God follows a young boy, Bam, who follows a young girl, Rachel, into a humongous Tower. From the slums under the Tower, Bam and Rachel try to reach the top of the Tower where lies everything they need in the world.

Rachel wants everything, whereas Bam just wants to stay with Rachel, his only friend. But, it’s survival of the fittest, and hunters are aplenty.

12. Jujutsu Kaisen

jujutsu kaisen anime

Jujutsu Kaisen is the story of a teenager who needs to exorcise himself if he wants to avoid death.

After he swallows a demon’s finger, Yuji Itadori is seen as a danger. But because he can control the magic, Yuji gets a chance to save himself by finding and swallowing all the fingers of the demon Sukuna.

Either the boy finishes off Sukuna or the demon takes over Yuji. The only problem we have with this series is that there’s only 1 season so far.

11. Death Note

death note anime

Rated 9.0 on IMDb, Death Note is the highest-rated anime on this list.

After a high schooler, Light Yagami, gets hold of a notebook that kills someone just by writing their name in it, he decides to cleanse the Earth of all that is evil. But does that make him the biggest evil of all?

Will the moral dilemma and a genius detective finally get the better of the teenager with the Death Note?

Ryuk comes to get his Death Note back but ends up enjoying the show.

10. Log Horizon

log horizon anime
  • Author: Mamare Touno
  • Studio: Satelight
  • Release Date: October 5, 2013
  • Episodes: 50
  • Seasons: 2
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

Think of Log Horizon as Sword Art Online, but with lower stakes.

Shiroe, his friends, and around 30,000 more are trapped inside the MMORPG title, Elder Tale. Soon, Shiroe who knows the game inside out decides to make sense of what is happening.

As everyone starts to come together, politics, adventure, and a lot of action follow. Getting out is key, but first, they’ll have to survive the world of Theldesia.

9. Kingdom

kingdom anime
  • Author: Yasuhisa Hara
  • Studio: Pierrot
  • Release Date: June 4, 2012
  • Episodes: 121
  • Seasons: 4
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

The best anime on Crunchyroll that’s also simulcast.

So if you fall in love with this series, you won’t have to wait months for a Crunchyroll dub.

Kingdom is about two war orphans, Shin and Hyou, who want to become the greatest generals of the Qin Kingdom. After a coup inside the Kingdom, the two will try to restore power by finding Ei Sei, the rightful king of Qin.

8. Bleach

bleach anime
  • Author: Tite Kubo
  • Studio: Pierrot
  • Release Date: October 5, 2004
  • Episodes: 366
  • Seasons: 15
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

Bleach saw a stellar rise in fame and then just faded away without any fuss. But it remains a great anime to revisit or start fresh.

It followed the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student who suddenly starts seeing ghosts. And after he meets Rukia Kuchiki, he also gets soul reaper abilities. Soon, Ichigo learns that he will now have to protect his town from the Hollows and other evils.

But, his friends are there to help.

7. Overlord

overlord anime
  • Author: Kugane Maruyama
  • Studio: Madhouse
  • Release Date: July 7, 2015
  • Episodes: 39
  • Seasons: 3
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

Another anime with the protagonist stuck in an MMORPG virtual reality video game, but this time by accident.

As the servers are about to be shut down, Momonga decides to play Yggdrasil for the last time. However, after the servers shut down at midnight, Momonga finds himself still in the game with NPCs coming to life.

The world-building and character development are a treat to watch as he has no choice but to rule over them. But, will Momonga and his avatar eventually become ONE, or can he keep the two separated?

6. One-Punch Man

one-punch man anime
  • Author: ONE
  • Studio: Madhouse / J.C. Staff
  • Release Date: October 4, 2015
  • Episodes: 25
  • Seasons: 2
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

The anime that made over-the-top action cool. You’d think a premise like this would never work, but you’d be wrong.

One Punch Man is about a man who gets so powerful that he can defeat anyone with a single punch. And the man, Saitama, is fed up with this power. So he joins the Hero Association to put the power to good use and make some money, along with his disciple Genos.

But, the Monster Association is making moves too, and Saitama might finally meet his match.

5. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

demon slayer anime
  • Author: Koyoharu Gotouge
  • Studio: Ufotable
  • Release Date: April 6, 2019
  • Episodes: 44
  • Seasons: 2
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime of the past couple of years.

The story follows a young boy, Tanjiro, whose family was attacked by the Demon King, Muzan. Tanjiro and his younger sister were the only survivors. But Muzan turned the sister, Nezuko, into a Demon.

As Tanjiro looks for a cure for his sister, he joins the Demon Slayer Corps to protect others from the fate suffered by his family. And behind the scenes, the Demon King is hunting Tanjiro too.

4. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

jojo's bizarre adventure anime
  • Author: Hirohiko Araki
  • Studio: David Production
  • Release Date: October 6, 2012
  • Episodes: 176
  • Seasons: 5
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

A tough anime to describe, but a worthy watch nonetheless.

From Jonathan Joestar’s rivalry with his adoptive brother, Dio, to his grandson waging war on aliens- the different parts of the series cover the different adventures of the Joestar family, across generations.

The protagonist doesn’t always get his happy ending, and that is what makes JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures so special- it shatters expectations.

3. My Hero Academia

my hero academia anime
  • Author: Kohei Horikoshi
  • Studio: Studio Bones
  • Release Date: April 3, 2016
  • Episodes: 113
  • Seasons: 5
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

My Hero Academia is set in a world where 80% of the population has superpowers, and everyone just wants to become the strongest superhero of all.

It follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without powers, who ends up with the strongest superpowers. All Might, the greatest superhero in Japan, chooses Izuku as his successor.

So, Izuku joins the U.A. High School to learn and hone his newly found superpowers and to work together with the new generation of superheroes.

2. Attack On Titan

attack on titan anime
  • Author: Hajime Isayama
  • Studio: Wit Studio, MAPPA 
  • Release Date: April 7, 2013
  • Episodes: 87
  • Seasons: 4
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

Right now, Attack on Titan is the most popular anime in the world and the best anime to watch on Crunchyroll.

Humans live behind enormous walls, and Titans hunt freely, but the Survey Corps are getting bigger and better at Titan hunting. As Eren Yeager joins the Survey Corps to seek vengeance from the Titans, the big war between Humans and Titans is fueled.

But Eren has a secret power that’ll make him humanity’s strongest weapon against the Titans.

Eren can transform into a Titan at will.

1. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

full metal alchemist brotherhood anime
  • Author: Hiromu Arakawa
  • Studio: Bones
  • Release Date: April 5, 2009
  • Episodes: 64
  • Seasons: 1
  • Where To Watch: Crunchyroll

For us, this is the best anime on Crunchyroll to watch in 2022. The story, music, characters, animation- everything is done right.

It’s the story of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who are looking for the Philosopher’s Stone to get their lives back on track.

While trying to resurrect their mother, Alphonse lost the whole body, and Edward lost a leg. And to keep Alphonse alive, Edward sacrifices his right arm and houses his soul in a suit of armor. After their neighbors rehabilitate them, the brothers set out on a journey to get their bodies back.

The only hope is the Stone, but the brothers aren’t the only suitors.

And that is our list of the best anime on Crunchyroll that you should be watching right now.

Most of these are available with English dubs, and all have English subs. And since we’ve included so many genres, we’re sure you will find at least one anime series that you’d like.

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