Cartoons16 Bald Cartoon Characters With The Shiniest Domes

16 Bald Cartoon Characters With The Shiniest Domes

They say hair is most people’s “crowning glory.” You can see that even in cartoons. Animators have spent hours and hours perfecting characters like Rupunzel’s hair or even coming up with unique designs like Marge Simpson’s tall hair-do. 

Well, these bald cartoon characters seem to lack the strands, but that doesn’t mean their bald head is all that bad. People remember them by their lack of hair, and it’s even become an important part of their character.

So let’s check out some of the iconic bald characters viewers have gotten to see over the years of cartoons.

Funny Bald Cartoon Characters

5. Doctor Ivo Robotnik/ Eggman – Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise

doctor ivo robotnik

Doctor Ivo Robotnik, also known as Doctor Eggman, is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. His story varies per series, but two things always stay the same; his goal to take down Sonic and his egg-shaped head. 

Eggman’s design actually changed over the years, but the oval-shaped body and bald head have become iconic to the character. Aside from his funny appearance, Dr. Eggman often gets carried away with his speeches and fails to stop Sonic.

This baldy also has a knack for creating robots, and many of his inventions have a bit of his appearance in them.

4. Omi – Xiaolin Showdown

omi xiaolin showdown
  • Age: 1500 (he was frozen twice)
  • Height:
  • Voice Actor: Tara Strong

Omi looks like your typical bald monk and is the character that underwent the least amount of physical changes in the series. He is depicted with great potential, but his isolated upbringing makes him extremely naive.

A running gag in the series is that Omi is the only one among the warriors who do not understand slang, and watching him try and learn new things is both funny and endearing.

He is also prone to jealousy, and some episodes are just dedicated to showing all the laughable situations he finds himself in due to his own actions.

3. Chien-Po – Mulan

  • Age: 22
  • Height: 195.58
  • Voice Actor: Jerry Tondo

Chien Po may not be as funny as Ling, but he has provided many viewers with bouts of laughter. The bald food-loving hero is part of the “Gang Three” and serves as comedy relief in the series.

He is also one of China’s finest and most trusted warriors, but really all he wants is a good wife who loves food as much as he does. 

The character is easily the largest soldier in the army, and it’s comical to watch him pick people up to stop a fight. Unfortunately, his large stomach also causes a lot of destruction, which you can see in the song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.”

2. Uncle Fester – The Addams Family

uncle fester
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Voice Actor: Jackie Coogan (The New Scooby-Doo Movie, The Addams Family 1973), Rip Taylor ( The Addams Family 1992), Nick Kroll (The Addams Family Movies)

Uncle Fester is one of the funniest characters in the Addams family, and since he’s bald too, he’s here.

So far, he’s the only character in the Addams family who has no hair (other than Thing). That’s partially because of the harsh way he treats his migraines and the fact that he regularly conducts electricity.

That’s bound to make your hair fall out.

He seems to be a fan of self-inflicted pain, much to the amusement of the viewers. So any episode with Fester in it is bound to be an explosive hit.

1. Stewart Gilligan Griffin – Family Guy

stewart gilligan griffin

Stewie’s lack of hair is mainly because he is only a one-year-old infant, but he can make the crowd laugh despite not meaning to. The boy is a genius with a twisted and dark sense of humor which tends to amuse the audience.

He can even speak in full sentences with a posh English accent, but it seems like only Brian can understand him, or perhaps the rest of the family chooses not to hear his evil baby speech.

Later in the series, it becomes a running joke that Stewie is a closet bisexual as he randomly flirts with several male characters in the series, including Brian!

Bald Cartoon Character Black

5. Ollie Williams – Family Guy

ollie williams family guy

A black bald cartoon character was also featured in Family Guy, and he is the weatherman and sports correspondent for Channel 5.

He makes short appearances on several episodes and is usually seen yelling a short phrase very quickly. However, in one episode, he managed to report the weather calmly, thanks to marijuana.

Despite only being featured for a few seconds, fans remember him because they get to see him on television several times.

His longest appearance to date is when he had a segment to punch Peter Griffin because Peter decided to become a paparazzo and annoyed Ollie.

4. Cobra Bubbles – Lilo & Stitch

cobra bubbles

Cobra Bubbles is one badass bald character that appears in Lilo & Stitch. The Grand Councilwoman in the movie mentioned that the social worker once had hair in the past. It makes you wonder why he lost it all.

As for how the two met, he apparently saved the human race by telling the aliens that mosquitoes are an endangered species.

Cobra may have seemed like the antagonist with his tough and strict demure in the movie, but he only meant well. He wanted to be sure that Nani was able to take care of Lilo.

While he sometimes gets mistaken as a pacific islander because he is in Hawaii, the hulking man is, in fact, an African-American, according to his biography.

3. William “Little Bill” Glover Jr – Little Bill

william glover jr little bill

Many kids grew up watching Little Bill, a bald young African-American who Bill Cosby created. According to Bill, the character was based on his younger self, and the show works as a semi-biography of his childhood.

The character has a vivid imagination and is known for leading his friends whenever they play. He usually comes up with the games and even does roleplay with them on several episodes.

Little Bill’s imagination also leads him to name his tiny hamster “Elephant.” Because he originally wanted an elephant of his very own.

Just like all kids, he has a lot of growing up to do, and he learns a lot thanks to his environment and family to guide him.

2. Cyborg/ Victor Stone – Teen Titans

cyborg victor stone

Cyborg is one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans who got into a bad accident and had to get numerous parts of his body replaced with cybernetics.

Despite his dark past, Cyborg loves to enjoy life and has a lot of good times with his fellow Titans. He and Beast Boy are shown to be particularly close when it comes to eating and playing video games.

In Robin’s absence, he usually takes command of the Titans and acts as the older brother figure of the entire group.

Cyborg is a tall, muscular African-American teen. Even before the incident, the boy was incredibly athletic.

1. Doctor Joshua Strongbear Sweet from Atlantis

dr joshua strongbear sweet

Sweet is known for his mountainous physique among the other characters in the expedition. He also stands out because he is completely bald and dark-skinned. 

The doctor is exceptionally skilled in the field, having served as a medic in the army before joining the quest for Atlantis. As a dedicated medic, he takes his job very seriously, even giving Milo a general check-up upon their first meeting.

He also has a good sense of justice and decides to have great fate and loyalty towards Milo for doing the right thing for Atlantis. Sweet eventually gets a medal and becomes recognized as one of the underwater city’s best heroes.

Bald Cartoon Characters with Beard

4. Megamind – Megamind


It’s not a lot, but a beard is definitely there. Megamind is one of the few bald cartoon characters with a beard. He was originally an evil mastermind but decided to turn away from his life of crime because there was no hero to fight him.

Well, spending time with Roxanne also helped him decide to remain one of the good guys as well. Thanks to his newfound purpose in life, he managed to save Metrocity from Titan and became its hero.

At the start of the film, Megamind displays many classic villain attributes but is hardly competent. He never wishes to bring harm to people, even telling them to go on about their normal lives as he destroys the town.

3. Master Roshi – Dragon Ball

master roshi

Who could ever forget Master Roshi from the Dragon Ball franchise? The Turtle Hermit is known to be a pervert, but he’s also a master of martial arts. Goku learned his signature Kamehameha Wave from him during his younger years. 

Not only does this character have a beard, but he also has a mustache to complete his look. There was a point in the series where Master Roshi disguises himself using a wig and discards his glasses. Without his bald head, the characters can’t even recognize him! 

Master Roshi is also a prime example of the “strong old man” trope in anime cartoons. However, fans don’t get to see him fight as much in the later seasons of Dragon Ball.

2. Tenzin – Avatar: The Legend of Korra


When Zaheer became a monk, he shaved his entire facial hair. In Tenzin’s case, he decided to keep the beard but made sure to shave his head daily. He even has a special contraption made for him to do the job!

According to Tenzin, shaving one’s head is not required for people following the ways of the air nomad, but it is recommended. Tenzin claims shaving one’s head allows you to feel the movement of the air around you better.

The oldest air-bender in Korra also has a habit of tugging his beard whenever he thinks, and this habit was apparently inspired by Michael Dante DiMartino, one of the creators of the hit cartoon.

1. Master Fung – Xiaolin  Showdown

master fung

Just like the Xiaolin Warrior that is his charge, Master Fung keeps his head bald. This may be because he is a monk. He is known for using terms the warriors and Dojo do not understand.

Despite often confusing his fellow Monks, he is a responsible and serious master that is capable of cracking a joke or two whenever he sees the opportunity. When he isn’t teaching any of the warriors, he spends his days in peace, enjoying a nice cup of tea.

On occasions, the advice he gives out to the younger monks just leaves them confused. Other times they are extremely helpful, like how he helped Kimiko calm the storm in her mind.

Powerful Bald Cartoon Characters

2. Aang – Avatar: The Last Air-Bender


Since I have Tenzin here, I can’t ignore his father, Avatar Aang. As the master of all four elements, you can bet this kid is the strongest bender in their universe. 

Unlike the other Avatars, who had the luxury of learning all the other elements at their own pace, Aang was pressured to learn everything in under a year. Otherwise, fire lord Ozai would have burnt the world to a crisp.

It’s a good thing Aang is a fast learner because he was able to defeat the fire nation and bring peace to the world. He even spared time to have a ton of fun while doing his duty!

1. Saitama – One Punch Man


When talking about powerful bald cartoon characters, you just can’t ignore Saitama. The character literally lost his hair due to his intense training regimen.

You wouldn’t think he’s strong at all due to his hero costume covering up his physique and the indifferent expression on his face. But, in reality, this man is the strongest person in his series, as he can defeat his foes with one punch.

Despite having unparalleled strength, Saitama still retains the workout routine that he used to gain his immeasurable strength. This shows that despite looking lazy and uninterested, Saitama does want to maintain or improve his strength in the future.


As you can see, there are a lot of important bald cartoon characters out there, and some of them have interesting stories behind their lack of hair. Other characters’ bald heads are even considered their signature look.

These characters don’t let their bald head get to them. They seem proud of having no hair. To some, like Aang, it allows him to show his culture, and for Saitama, it’s proof of his hard work.

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