AnimeAnime Personality Types: Male & Female Character Of Every Archetype

Anime Personality Types: Male & Female Character Of Every Archetype

There are 16 personality types according to the world-renowned and widely accepted MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) research. This “indicator” suggests that our personality quirks aren’t random. Instead, certain humans behave in a certain way during given situations.

And hence, we all have a personality type. Take a test to find your personality type.

But what do these personality types have to do with anime?

Not much, aside from the fact that every anime character has a personality type. In fact, some of the most popular anime characters showcase the exact traits of these MBTI personality types.

So, what personality type is Naruto or Monkey D. Luffy? Which type does Levi Ackerman fall in based on his decision-making? Which anime characters have multiple personality traits?

These are the kind of questions you can answer yourself after reading our guide on anime personality types.

All Anime Character Personality Types

With every type, we have two anime characters that perfectly personify that type- one male and one female. These examples are the perfect mold that will allow you to develop a better understanding of every anime personality type.

1. ENFP – The Champion

enfp anime characters personality

Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving- ENFPs are people-oriented, active, and ruled by their heart. They get excited about their passions, dream big, and aren’t afraid of taking risks to get the job done.

For ENFPs, motivating and leading others comes easy because they are natural problem solvers. These lenient leaders can develop strong bonds with their followers because they appreciate feelings and personal values.

But their continuous need for approval, quickly losing interest in things, and overthinking the tiniest of problems are prominent traits as well.

Best ENFP Anime Characters

  • Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

The Promised King of the Pirates perfectly fits the ENFP mold.

He has the biggest dream in the world- becoming King of the Pirates and finding Gol D. Roger’s One Piece. Everything he does is to achieve that dream, and he’ll do everything in his power to fulfill his dream.

  • Nejire Hado – My Hero Academia

Although a supporting character of My Hero Academia, Nejire still perfectly embodies the ENFP anime personality type.

What makes her stand out is her Quirk. She’s the strongest and smartest female student. And she’s always daydreaming about her ambitions, but she also works on realizing them.

2. ENTP – The Visionary

entp anime characters personality

ENTP stands for Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving. Also labeled the debater, ENTPs are curious and highly analytical. They’ll nose-dive into a problem and try to solve it just for their intrigue about the solution.

And because they’re the jack-of-all-trades, ENTPs hardly shy away from anything thrown at them.

One toxic trait, even though they’re pretty open-minded, they’ll stick to their guns and argue for hours. Also, they can often come off as arrogant and insensitive because they’re not good at picking up social cues.

Best ENTP Anime Characters

  • Satoru Gojo – Jujutsu Kaisen

There’s no better representation of male ENTPs in anime than Satoru Gojo.

A fan favorite because of his twisted humor and dominant personality, Satoru is a purposeful individual who does everything for a reason. He analyses his enemies before making the move, hence taking down the biggest of enemies.

  • Hange Zoe – Attack On Titan

One of the smartest Attack On Titan characters, Hange is the perfect JOAT in the Survey Corps.

From inventing weapons to forming warfare strategies, Hange is a quintessential ENTP. Her in-depth studies on the Titans have proved fruitful in various battles. Yet she still works tirelessly to end the Titans’ terror and free humanity.

3. ENFJ – The Giver

enfj personality type anime characters

Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging- ENFJ is one of the rarest (only 2.5% of the population) MBTI personality types.

ENFJ personalities are warm and welcoming toward others. Moreover, they are considerate and look to create a win-win situation- sometimes to the extent of being a people-pleaser.

And because of these traits, they make new friends with zero fuss.

But, although they are easy-going, fun, and talkative, they don’t handle criticism very well. And some people might be patronized by these social butterflies.

Best ENFJ Anime Characters

  • Tanjiro Kamado – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Tanjiro Kamado, the warm and compassionate protagonist of Demon Slayer is an ENFJ through and through. The compassion kicks in even when he’s about to finish off the demons.

He is always looking to help others but never strays from his own goals. As he looks for his sister and a way to cure her, he has also picked up the goal to kill the Demon King.

  • Emma – The Promised Neverland

Another full-of-life protagonist, Emma radiates warmth and compassion like an elder sister. Emma is a cheerful and optimistic 15-year-old who is very popular among her friends for her athleticism and her intelligence.

Above all else, Emma cares for the safety and well-being of other children in the orphanage. She’ll put herself in danger if it means the safety of her friends and family.

4. ENTJ – The Commander

entj anime characters

The Commanders are Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging personalities who just want to get it done.

ENTJs are born leaders with a no-nonsense approach. They have high self-efficacy, to the point of looking overconfident. While making decisions, these people can overlook opinions and suggestions from others.

They are also highly motivated and full of infectious energy.

And because of this dominance, ENTJs get insensitive and impatient. Also, emotional support is an alien concept for them.

Best ENTJ Anime Characters

  • Light Yagami – Death Note

Looking to become the God of the New World, Light Yagami often displays multiple anime character personality types, but mainly he’s an ENTJ.

He has a strong sense of justice, works alone, and isn’t afraid to exploit others to get what he wants. And there’s a dark side to him, courtesy of the power given to him by the Death Note.

  • Kirari Momobami – Kakegurui

There’s not one better female ENTJ anime character than Kirari right now.

This overachieving Student Council is cold, manipulative, and self-confident. She’s confident of her abilities, and she backs it up as well. However, most of Kirari’s ENTJ traits are toxic. And just as well, considering she’s the antagonist.

5. ESFP – The Performer

esfp personality type anime characters

The class clowns, the showmen, and the performers- ESFPs are the spot-light lovers.

ESFP are Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. They live in the moment, attract everyone’s attention, and love every bit of it.

But they aren’t just entertainers.

ESFPs are resourceful individuals and great improvisers. When faced with the unknown, they’ll figure it out as they go along, all while enjoying it all.

They’re welcoming toward strangers and like making lots of friends. And since they are easy to talk to and warm, making friends is no problem at all.

Best ESFP Anime Characters

  • Naruto Uzumaki – Naruto

Naruto is the poster boy for ESFP anime characters.

Attention-hungry, a great improviser, and quite resourceful- Naruto is the perfect performer. Although he has problems making friends, it all changes drastically once the secret is out.

  • Misa Amane – Death Note

Not as perfect a fit as Naruto, but still the best in our books.

Misa Amane is childlike and dramatic, and she shines brightly under the spotlight. She’s also very creative and intelligent, which helps her get out of tricky situations with ease. But she is just a little too hungry for attention.

6. ESTP – The Doer

estp personality type anime characters

ESTP represents Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving personalities. These are observant and practical individuals with great social skills. They also rush into decisions, mostly reacting to situations without much thought.

Their decision-making gets clouded with objectivity and straight facts, so some decisions turn out right, and some don’t.

Rash personalities really, ESTPs can be persuasive and influential, often ignoring other people’s feelings.

Also, they lose interest easily, moving on to something new and exciting.

Best ESTP Anime Characters

  • Joseph Joestar – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

The second JoJo is one of the best ESTP characters in anime ever.

He’s clever and reacts very well to any situation thrown at him. Moreover, his fast-talking was enough to convince the Stardust Crusaders to follow him into battle.

Joseph Joestar is also very observant which helps him devise a great plan to defeat an enemy much stronger than him.

  • Maho Hiyajo – Steins; Gate

Maho is a feisty ESTP, a genius scientist who also helps out Okabe Rintaro, the protagonist of the series.

She regularly acts without thinking much, and this lands her in trouble most of the time. At the same time, she is quite observant of her whereabouts and asks plenty of questions. And because of her highly practical approach to life, she can dismiss how others around her feel.

7. ESFJ – The Provider

esfj personality type anime characters

Also called the caregiver, ESFJs are Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging personalities.

They like to live for others, providing any and every type of help, care, and emotional support in return for approval. When asked the right way, ESFJs will go out of their skin to help others.

Highly dependable but equally sensitive as well. Criticism and rude behavior hurt them.

And although they enjoy helping others, they like to do it their way. So, ESFJs can be quite controlling at times.

Best ESFJ Anime Characters

  • Yatora Yaguchi – Blue Period

From a large group of friends to always helping others out, Yatora Yaguchi is an ESFJ to his core.

Yatora is always looking out for his friends and family, making sure he’s there for everyone who needs him. At the same time, he always considers how his actions affect others.

  • Tohru Honda – Fruits Basket

Dependable, compassionate, and warm- Tohru Honda is the epitome of the ESFJ personality type.

She puts others before herself, always wants to help out people in need, and strives to see the good in everyone.

Although she comes off as confident, she does have people-pleasing tendencies to get their approval.

8. ESTJ – The Supervisor

estj personality type anime characters

ESTJ is for Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging. These are the assertive directors who make sure everything happens in the right way.

ESTJs have strong beliefs and expect others to follow them too. And they take charge in difficult situations to enforce traditions and rules and to boss others around.

Due to their realist and practical mindset, these people can come across as stubborn and rigid, even insensitive toward others’ feelings. They’re also bad at expressing their feelings.

Best ESTJ Anime Characters

  • Jean Kirstein – Attack On Titan

Jean Kirstein is a determined and skilled fighter of the Survey Corps who isn’t afraid to speak his mind no matter the situation.

But to his credit, Jean does study every situation before giving out opinions. And once he does, he wants everyone to follow his lead blindly. He also gets annoyed when something doesn’t go his way.

  • Nami – One Piece

The navigator of the Straw Hats is a strong ESTJ personality who ends up bossing around her captain as well.

She is strong-willed, stands for her beliefs, and knows how to lead others. As expected from ESTJs, Nami often takes charge in difficult situations and provides the best solution all by herself.

9. ISFP – The Composer

isfp personality type anime characters

The artists of the bunch- ISFPs are Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving individuals- the polar opposite of ENTJs.

ISFPs are diligent and practical individuals with a friendly and sensitive attitude toward others. And although they’ll spend time with others, they aren’t exactly the life of the party.

ISFPs have a practical approach to life, but they’re not good at conflict management. Instead of resolving it there and then, these individuals will turn away. This is also because they are indecisive.

Best ISFP Anime Characters

  • Asahi Azumane – Haikyuu!

Asahi Azumane is a gentle giant and the perfect example of an anime ISFP character.

He is the Ace of the volleyball team. But for Asahi, being a good person towards his teammates is more important. He’s quiet and peaceful, and he loves poetry. And although he appears intimidating, he’s one of the warmest characters in Haikyuu!

  • Nana Osaki – Nana

This gothic singer is kind and empathetic towards others, but she also preaches ‘live and let live.’

Nana runs away from conflict and jumps on the opportunity to try new things. But she does lack diligence. Instead of planning ahead, Nana would get things done as she goes. Perhaps that’s the indecisiveness associated with ISFPs.

10. ISFJ – The Nurturer

isfj personality type anime characters

Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging- ISFJ is an interesting personality because of a few contradictory traits.

Although introverts, ISFJs have impressive social skills. They are good listeners, attentive to details, and highly supportive. These individuals will help others in any way they can. And because they are knowledgeable, ISFJs are resourceful folk in tight situations.

But, if they feel it’s not their place, they will leave.

Other introverted traits like conflict avoidance and disliking criticism are prominent in ISFJs too.

Best ISFJ Anime Characters

  • Isaac Netero – Hunter X Hunter

The 12th Chairman of the Hunter Association was once the most powerful Nen user in the world of Hunter X Hunter.

Despite being one of the strongest Hunters, Isaac never let it get to his head. Instead, he became a true servant of Martial Arts and changed the lives of many of his students.

He does have some extroverted quirks, which is why you’ll also see him in some ESTP lists.

  • Mirajane Strauss – Fairy Tail

Naturally empathetic and protective, Mirajane Strauss is everyone’s elder sister in Fairy Tail.

She’s one of the strongest wizards, but she thinks very little of it. Instead of showing it off, she’ll only use force when she absolutely has to. And it mostly happens when her friends and family are under threat.

She does like to keep to herself, but she also thrives in social settings.

11. INFJ – The Counselor

infj personality type anime characters

Also called The Advocate, INFJs have Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging attributes. These are idealist people, but the ones who actually take action on their beliefs.

That’s why they are the rarest MBTI personality type.

INFJs value close relationships and are very sensitive to others’ needs. They tend to be soft-spoken, but at the same time, they can stand firm for their beliefs. And they can be quite stubborn while trying to impose their values.

While they do value emotions, their decisions are mostly objective.

There are two further classifications of INFJs; INFJ-A(Assertive) and INFJ-T(Turbulent). INFJ-A are more confident and relaxed, whereas INFJ’Ts have low self-confidence. But the Turbulent INFJs are perfectionists.

Best INFJ Anime Characters

  • Izuku Midoriya – My Hero Academia

Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya is an INFJ-A who has one eye on the future- planning and strategizing everything – and the other eye on the situation at hand.

Another reason we classify the All Might successor as INFJ is that he’s sensitive about how others feel about his actions, and what effect his actions will have.

  • Ai Hayasaka – Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Ai Hayasaka is one of the most popular characters of Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War, and her INFJ personality type has a lot to do with it.

She’s not a textbook INFJ, but she has the best traits.

She values her relationship with the Shinomiya family. Furthermore, Ai is a very practical and rational decision-maker.

12. INFP – The Mediator

infp personality type anime characters

Opposite to ESTJs and similar to INTPsINFPs are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceptive people.

Driven by deep-rooted values and morals, these are idealistic personalities who want a better world for themselves and others around them. But while looking for their perfect world, they can miss out on the little things in life.

And because they prioritize their emotions and values over facts, their decision-making is sometimes flawed.

Socializing drains their energy, so they keep their distance from people outside their close circle.

Best INFP Anime Characters

  • Alphonse Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Trapped in a suit of armor, Alphonse Elric is an INFP soul working to improve the world for himself and others around him.

Alphonse is shown as an empathetic person who is a great listener. He’ll listen and try to understand others to put them at ease. But, Alphonse keeps his own feelings to himself.

  • Hinata Hyuga – Naruto Series

It comes as no surprise that Naruto and Hinata are so far apart on the MBTI charts.

Hinata Hyuga is a turbulent INFP. That means she is imaginative and open to trying new things in the future, but she’s also very sensitive to criticism.

13. ISTP – The Craftsman

istp personality type anime characters

ISTPs showcase Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving traits with a goal-oriented mindset. They like to work alone and are very logical problem-solvers.

Instead of using their own values and beliefs, they decide their actions based on the situation.

Their introverted nature can cause people to think of them as cold-hearted. However, they are just level-headed and very good at reserving their emotions which helps them focus.

A unique aspect of ISTPs is that they love new experiences, but they also get bored easily.

Best ISTP Anime Characters

  • Levi Ackerman – Attack On Titan

Humanity’s strongest soldier is an ISTP. Even though INTJs have been using him as a mascot, it doesn’t change the fact that all his traits are ISTP.

From his cold attitude toward others to his laser-sharp focus on killing Titans, Levi is the perfect ISTP anime character. You’ll hardly see any emotions on his face, and he can always keep his cool in the heat of battle.

  • Touka Kirishima – Tokyo Ghoul

Flexible and easy-going, Touka Kirishima is another great ISTP anime character.

She gets bored easily and wants to experience new things instead of being tied down by the same routine every day. Touka is quite reserved, but since she is a ghoul who lives on human flesh, she is fairly dangerous as well.

14. ISTJ – The Inspector

istj personality type anime characters

Also called the Inspector, ISTJs are Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging.

ISTJ people are law-abiding citizens who not only follow the rules but also like to enforce them whenever and wherever possible.

They plan things out and will try and organize every little thing. And if something doesn’t go to plan, ISTJs feel uncomfortable.

A toxic trait is their unwarranted self-blame. Because they plan so much, they also hold themselves responsible if something goes array.

They can be blunt, to the point of being insensitive- but they’re also loyal to a fault.

Best ISTJ Anime Characters

  • Megumi Fushiguro – Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi Fushiguro is a hard worker who likes to do things the right way. Instead of cutting corners and looking for shortcuts, Megumi completes his goals by obeying the rules.

And in typical ISTJ fashion, he is loyal and dependable.

  • Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan

Mikasa is the best female ISTJ anime character, period.

Loyal to a fault and firm in her beliefs, Mikasa stood by what she believed instead of changing affiliations at the first sign of trouble. She is calm and collected in most scenarios but does show impulsivity occasionally.

15. INTP – The Thinker

intp personality type anime characters

INTP means Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving. And INTPs are introverts who like to think a lot and solve problems no one else can by perceiving things from a unique point of view.

They’re also labeled Logicians because they base everything on logic. But if they get something wrong, they doubt themselves.

Although shut-ins, INTPs do socialize with people of similar interests. Outside of that small group, they have trouble socializing and can often seem cold and rude.

There are 2 INTP subtypes: INTP-A and INTP-T. INTP-A are more assertive and confident. But INTP-T, on the other hand, are not quite content with their life and lack self-belief.

Best INTP Anime Characters

  • Senku Ishigami – Dr. Stone

Senku Ishigami is an INTP-A who is always mapping things out, coming up with ideas, and finding solutions to problems.

He is a truth-seeker and has a high IQ. This allows him to simultaneously look into the minute details and explore the big picture as well.

Senku is quite straightforward and can even appear arrogant to some.

  • Shiro – No Game, No Life

A genius problem solver with zero social skills- sounds like an INTP.

The female protagonist of No Game, No Life, Shiro is a shut-in gamer. She has great problem-solving skills, but she shows very little emotion. Shiro is very close to her step-brother and only opens up to him.

16. INTJ – The Mastermind

intj personality type anime characters

Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging- INTJs are intelligent, independent, and extremely ambitious.

They are great strategists who have Plan A, B, and C ready at every time all while keeping focusing on the long term, the big picture. Moreover, their strong willpower and focus help them see those plans through.

More than anything else, these guys are loyal to their goals. And when chasing a certain goal, INTJs become obsessive and sometimes impatient.

Best INTJ Anime Characters

  • Kisaki Tetta – Tokyo Revengers

The primary antagonist of Tokyo Revengers is mostly an unhealthy INTJ.

Pulling the strings behind the scenes and beating the strongest competition without raising a finger is Kisaki’s trademark. He’s a criminal mastermind, trusts absolutely no one, and has one ambition- rule Japan’s underworld.

  • Shinobu Kochou – Demon Slayer

Don’t be fooled by the looks, Shinobu Kochou is a Hashira- a title given only to the elitist Demon Slayers.

Along with being a master swordsman, Shinobu is an intelligent strategist and medical expert who likes to help out others as well. But above everything else, her focus is on her main goal- killing every last demon in the world.

And that’s the end of our anime personality types list.

For some, this could mean nothing. But for the anime Otakus, everything about their favorite characters matters.

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