Anime10 Unforgettable Anime Kisses You May Have Missed

10 Unforgettable Anime Kisses You May Have Missed [2023]

For everyone, the first kiss is memorable and lovable.

Be it a movie, manga, light novel, or anime every fan wants to know when their favorite couple will get together and will take their relationship to the next level with a kiss. 

Kisses are important, but sometimes they make us wait and the wait is worthwhile. As the writer first builds up every character and then the pairing starts.

Every series has one or the other kisses. But there are some which have been the sweetest and most romantic. This list takes a look back at some of the best and most memorable anime kisses from both past and present shows and movies

10 Best Anime Kisses

10. Takeo Gouda & Rinko Yamato – My Love Story!!

takeo and yamato kiss

Takeo Gouda and Rinko Yamato are a sugary-sweet couple of My Love Story!! They have won every fan’s heart. Takeo likes Rinko very much, but with his past experience, he thought Rinko likes his best friend Makoto. 

And that is why he plays a matchmaker for them. But later Makoto clears up the misunderstanding. That is the time when Takeo kisses Rinko for the first time. It is one of the most romantic anime kisses, with background music, and falling snow.

9. Zen Wistaria & Shirayuki – Snow White With The Red Hair

zen wistaria and shirayuki kiss

Zen, the second prince of the nation of Clarines, is a boy who does not like to stay in the castle. He keeps on visiting nearby forests and towns, and that is when he meets Shirayaki, a herbalist from a foreign country. 

Zen quickly develops an affinity towards Shirayaki. They became good friends.

Zen asks Shirayaki to shift to Clarines and she agrees to it. They both keep visiting each other and motivate each other to work harder. 

Shirayaki becomes a pharmacist at the castle so that she stays close to Zen. But after an incident, the two of them confess their feelings and seal them with a kiss.

8. Kirigaya Kazuki & Asuna Yuuki – Sword Art Online

Each and every fan knows that Kirito and Asuna are going to end up together. They both had feelings for each other but didn’t confess. 

Both Kirito and Asuna joined SAO. In the start, they both used to fight a lot, mostly due to differences in opinion.

Later, the two decide to be friends. At the request of Asuna, Kirito joins her guild. But they have a traitor in the guild, named Kuradeel. 

Kuradeel decides to kill Kirito, Asuna saves him and this is the moment when they have their first kiss. Kirito confesses his love for Asuna and they both end up being together forever. One of the cutest anime kisses.

7. Tohru and Kyo – Fruits Basket

tohru and kyo kiss

One of the long-awaited kisses both for Tohru and Kyo and also for fans. Kyo had to struggle a lot to express his love for Tohru, due to the curse. 

He suffered a lot both mentally and physically. Kyo had to overcome his curse and other challenges before he could think of getting with Tohru.

On the other hand, Tohru is also dealing with family problems and bullying in school. They both have a lot to deal with before their actual first kiss comes when they both dedicatedly surrender themselves to each other.

6. Inuyasha & Kagome – InuYasha

In their whole journey of saving the world, Inuyasha and Kagome have a very sweet relationship with each other. They both grow attached to each other, in their mission to collect Shikon Jewel shards in the Feudal Era. 

Inuyasha has many times shown her feelings for Kagome, but Kagome was always indecisive. Later in the series, we see that they both have started supporting each other and have become great partners. 

Even when Inuyasha loses control of his demon power, they are both together. Kagome kisses Inuyasha, to pull him away from the path of destruction. 

And then Inuyasha kisses Kagome after he is returned to his normal state. After years of developing love, trust, and loyalty for one another, the two finally expressed their strong feelings for each other with a sweet kiss.

5. Haruhi Suzumiya & Kyon – The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

haruhi suzumiya and kyon kiss

Well, this is the kiss that changes the relationship status of Haruhi and Kyon. Haruhi is jealous of Mikuru and Kyon’s relationship, she has the power through which she can create a world of hers. 

So, she decides to create a new world where only she and Kyon will be there. But Kyon realizes that the new world will replace the old world. 

He quickly grabs Haruhi and kisses her. This was the kiss that changed everything. As it convinces Haruhi to stay in the same world.

4. Naruto & Hinata – Naruto

naruto and hinata kiss

One of the most popular series and most romantic anime kisses. Naruto and Hinata finally kissed each other in the last episode of Naruto. 

We all know that Hinata always had a soft spot for Naruto, she silently used to pray for his success. In the episode, we can see Toneri asks Hinata to knit him a scarf and marry her, though she actually knits the scarf for Naruto. 

Tomeri destroys the scarf and brainwashes Hinata. Team Naruto arrives and rescues Hinata. Later, after the fight is over. 

Naruto and Hinata confess their love and they both kiss. It was one emotional, full of love, long-awaited kiss.

3. Kurisu & Rintaro – Steins Gate

kurisu and rintaro kiss

Kurisu is a mature, analytical; and strong-willed woman who to hide her true innocent, kind, and shy nature is mostly cold and arrogant. Scientist Rintaro meets Kurisu when she is being murdered at the Steins Gate. 

But the next day he meets her again, and that’s when he realized that there is something called time travel. Both Rintaro and Kurisu work together to prevent many deaths. 

However, unfortunately, a situation comes when Kurisu has to die in order to save someone else. This was the moment when Rintaro realized how close he was to Kurisu.

He confesses his love to her, and it was at this moment that they kissed each other. A perfect emotional kiss that made the heart of every fan melt away.

2. Ritsuka & Mafuyu – Given

ritsuka and mafuyu kiss

The kiss between Ritsuka and Mafuyu was the one every fan hoped for and loved when it happened. From the moment they both met, there was something between the two. Ritsuka always felt that something is bothering Mafuyu, and the guitar he carries.

Later, Ritsuka comes to know that the guitar that Mafuyu carries belongs to his ex-boyfriend (who ended his own life.)  Mafuyu is not able to come out of this grief. The night when the band Given performs on the stage, Mafuyu confronts Ritsuka and lets all his emotions out.

To comfort him, Ritsuka kisses Mafuyu, bringing their relationship to the next level.

1. Taiga Aisaka & Ryuuji Takasu – Toradora

taiga aisaka and ryūji takasu kiss

In the anime, Taiga and Ryuuji are two very unlikely pairs, no one thought they would end up together. They both have feelings for someone else, who turns out to be each other’s friend. Both of them act as wingmen for the other.

They both are unaware of their feelings. Their first intimate moment comes when they perform a fake wedding at rehearsal. When they are alone in a bedroom at Ryuuji’s grandparents’ house, their feelings become strong and they kiss. A purely passionate kiss.

Above are the most amazing and romantic anime kisses. In all the kiss scenes, both of them had feelings for each other and it was their best way to confess it.

Have you seen above all the anime kisses?

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