Anime50 Best Anime Girl with Glasses: All Meganekko in One Place

50 Best Anime Girl with Glasses: All Meganekko in One Place

Anime girls with glasses are usually the smartest, best characters in a series. They’re usually the rational, calm type. But some meganekko (girls with glasses in Japanese) break the stereotype by being strong, dependable, and outspoken.

There are so many alluring anime girls with glasses-type characters that you’re bound to miss a few.

Today, we’re showcasing a list of the Top 50 Best Anime Girl with Glasses ever!

We’ll also give you the details of which anime they’re from, how many seasons and episodes there are, and where to watch them.

The Top 50 Anime Girls with Glasses in 2022

top 50 anime girls with glasses in 2022

Before we get into it, kawaii-ness is not the sole determiner on this list. There are a wide variety of factors we’re taking into account including but not limited to; coolness, power, character type, style, and humor.

You might be familiar with the anime girl with glasses who are quiet and in the background. But we’ve selected a varied list of many different character types, personalities, and aesthetics.

That said, let’s get straight into it!

50. Sakuragi Matsuri 

sakuragi matsuri
  • Anime Series – Strawberry Marshmallow 
  • Age – 11
  • Blood Type – O
  • Birthday – January 25
  • Where to Watch – HiDive

Sakuragi Matsuri is a timid friend of the group. Since she’s so shy, her friends constantly tease her, causing her to cry and hide away. She also has a ferret, John, and is good friends with Ana in her class. 

The classic depiction of a meganekko; is shy, timid, and quiet. 

49. Koyomi Mizuhara

koyomi mizuhara
  • Anime Series – Azumanga Daioh
  • Age – 16 – 17
  • Height –  163 cm
  • Hair Color – Brown
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

The calm, responsible, and mature one in the friend group. She often plays the ‘straight man’ role, setting up some of the funniest scenes in the anime. She’s insecure about her weight and tries multiple diets, to no avail.

A classic anime girl with glasses waifu many will recognize.

48. Ursula Callistis

ursula callistis
  • Anime Series – Little Witch Academia
  • Birthday – 20th February 
  • Height – 170cm
  • Blood Type – AB
  • Where to Watch – Netflix

Ursula Callistis is a mysterious character that can’t be judged at first glance. She’s a Magic Astrology teacher at Luna Nova and takes interest in Akko. She leaves behind her past life and devotes herself fully to mentoring Akko. 

An interesting character with an onee-chan type feel. 

47. Ringo Noyamano

ringo noyamano
  • Anime Series – Air Gear
  • Age – 14
  • Height – 157cm
  • Blood Type – AB
  • Where to Watch – Funimation

Ringo Noyamano is one of the main characters in Air Gear and is a badass AT rider. She’s a renowned AT user, ranked in the King Class. She’s also in love with the MC of the anime, Ikki which leads to some spicy situations. 

A strong, and interesting meganekko character!

46. Selina Sherlock

selina sherlock
  • Anime Series – Trinity Seven
  • Age – 17
  • Height – 155cm
  • Hair Color – Blonde
  • Where to Watch – HIDIVE, Crunchyroll

Selina Sherlock is the younger sister of the busty, curvaceous Lieselotte Sherlock. The two are identical except for Selina’s glasses, smaller chest, and blue eyes. She’s a journalist-type character with a bubbly personality. 

She’s predominantly a healer that can cast spells using Logo Arts and her camera!

45. Ikuno

  • Anime Series – Darling in the FranXX
  • Age – 15 – 17
  • Height – 169cm
  • Hair Color – Violet
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Ikuno is one of the most intelligent characters in the anime and is usually quiet, calm, and uses logic whenever applicable. She’s very outspoken and doesn’t hesitate when she doesn’t agree with someone. 

A ‘refined’ type character who knows how to control a room.

44. Alexandra Garcia

alexandra garcia
  • Anime Series – Kuroko’s Basketball
  • Age – 31 
  • Birthday – 8th August
  • Height – 180cm 
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll

Alexandra Garcia is an integral character in the anime as she’s the one who mentored Taiga and Himuro in the US. She only appears in the later seasons of the anime but is a memorable character with her American values and flirtatious personality.

Busty, carefree, and all-around nice onee-chan character!

43. Futaba Sakura

futaba sakura
  • Anime Series – Persona 5 The Animation 
  • Age – 16
  • Birthday – February 19 
  • Height – 149cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Formerly a shut-in hacker, Futaba Sakura becomes the navigator for the Phantom Thieves. She had a closed-off personality but eventually opened up to the rest of the Thieves. An intelligent, eccentric girl who prefers lazing about at home. 

42. Henrietta

henrietta log horizon
  • Anime Series – Log Horizon
  • Age – 28
  • Birthday – 25th March
  • Height – 170cm
  • Where to Watch – Crunchyroll, Funimation

Henrietta is a hard-working, intelligent, and serious meganekko who’s no-nonsense regarding work. She’s a Bard-Accountant character and serves as the Crescent Moon Alliance’s Accountant. She’s also a ‘secretary’ type character for the MC, Shiroe. 

But she also has a cheerful, easy-going side.

41. Sarada Uchiha

sarada uchiha
  • Anime Series – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 
  • Age – 11 – 12  
  • Birthday – March 31
  • Height – 147cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll

Sarada Uchiha is the daughter of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha. She’s teamed up with Boruto and Mitsuki in Team 7. But contrary to Sasuke, Sarada is a cheerful girl who laughs, blushes, and cries. 

She’s smart, gifted with adept chakra control, ninjutsu, and power.

40. Jun Shiomi

jun shiomi
  • Anime Series – Food Wars!
  • Age – 34
  • Height – 151cm
  • Birthday – 3rd March
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, HIDIVE

Jun Shiomi is an alumnus of Totsuki Academy and is a former resident of the famed Polar Star Dormitory. She’s now a professor at the academy and specializes in spices. She’s usually reading books and studying but gets unusually serious in class. 

She’s also a compassionate maternal figure to Akira Hayama.

39. Sheele

sheele akame ga kill
  • Anime Series – Akame Ga Kill 
  • Age – 23 – 25
  • Birthday – 24th June
  • Height – 160cm
  • Where to Watch – HiDive, Crunchyroll

Sheele is a member of Night Raid and uses a large scissors-type weapon to cut through anything. In a fight, Sheele is ruthless and cold, terrifying anyone who catches her gaze. When she isn’t in battle, Sheele is an alluring woman with curves, dressed in purple. 

Contrary to her appearance though, she’s often naive and clumsy, always losing her glasses.

38. Sawako Yamanaka 

sawako yamanaka
  • Anime Series – K-On!
  • Age – 22 – 26 
  • Birthday – 31st January
  • Height – 165cm
  • Where to Watch – HiDive, Crunchyroll

Sawako Yamanaka is the music teacher in the school and has the typical glasses, prim and proper aesthetic. But don’t be fooled, she used to be a hardcore rocker and member of Death Devil. She comes off as mature and soft-spoken but has a few twists.

Get on her bad side and you’ll see her inner Death Devil!

37. Sheska

sheska fma
  • Anime Series – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
  • Age – Mid 20’s
  • Eye Color – Green
  • Hair Color – Brown
  • Where to Watch – Crunchyroll, Funimation

Sheska played a minor role in FullMetal Alchemist but was undoubtedly important to the plot. She’s the typical nerdy, bookworm anime girl with glasses that blends into the background. But she has a photographic memory which is incredibly useful.

Otherwise, Sheska keeps to herself and her books because of her low self-esteem.

36. Karin

karin naruto
  • Anime Series – Naruto Shippuden 
  • Age – 16
  • Birthday – 20th June
  • Height – 163cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll 

Karin was an important member of Sasuke’s team, Taka, which they formed after betraying Orochimaru. She has Crimson red hair and is a descendant of the Uzumaki clan. She’s incredibly smart and has powerful healing & tracking abilities.  

She’s also in love with Sasuke, which, unfortunately, didn’t turn out well for her.

35. Sakura Kouno

sakura kouno
  • Anime Series – Horimiya  
  • Age – 17
  • Birthday – 20th January
  • Height – 167cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Sakura Kono is a typical anime girl with glasses who’s shy, responsible, and hard-working. She has the image of a strict enforcer but is sweet and kind-hearted. 

She’s shy and doesn’t say what she wants but eventually gains confidence in herself. 

34. Shizuku Murasaki

shizuku murasaki
  • Anime Series – Hunter x Hunter
  • Age – 19
  • Height – 160cm
  • Blood Type – O
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll 

Shizuku Murasaki is a villain in HxH and is part of the Phantom Troupe. She’s usually calm and collected and shows no emotion. It’s almost as if she’s soulless and it confuses her enemies. This can come off as naive or airheaded. 

But Shizuku is an influential member of the Troupe who’s smart and dexterous. 

33. Manami Okuda

manami okuda
  • Anime Series – Assassination Classroom
  • Age – 15
  • Birthday – November 7
  • Height – 149cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Manami Okuda is another typical anime girl with black hair and glasses. She’s shy and introverted and often keeps to herself.

Not understanding social cues means she’s straightforward, and even directly asked Korosensei to drink poison she created.

But eventually, she comes out of her shell and makes a lot of friends.

32. Roberta

roberta black lagoon
  • Anime Series – Black Lagoon 
  • Age – 25 – 29
  • Height – 169cm
  • Eye Color – Blue
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Looking at Roberta at a glance and you’ll think she’s a typical maid. But she’s a trained assassin notorious for her crimes. While trying to turn over a new leaf, she still tends to go overboard. 

Otherwise, she’s trying to repent for her sins and start anew.

31. Nice Holystone

nice holystone
  • Anime Series – Baccano!
  • Age – 19
  • Hair Color – Blonde
  • Talent – Bomb Making
  • Where to Watch – Netflix

Nice Holystone is an incredibly complex character. Her skin is scarred thanks to her obsession with creating bombs and explosives. She’s second in command of Jacuzzi’s Gang and an outright badass.

But she’s incredibly friendly to the people she cares for, even though she can seem intimidating. 

30. Evergreen

evergreen fairy tail
  • Anime Series – Fairy Tail
  • Age – 20
  • Birthday – 1st March
  • Height – 175cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Evergreen is a character who prioritizes beauty over everything else. 

She also loves fairies and even dreamed of being one when she was a child. She was part of the exclusive Thunder God Tribe but eventually became friendly with the whole Fairy Tail guild.

She was snarky and rude but she shows fervent loyalty to her comrades. 

29. Kerori Crocell

kerori crocell
  • Anime Series – Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun
  • Age – 14 – 16
  • Birthday – 4th November
  • Height – 155cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll

Kerori Crocell is a polite and soft-spoken demon and can be awkward at times. But she has another personality; a famous idol. When she’s in her idol mode, she’s outgoing and incredibly confident. 

A cute meganekko with the best of both worlds. 

28. Kobayashi

kobayashi dragon maid
  • Anime Series – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
  • Age – 25
  • Birthday – 23rd April
  • Height – 160cm
  • Where to Watch – Crunchyroll, Funimation

Kobayashi is a simple gal who goes to work, stresses out, and enjoys a beer or two. She’s also Tohru’s master who she found while intoxicated. She’s a realist who knows how to approach any situation with a clear mind. 

But she’s also incredibly warm-hearted with the people she cares for. 

27. Sona Sitri

sona sitri
  • Anime Series – High School DxD 
  • Age – 15 – 17
  • Birthday – 7th June
  • Height – 166cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Funimation

Sona Sitri is a former student council president and current head of the Sitri household, similar to Rias Gremory. She’s a stern and serious individual that always plans things out beforehand. She’s meticulous and authoritative and takes everything seriously. 

But she can be kindhearted to her peerage, and when making baked goods.

26. Himiko Agari

himiko agari
  • Anime Series – Komi Can’t Communicate
  • Age – 15 – 17
  • Birthday – 30th April
  • Height – 156cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix

Himiko Agari is a chubby, sweet girl whom Komi wants to befriend. But Agari is introverted and gets stressed out in social situations. Eventually, she shows her true colors, wanting to be Komi-san’s dog. 

Yeah, you read that right. A hilarious, unexpected masochist in this amazing slice of life.

25. Shino Asada

shino asada
  • Anime Series – Sword Art Online II
  • Age – 16
  • Birthday – 21st August
  • Height – 161cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll

Shino Asada is a main character in Sword Art Online II and is often depicted as her blue-haired character. She’s an expert marksman and can make any shot, be it with a gun or bow. In real life, she has a calm and friendly personality.

But her trauma from her childhood causes her panic attacks and breakdowns.

24. Chisato Mera

chisato mera
  • Anime Series – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
  • Age – 16
  • Birthday – 15th April
  • Height – 160cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix

Chisato Mera is a hilarious character in the anime who’s famously poor and hard-working. But she loves to eat and never misses a chance (due to her poor upbringing). On the other hand, she’s friendly, kind-hearted, and often misunderstood.

Her scenes in the anime are gold! She’s one of the funniest meganekko to date.

23. Anri Sonahara

anri sonohara
  • Anime Series – Durarara!!
  • Age – 15 – 18
  • Birthday – 31st October 
  • Height – 152cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Funimation, Hulu

Anri Sonahara is a timid girl who mostly keeps to herself. She’s smart and dutiful and always has a plan. But with her submissive qualities, she gets harassed and bothered by many.

When she’s fighting though, she’s a badass with some slick moves. 

22. Lilia Greyrat 

lilia greyrat
  • Anime Series – Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
  • Age – Late 20s-30s
  • Eye Color – Violet
  • Hair Color – Red
  • Where to Watch – Crunchyroll, Funimation, Viu

Lilia Greyrat is the family’s maid who carries out her duties with a smile. But she’s also Paul’s second wife after an unplanned pregnancy. She’s like a second mother to the MC and helped raise him. 

A pretty, quiet, and hard-working maid whose sole joy is tending to her family. 

21. Ruri Miyamoto

ruri miyamoto
  • Anime Series – Nisekoi
  • Age – 16
  • Birthday – 24th December
  • Height – 140cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Ruri Miyamoto is a hardass but is also incredibly perceptive of the people around her. She’s constantly trying to get her best friend, Onodera, and the MC together to no avail. She’s a friend that will push you regardless of how you feel. 

She can come across as cold-hearted but is incredibly supportive and pleasant. 

We’ve featured some great anime girls with glasses, but now we’re getting to the best of the best, the Top 20. The most badass anime girls with glasses await!

20. Kasumi Nomura

kasumi nomura
  • Anime Series – Asobi Asobase
  • Age – 14 – 16
  • Hair Color – Black
  • Eye Color – Brown
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll

Kasumi Nomura is an introverted girl and is quite timid around people. 

She eventually joins the Pastimers club and becomes good friends with Olivia and Hanako. While she’s usually a quiet and calm person, she becomes strangely obsessive and scary when playing games.

19. Yomiko Readman

yomiko readman
  • Anime Series – R.O.D: Read or Die
  • Age – 25 – 30
  • Hair Color – Black
  • Nationality – Half Japanese/English
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Yomiko Readman loves to read books and has a closed-off personality. She collects a ton of books and her home is filled with them. But she has a strange power to control paper. She can manipulate paper at will, creating shields and weapons.

A badass anime girl with glasses and black hair. 

18. Sarutobi Ayame

sarutobi ayame
  • Anime Series – Gintama
  • Age – 20 – 26
  • Birthday – 2nd June
  • Height – 169cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Sarutobi Ayame is another contender for the funniest meganekko. 

She’s a masochistic shinobi who’s in love with the MC, Sakata Gintoki. She’s always trying to profess her love but fails constantly. She’s also pretty clumsy and loses her glasses often. Without them, she’s blind and it’s hilarious. 

17. Mizuki Shibata

shibata mizuki
  • Anime Series – The Irregular at Magic School 
  • Age – 15 – 20
  • Height – 158cm
  • Weight – 52kg
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Mizuki Shibata is an anime girl with glasses, in a world where it’s out of the ordinary. Her glasses are also used to control her sensitivity to Psionic energy. She’s a timid and innocent girl but has a curvaceous body and is busty. 

She can be naive at times but is otherwise a fully-fledged character.

16. Rio Futaba

rio futaba
  • Anime Series – Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai 
  • Age – 17
  • Birthday – 23rd October
  • Height – 155cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Rio Futaba is a dependable, highly intelligent character in the anime. The MC often comes to her when consulting about quantum physics and phenomena. She’s straightforward, blunt, and very sarcastic. 

But she’s also insecure with her body and self, which causes problems in the anime. 

15. Tashigi

  • Anime Series – One Piece
  • Age – 21 – 23
  • Birthday – 6th October
  • Height – 170cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Tashigi is a Captain in the Marines under Smoker. She’s an excellent swordswoman who has even gone against Roronoa Zoro. While she’s a competent captain and fighter, she’s often clumsy and airheaded. 

She’s also obsessed with Katanas and swords, often choosing to marvel at a blade than help Smoker fight.

14. Mirai Kuriyama

mirai kuriyama
  • Anime Series – Beyond the Boundary 
  • Age – 14
  • Birthday – 31st March
  • Height – 152cm
  • Where to Watch – HIDIVE, Crunchyroll, 

Mirai Kuriyama is possibly the most recognized meganekko. She’s a kawaii character who’s awkward, shy, and incredibly timid.

She doesn’t stand out and doesn’t want to. She’s also afraid of fighting Youmu but is eventually able to defeat them.

An awkward, but an incredibly loveable character who happens to be a badass. 

13. Sakura Airi

sakura airi
  • Anime Series – Classroom of the Elite
  • Age – 17
  • Birthday – 15th October
  • Height – 153cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Disney+

Sakura Airi is another timid, and shy anime girl with glasses. She usually blends into the background and doesn’t like to socialize with her classmates. But she’s incredibly perceptive and can tell people’s hidden intentions.

A complex character with a lot more backstory to explore!

12. Mi-Ra Yu

mi-ra yu
  • Anime Series – The God of High School
  • Age – 17
  • Height – 167cm
  • Eye Color – Brown
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll

Mi-Ra Yu is one of the three main characters in the anime. Contrary to the others fighting styles, she’s an experienced swordswoman. She also loves men with big, bulging muscles and can be found ogling them.

She switches between being kawaii and badass almost instantaneously. 

11. Saya Kisaragi

saya kisaragi
  • Anime Series – Blood-C
  • Age – 17
  • Birthday – 26th July
  • Height – 170cm
  • Where to Watch – Funimation

Saya Kisaragi is the MC and is a shrine maiden who takes her role seriously. She’s clumsy, and airheaded but a cheerful girl most of the time. But it’s all a cover and the real Saya is an enigmatic, cold person.

One thing’s for sure, she sure knows how to handle a blade!

We’ve reached the Top 10 and there are a few waifu anime girls with glasses and black hair. But mostly, this section consists of the strongest, the most badass of the meganekko archetype!

10. Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

integra fairbrook wingates hellsing
  • Anime Series – Hellsing Ultimate
  • Age – 22 
  • Birthday – 27th October
  • Height – 185cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Integra is one of the main characters in Hellsing and is Alucard’s master. While she’s calm and collected without emotion most of the time, she’s quick to anger. She’s a fearless leader but she can lose control when in strenuous situations. 

Even so, Integra is still the epitome of a badass meganekko. 

9. Saya Takagi

saya takagi
  • Anime Series – High School of the Dead
  • Age – 16
  • Birthday – 21st August
  • Height – 155cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, HiDive

Saya Takagi is the brains of the operation who can figure out a situation at a glance. She’s also from an affluent background but despises her parents. Saya is best known for her ability to plan, which saved the group countless times. 

A dependable, smart, and busty meganekko!

8. Moeka Kiryuu

kiryuu moeka
  • Anime Series – Steins;Gate
  • Age – 20 – 21
  • Birthday – 6th June
  • Height – 167cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Moeka Kiryuu is an editor who’s obsessed with her phone. Her face is glued to her phone, creating awkward situations with people around her. She prefers texting, even if someone is in front of her. On text, she’s a cheerful and happy person.

She’s a complex character with a history full of inner turmoil and loneliness. 

7. Meiko Shiraki

meiko shiraki
  • Anime Series – Prison School
  • Age – 17
  • Height – 180cm
  • Hair Color – Silver
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Meiko Shiraki is the vice-president of the Underground Student Council and is the enforcer of the group. She’s incredibly strict and is a sadist that enjoys tormenting the boys. She’s also incredibly powerful and sensual with overbearing breast size. 

She loves working out and spends her time scantily dressed, and doing push-ups. 

6. Nanao Ise

nanao ise
  • Anime Series – Bleach 
  • Age – 18 
  • Birthday – 7th July
  • Height – 164cm
  • Where to Watch – Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix

Nanao Ise is a serious, no-nonsense lieutenant who takes her duties seriously. She’s stern and appreciates hard workers. But she has to often chase after her aloof captain for lazing about. 

She enjoys shopping and reading in her spare time—typical meganekko activities. 

5. Rize Kamishiro

rize kamishiro
  • Anime Series – Tokyo Ghoul
  • Age – 18 – 22
  • Birthday – 8th October
  • Height – 164cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Rize Kamishiro has a brief appearance at the start of Tokyo Ghoul but is arguably the most important character in the whole anime. She’s responsible for turning Kaneki into a ghoul. 

She also makes multiple appearances throughout the seasons when Kaneki is distraught or facing difficulties.

4. Nemuri Kayama (Midnight)

nemuri kayama
  • Anime Series – My Hero Academia
  • Age – 30
  • Birthday – 9th March
  • Height – 175cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Midnight is just one of many heroes in the anime and a teacher at U.A High School. Her most popular characteristic is her flirtatious, sexy side and her character design is influenced by a dominatrix vibe.

At the same time, she’s incredibly intelligent, powerful, and serious when she needs to be.

3. Kiyoko Shimizu

kiyoko shimizu
  • Anime Series – Haikyuu 
  • Age – 17 
  • Birthday – 6th January
  • Height – 166cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll

Kiyoko is the quintessential anime girl with glasses and black hair. She’s calm and quiet, but incredibly beautiful and capable. The entire volleyball team is enamored with her beauty but she dutifully carries out her managerial tasks.

A true meganekko in a fantastic sports anime.

2. Maki Zenin

maki zenin
  • Anime Series – Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Age – 16
  • Birthday – 20th January
  • Height – 170cm
  • Where to Watch – Crunchyroll, Funimation

Maki Zenin is a powerful second-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Contrary to her appearance, she’s one of the most capable jujutsu sorcerers in school.

She doesn’t have intrinsic abilities, but she’s capable of wielding a variety of weapons. 

Her character is brash, loud, and headstrong, but extremely loyal. 

1. Hange Zoë

hange zoë
  • Anime Series – Attack on Titan
  • Age – 29 – 32
  • Birthday – 5th September
  • Height – 170cm
  • Where to Watch – Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation

Hange Zoë is the most badass anime girl with glasses. She was formerly a squad leader for research into Titans but eventually became Commander of the Survey Corps. She’s a strong, capable leader with an energetic personality.

She’s always thinking outside the box which leads to incredibly funny scenes.


Phew, with that we’ve reached the end of our list and hopefully, you’ve found a new favorite anime girl with glasses.

Are there any other types of characters you’d like to see? Or your thoughts on our Top 10 picks? Leave us a comment with your thoughts, your favorite meganekko, and if we missed any of your personal favorites!

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