AnimeAnime Food: 15 Must-Try Iconic Foods to Eat While Watching

Anime Food: 15 Must-Try Iconic Foods to Eat While Watching

Ever thought, why does anime food look so good? Well, they present it with such creativity that everyone who sees it ends up craving it. Anime has mesmerized fans for decades, and some of the most iconic scenes have revolved around delicious-looking dishes. Moreover, the vivid colors of the food make it more appealing and delicious.

So, get your chopsticks ready and prepare to dive into the world of mouthwatering anime food!

From ramen to sushi and beyond, here are 15 anime foods inspired by popular shows that you should try while you watch anime- I’ve put in anime food recipes as well.

15 Must-Try Iconic Anime Food

15. Ramen from Shin-chan

ramen shin chan
ramen from shin chan

Anime Food Recipe- How To Make Ramen

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish made from wheat noodles and a variety of toppings. It’s a staple of Japanese cuisine and anime, like the classic “Crayon Shin-chan” series. 

In the show, Shin-chan doesn’t just eat any old ramen – he opts for the delicious Noodle Burger, which consists of two thick pieces of bread sandwiched with a bowlful of savory ramen. Fans will recognize it almost immediately!

14. Takoyaki from One Piece 

takoyaki from one piece
takoyaki from one piece

Anime Food Recipe- TAKOYAKI|Japanese Street Food | Recipe

One Piece, the iconic manga series by Eiichiro Oda, also features plenty of delicious food items. In particular, fans can’t look past its Takoyaki, which are small pieces of octopus in a fried batter. 

They’re usually served with a sweet and savory sauce that makes for an incredibly tasty snack – one that fans keep coming back for!

13. Udon from Naruto

udon from naruto
udon from naruto

Anime Food Recipe- 

Japanese Udon Noodle Soup Recipe – Basic / Base Version, Just Add Different Toppings! [4K ASMR]

Fans of Naruto will know all too well that the title character’s favorite dish is warm Udon noodle soup. Udon is a traditional Japanese noodle dish made from flour, salt, water, and other ingredients to give it flavor. 

It has long been cherished in Japan for its hearty taste and its ability to fill you up fast. Naruto often eats Udon after a mission or during training breaks.

12. Pocky from K-On! 

pocky from k-on

Anime Food Recipe-

Homemade Pocky Chocolate Sticks ポッキーの作り方 – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

Pocky, a thin, chocolate-covered snack stick, is one of Japan’s most beloved snack items and appears several times in the anime series K-On! Pocky has become especially popular with the younger generations because of its fun dip designs such as chocolate coating or strawberry icing. 

With the chocolate melting away quickly and sweet flavors filling your mouth, you’ll understand why the characters in K-On! get so excited when they’re eating it.

11. Cabbage Salad from Slayers

cabbage salad from slayers
cabbage salad

Anime Food Recipe- 

Japanese Salad Dressing | Dressing Recipes |

Cabbage salad from the classic 1990s shows Slayers is one of the most popular dishes in the anime world. The vegetable appears several times throughout the series, but its star turn comes when series protagonist Lina Inverse prepares it for her traveling companions Gorun, Filia, and Xelloss. 

The recipe consists of a basic cabbage salad with a secret dressing including sugar, salt, vinegar, and mustard – perfect for those hot summer days!

10. Meatbuns from Dragon Ball

meat buns
meat buns from dragon balls

Anime Food Recipe- How to Make Meat Buns | Buns Stuffed with Meat Recipe

Does anyone remember the popular anime, Dragon Ball Z? Whether you’re a fan or not, you will surely recognize this classic dish; meat buns. Simple yet delicious, these stuffed buns are usually filled with ground pork, cabbage, and other various ingredients that give them a delicious flavor. 

If you want to try making your own version of this delicious snack, then here’s a tip – adding some sweet soy sauce to the mix can make it even more rewarding!

9. Onigiri from My Neighbor Totoro

Onigiri from My Neighbor Totoro

Anime Food Recipe- 

How to Make Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls Recipe) | OCHIKERON | Create Eat Happy 🙂

Onigiri, also known as omusubi, is an age-old Japanese street food and snack. This snack is so popular that you can notice this dish in many anime series.

The recipe from My Neighbor Totoro uses salmon chunks that have been mixed with soy sauce and sesame oil to boost the flavor. The onigiri is then wrapped in steamed white rice and wrapped in roasted nori seaweed.

This combination is heavenly: the savory flavors of saltiness and umami juxtaposed against the sweetness of white rice. Enjoy this simple but tasty dish while re-watching the classic animation!

8. Donburi from Food Wars!

donburi from food wars

Anime Food Recipe- Donburi | Japanese Recipe

Donburi is a popular Japanese dish that’s usually served over rice. In the Food wars anime, Donburi dishes are often judged in cooking competitions. To make one, start with your favorite meat – beef, pork, or chicken – then saute in a pan until cooked through. 

Place the meat over a bed of steamed white rice and top with goodies like eggs, vegetables, pickles, and seasonings for an unforgettable flavor experience.

7. Matcha Parfait from Vampire Princess Miyu

matcha parfait from vampire princess miyu
matcha parfait from vampire princess miyu

Anime Food Recipe- I Made The Perfect Parfait (With Niki!)

Matcha parfait, a popular Japanese dessert parfait made with green tea and cream, is a great way to finish off the perfect meal. The matcha powder gives the dish its unique flavor and creamy texture. The dish is usually topped off with mochi, strawberries, chestnuts, and other delectable treats. This savory treat is sure to bring a smile to your face as you enjoy its sweet taste! 

This delicious Japanese treat can be seen in many anime, making it a fan favorite.

6. Okonomiyaki from Jigoku Shoujo

okonomiyaki from jigoku shoujo

Anime Food Recipe- 

How To Make Okonomiyaki (Recipe) お好み焼きの作り方(レシピ)

The horror anime Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) features an incredibly popular scene centered around okonomiyaki. As the characters enjoy a savory meal in their local restaurant, they express their inner thoughts while reflecting on a painful situation. 

This emotional moment has stayed with viewers since the show first aired, and shows that food can carry deeper meaning beyond just flavors and textures.

5. Melon Pan from One Piece

melon pan from one piece
melon pan

Anime Food Recipe- Melon Pan Japanese Bread メロンパン

Fans of One Piece may recall the delicious-looking Melon Pan that was often enjoyed by Luffy and his crew. This sweet treat is a soft, biscuit-like donut topped with a crunchy sugar cookie topping. Though it has Melon in its name, it does not taste like it.

If you are curious to taste it, you can easily find it in bakeries in Japan. Also, this tasty snack can be seen in other anime series like- Free!, Gintama and Amagami SS, etc.

4. Gyoza Dumplings

gyoza dumplings
gyoza dumplings

Anime Food Recipe-

 How to make Gyoza japanese recipe [dumplings]餃子の作り方レシピ

Gyoza is a classic dish in many anime, usually made with ground pork or vegetable filling, wrapped in a thin dough wrapper. The dumplings can be boiled, fried, or even steamed, making them very versatile. Gyoza is often served with dipping sauces like soy sauce, and they have a delicious umami flavor and can be enjoyed hot or cold. 

Whether you’re watching anime with your friends or looking for something fun to eat on a night alone, gyoza dumplings are the perfect way to bring some flavor into your evening. An incredibly tasty side dish to enjoy alongside your favorite anime!

3. Curry Bread from Digimon Adventure

curry bread from digimon adventure
curry bread from digimon adventure

Anime Food Recipe- 

Japanese Curry Bread Recipe | How to make Kare Pan | Chichabon

Curry Bread is one of those dishes you can’t help but think back on when you reminisce about life-changing moments in Digimon Adventure. Delicious, comforting, and satisfying–curry bread gets its name because it packs a much bigger punch than your typical white bread. 

Not unlike the flavor of curry, it has a slightly sweet taste with a hint of spice. As Joe, Mimi, and their friends fight to save the Digital World from the evil forces that threaten it, curry bread always provides an excellent source of strength and courage—and we should all be grateful for that!

2. Kame-Sennin’s Champa Dango (Dragon Ball Z) 

kame-sennin champa dango dragon ball z
kame-sennin champa dango dragon ball z


One of the earliest anime to introduce audiences to delicious dishes was Dragon Ball Z, with Master Roshi’s pet bunny Kame-Sennin. In one memorable episode, Kame-Sennin brings out his signature Dango – sweet mochi balls similar to dumplings that melt in your mouth like clouds! 

These yummy snacks have inspired countless recipes and cosplay since they were first featured on screen. Perfect for accompanying an epic battle against a fearsome villain!

1. Crepes – “Sailor Moon” 

crepes from sailor moon
crepes from sailor moon

Anime Food Recipe- How to Make Crepes | French Crepe Recipe

For many fans, “Sailor Moon” is an iconic and nostalgic anime series. What better way to pay homage than by enjoying a delicious crepe? Not only do crepes bring back all of the fond memories from the show, but they also make for a perfect snack! 

With its sweet flavor and airy texture, it’s no wonder why Usagi could never resist these tasty treats. Whether you choose to stick with the traditional strawberry jam or opt for something else, you can be sure that crepes will always provide a scrumptious and delightful treat.

So, above are some of the tastiest anime foods from some of the best anime shows. All these are delicious and very easy to make.

Which anime food have you tried before?

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